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Ji Hao silently sat in the Town Hall.

Three days had passed. During these few days, Emperor Shun would walk out of the Town Hall from time to time, to meet ministers and give orders. It was not hard to tell that Ying Zun was rather capable, as he had been managing everything pretty well, and his orders weren’t questioned by those ministers.

The pure pre-world original soul power was absorbed by Ji Hao’s soul. He sensed an indescribably pleasant feeling from the deepest area in his soul, same as the feeling he had back in Southern Wasteland, when he killed a sky devil last time. He silently sat on the ground, legs crossed, while a spot of light shone brighter and brighter in his soul.

Se Zun and Yuu Zun were digested by the cauldron. All their original soul power had become the nourishment of Ji Hao’s soul, which allowed Ji Hao’s soul to grow amazingly strong. By now, in both terms of quality and power, Ji Hao’s soul was no weaker than the souls of powerful beings like Po and Gui Ling, and even slightly stronger.

At this stage, the result Ji Hao could attain by making one inhalation of the natural powers, equaled to the result that an ordinary cultivator could attain with tens of years of severe cultivation. Ji Hao was no longer less talented than anyone.

Ji Hao was thrilled. The happiness came straight from his heart. He released his spirit power to touch that splendid spot of light inside his soul extra carefully.

That was his original soul. Only true powerful beings could grow original souls. With the original soul, even if a cultivator had his or her primordial spirit, embryo of Dao, three souls and seven spirits all perished, he or she would still be able to reincarnate and live again, as long as his original soul remained existing. To any cultivator, the original soul was the most powerful and secret treasure, with which, true immortality could be attained.

Ji Hao breathed deeply and let his spirit blood transform into Chaos power, flying straight into the red sun primordial spirit and speedily merging with the original soul. That light spot sparkled, then grew slightly brighter.

Next, the light spot released a thin beam of light which split into three, and merged with the three embryos of Dao. Ji Hao felt like floating above the clouds, that every single one of his pore had been absorbing natural powers, and the warm and pure natural powers had been ceaselessly flowing into his spiritual space.

The three embryos of Dao turned clearer, releasing stronger sense of powers. With one deep breath, Ji Hao improved his power by around five percent.

The five-colored round cauldron had been spinning slowly. The original soul power of Se Zun and Yuu Zun was drained already, leaving two sparkling light spots in the cauldron, doggedly fighting against the cauldron. Those were their original souls.

The endless five-colored light wrapped up the two original souls and swirled swiftly. Along with ear-piecing screams, the two original souls were disintegrated within a few minutes. Another strong wave of original souls power surged into Ji Hao’s original soul and elevated him even further.

After that, clear memories started crossing Ji Hao’s mind. Se Zun and Yu Zun had lived long lives, and been through a lot. Their souls were erased, but their complicated knowledge system slowly merged with Ji Hao’s red sun primordial spirit, like a clear river.

At the stage, Ji Hao’s memory capacity and thinking ability were millions of times better than ordinary human beings. But still, when his red sun primordial spirit absorbed Se Zun and Yu Zun’s memories, he felt dizzy.

Following a thought of his, the five-colored flame burned ragingly in the cauldron and burned out the long and tangled memories about occupying and slaughtering, keeping the essence, such as their secret soul magics, rare treasures they had seen in the vast Chaos, and the cultivation systems of countless powerful beings they had encountered and devoured in their long lives, for Ji Hao to absorb.

Se Zun and Yuu Zun were not so important among their peers at the level of ‘Zun’. They couldn’t be compared with powerful ones like Ying Zun, even though they managed to step into this level by devouring countless powerful souls in the past millions of years. However, their lives were long, and they had taken part in the invasion to hundreds of worlds, destroyed tens of worlds, and devoured many powerful beings from those worlds.

The extremely positive power, the extremely negative power, the great Dao of destruction; among the ones they devoured, some had cultivated themselves with similar powers as Ji Hao had been doing, and some were even more powerful than Ji Hao. But those beings didn’t have supreme treasures to defend themselves, and all ended up being devoured.

Ji Hao’s three embryos of Dao slowly absorbed the knowledge possessed by those powerful beings, and had been growing speedily. Thin stripes began emerging from their skins, complicated and beautiful, emitting a strong sense of Dao.

As the three embryos of Dao began growing, the red sun primordial spirit started shrinking, because the three embryos were absorbing the power of the red sun. When the red sun primordial spirit disappeared, the three embryos of Dao would mature.

Se Zun and Yuu Zun’s memories were absorbed by Ji Hao bit by bit, and brought him great benefits.

The five-colored luster on Ji Hao’s skin faded quietly. Ying Zun held his hands behind his back, walked to Ji Hao, and asked with a deep voice, "Is it done? Which one of you got the kid?"

Attaining Se Zun and Yuu Zun’s memories, Ji Hao now had a deeper understanding of sky devils. He slowly stood up and let a dim five-colored light flash across his eyes, coldly looking at Ying Zun as he said, "I did it of course. I am Yuu Zun…A powerful treasure was there to protect this kid’s soul. Se Zun was too impatient, and his original souls were burned, ending up dying together with the kid."

Ying Zun’s face dropped instantly as he said harshly, "This time, only five ‘Zun’ sneaked into Pu Ban City, including us. Yet, you ate Se Zun? You b*stard!"

While cursing, Ying Zun’s eyes were almost burning with a five-colored fire, as he stared at Ji Hao with extreme greediness and jealousness, "So, you attained all of Se Zun’s power, didn’t you? You b*stard, I will…"

"I’ll let you have all we found in Pu Ban City!" Ji Hao held his hands behind his back as well, and said coldly, "I will also help you take care of the human leader. I’ll help you devour his soul, as long as you stop blaming me for devouring Se Zun, and agree to not tell anyone about it."

"Take care of the human leader?" Ying Zun turned his eyes away and asked.

Ji Hao sneered, then silently cast a secret sky devil magic that he learned from Se Zun and Yuu Zun just now, and released a strange soul power vibration. The great hall was instantly suffused by a misty five-colored light, with countless golden petals descending from the air, and beautiful girls dancing and singing among those petals.

Ying Zun slightly trembled, with his eyes losing focus.

Ji Hao abruptly cast a sky devil magic that even affected Ying Zun. Ying Zun almost had his mind shaken.

"You…How can you be so powerful?" Ying Zun gave a deep growl. Enviously and greedily, he stared at Ji Hao in the eye, then slowly nodded and continued, "Alright, you help me! But you have to try your best!"

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