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In a sparse pine woods was an ordinary-looking cabin. This was Emperor Shun’s residence, right behind the Town Hall.

A squad of elite warriors in black outfits guarded every important area of the woods. On the ground, a thin white mist was flowing.

The tens of pines near the cabin were nearly a thousand meters tall, with thick trunks. On those trunks were hazy eyes and mouths. These were clearly powerful treemen.

The cabin looked merely tens of meters squared in area, but the inner space was fairly broad. In the ten-miles-squared wooden great hall, arm-thick spell symbols had been making slight ‘popping’ noises on the walls and the floor, glowing with bright lights.

Those powerful spell symbols sealed the space, isolating this place from the outside world.

Emperor Shun sat on the ground with his eyes entirely turned multicolored. The multicolored light slowly spun in his eyes, while a heavy pressure released in the hall. "Yuu Zun, you know what I can do. If you dare to do anything that I don’t want you to do, I will eat you alive, even if I might risk losing this human leader temporarily!"

Ji Hao sat in front of Emperor Shun, legs crossed, his whole body wrapped in a flowing multicolored light. Because of the sky devil magic he had cast, golden light spots had been falling from the air, along with hovering golden blooms. Inside each bloom was a beautiful naked girl, singing and dancing.

He smilingly looked at Emperor Shun and said mildly, "I dare not to, and you know it. I am only a newly promoted one. It’s already very lucky for me to follow you, dear Ying Zun, to this rich world and enjoy a banquet. I dare not to betray you."

"I hope so!" Ying Zun chuckled. Throwing a complicated glance at Ji Hao, he released invisible waves of spirit power, circling around Ji Hao over and over again. Carefully sensing the power came from Ji Hao and making sure that power indeed belonged to Yuu Zun, Ying Zun finally nodded, then smoothly locked his hands together.

A dark ring flew out of Ying Zun’s hands, with countless squirming faces appearing on this thumb-thick ring.

Human faces, beast faces, and the faces of many strange creatures that Ji Hao had seen from Se Zun and Yuu Zun’s memories were squirming slowly, with their mouths wide open, seeming to be screaming. Ji Hao heard nothing with his ears, yet through his spirit power, he heard countless shrill and miserable voices coming at him wave by wave, sharp as daggers.

Ji Hao’s red sun primordial spirit was shaken slightly. He almost lost control of his body and failed to pretend to be Yuu Zun. Fortunately, the Taiji Universe mirror released a clear light, which shielded the red sun and allowed Ji Hao to fend against this wave of soul attack. When those shrill screams faded in his soul, Ji Hao quivered slightly. He was soaked in cold sweat already.

"You devoured Se Zun, yet you can’t take the power of a spirit treasure of mine. What a useless trash!" Seeing the sweat flowing down from Ji Hao’s temples, Ying Zun snorted, then nodded delightfully, smiled, and said, "Come, do what you can to help me devour this human leader…His soul power is great as an ocean, and that sweet aroma is driving me crazy."

Ji Hao took a deep breath, then opened his erect eye. Dense five-colored clouds rose from his erect eye along with a beautiful melody, merging into Emperor Shun’s forehead. The five-colored clouds ceaselessly drifted out of Ji Hao’s body, seeming to never end. A whole ten minutes later, two silhouettes slowly flew out side by side, drilling into Emperor Shun’s body.

Ying Zun knitted his eyebrows, yet twistedly curved his mouth corners upwards and said, "You are so greedy. You made Se Zun into a spirit puppet…Yuu Zun, you don’t want to do the same thing to me, do you?"

Ying Zun had already seen Ji Hao’s embryo of destruction. The power of that embryo was also memorized by Ying Zun. Therefore, this time, Ji Hao sent the other two embryos of Dao into Emperor Shun’s spiritual space. The cauldron cooperated perfectly this time. It transformed into a bright five-colored light which wrapped up the two embryos of Dao, looking just like the five-colored light of sky devils.

With the sky devil magic he learned just now, Ji Hao played some little tricks. He created a golden lotus and let it spin above the head of his embryo of Yang. From the top of the lotus, a long stream of golden fire had been burning. Nine three-legged Gold Crows hovered around the fire, making sharp and high-pitched caws.

An osmanthus tree bloomed above his embryo of Yin. The three-hundred-meters-tall tree was glowing with a silver light. From time to time, beams of silver light would dazzle out for tens of meters far, then fly back into the crown of the tree. On the tree, a moon was shining, illuminating the surrounding area, and enhancing the beauty with the golden fire in the golden lotus, making Emperor Shun’s spirit space look like a magnificent fairyland.

"How lucky you are!"

A gigantic, nine-headed evil creature with thirty-six arms walked out of the darkness. It opposed up its eyes, greedily looking at Ji Hao’s embryos of Dao, and said evilly, "You have benefited quite a lot from the kid, haven’t you?"

In chorus, the two embryos laughed, "Yes, we have. The kid wasn’t so powerful, yet he had pretty amazing understanding of Yin and Yang in this world. I have indeed gained a lot from him. In the future, I will be living an easier life in this world."

Ying Zun’s looked down at the two embryos with his enormous bodies. Overwhelming waves of spirit power surged out from the dark ring floating upon his head, carefully scanning the power releasing from Ji Hao’s embryos.

This dark ring was the ring that Ying Zun took out just now outside. At the moment, it appeared in Emperor Shun’s spiritual space too.

Scanning for a long while, Ying Zun suddenly burst with a furious roar. His thirty-six arms transformed into dark light streams simultaneously, striking down at Ji Hao’s embryos rumblingly and thunderously.

"You killed both of them…You devoured their original souls! Kid! I want you dead!" roared Ying Zun.

Emperor Shun’s spiritual space began quaking. Those stars were shaking intensely while many areas started twisting, as if this whole space was going to be torn apart by a tremendous force.

Ji Hao gave a resonant howl. Following his voice, those five-colored clouds merged together and transformed back into the cauldron. The cauldron descended along with a beautiful yet strong melody, and released unstoppable waves of creation power in all directions. Wherever the power of creation reached, Emperor Shun’s twisted spiritual space was fixed in no time.

The cauldron expanded, and let out a bright torrent of five-colored light. No matter how hard Ying Zun attacked, all the dark light he released was swallowed up by the cauldron. No harm was down to Emperor Shun’s spiritual space at all.

Ji Hao’s biggest worry was solved perfectly by the cauldron. Now, Emperor Shun’s spiritual space wouldn’t be harmed. Ji Hao’s two embryos laughed out loud in excitement, while the Taiji divine sword split up into a silver sword and a golden sword, being gripped in the hands of the two embryos. The two embryos then transformed into two dazzling streaks of light, sweeping to Ying Zun.

The darkness was torn apart by the golden and silver light, and next, the two swords hacked fiercely on Ying Zun.

In the meanwhile, the Pan Gu bell rang resonantly, releasing countless streams of Chaos power that wove into a giant cage and imprisoned Ying Zun.

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