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‘Se’ and ‘Yuu’[1], literally meant sexuality and desire. Shaking the minds of their targets with illusions, waking their hidden desires, burning their primordial spirit and then weakening their souls and devouring them, these were all Se Zun and Yuu Zun’s specialties.

Now, Ji Hao was their target. Therefore, the illusions Ji Hao had been seeing were from the strongest instinct of male human adults.

Powers, wealth, women…The highest power, endless wealth, the most beautiful women, all these surged into Ji Hao’s head like tidewater, wrapping him up tightly and squeezing him.

Ying Zun laughed out loud with dry voice. He laughed so hard that he couldn’t help but sway his body, and had countless five-colored stripes emerging on his skin. Pointing at Ji Hao, who was surrounded by the five-colored light, he screamed, "You thought you killed Xia Zun and Yu Zun, so we can’t find your world anymore, didn’t you? You underestimated our telepathic abilities. The moment you killed them, the location of your world has imprinted in our hearts."

"We knew that Yu Zun and Xia Zun fell in this place, so how could we not prepare?"

"I’m not the only one of our kind in Pu Ban City. The others at my level are here too! It’s just that I luckily got a chance to occupy the body of your leader…But, Se Zun, Yuu Zun, you seem to have found a nice prey too!"

Pop! Pop! The skins of the two attendants split up. Their muscles, flesh, bones, tendons and internal organs were all eaten up by Se Zun and Yuu Zun already, leaving two empty and dried skins. Soon, their skins collapsed and became dust. Ying Zun waved his broad sleeve and dispelled all the dust.

Ji Hao opened his eyes and looked at Ying Zun.

Ying Zun grinned in a very weird way. Obviously, he had an indescribable anticipation towards some back things.

"You fraudulent thing!" Ji Hao stared at Ying Zun and said, "They are your own kind, yet you lured them into a trap?"

"Lured them into a trap? No, that’s an instinct. Through the unceasing evolution, we are continuously growing stronger and stronger, and that is the only reason my kind can stand on top, above all species from countless worlds in the vast universe." said Ying Zun with a deep voice. "If they can occupy your body and devour your soul, I will delightedly accept that as a result."

"But if, I said if, they end up being devoured by you…You will consume quite a strength for that as well, won’t you?" Looking at Ji Hao, Ying Zun smiled evilly and continued, "Then, I will have my chance."

Ji Hao stayed silent. He didn’t activate the Taiji cloak, and instead, let Se Zun and Yuu Zun drill into his spiritual space through his eyes. Ying Zun knew about the embryo of the great Dao of destruction, and the fact that the power of devouring and destruction from the Dark Sun could largely suppress sky devils. However, he said nothing to Se Zun and Yuu Zun, but encouraged them to attack Ji Hao.

Ying Zun was planning to stay as the third party and benefit himself from the tussle between Ji Hao and the other two.

Ji Hao sneered in his head.

He opened his mind and let Se Zun and Yuu Zun break in. After that, Ji Hao gave a deep growl and activated the Taiji cloak. A clear layer of light was emitted from the cloak, transformed into a giant lotus, which covered Ji Hao up. Countless spell symbols sparkled faintly in the clear light, releasing a strong and mysterious sense of power, that seemed to be connected with the world and the universe.

Ying Zun subconsciously made a step backward. He looked at Ji Hao’s glowing cloak in shock and said while his facial muscles twitched suddenly, "Such a great treasure…Can he truly defeat Se Zun and Yuu Zun?"

In his spiritual space, Ji Hao illumined the entire space with his red sun primordial spirit. A golden embryo of Dao, a silver embryo of Dao, and a dark embryo of Dao silently stood in the sun, facing a hazy long sword floating in the middle. The sword was releasing a sharp sword intent, that could even suffocate people.

The Taiji Universe mirror floated above the red sun primordial spirit, emitting a misty light, transforming into thousands of different types of legendary creatures, hovering around the sun. Occasionally, following a bright roar, these creatures would suddenly transform into thousands of spirit plants and sway around the red sun.

Two streams of five-colored light that were tens of thousands of miles long broke into the spiritual space. Along with silvery chuckles, two blur and colorful silhouettes leaned their upper bodies out of the light streams, looking at Ji Hao’s red sun primordial spirit as they burst out into an almost hysterical series of laughter.

"This kid’s soul power is not as great as that old one called Emperor Shun, but the quality of this little one’s soul is so much higher!"

"True, true! Emperor Shun has a powerful soul, like a boundless forest, broad and thriving, yet ordinary. But this little one’s soul…" Clicking their tongues, they continued, "His soul is like a pre-world, precious spirit tree."

"Young Zun thought he has gained so many extra advantages by occupying that Emperor Shun’s soul, because the the soul of a group leader must be the strongest, sweetest one among all. But it’s strange though. Why is such a little thing having a better soul than his leader?"

As professional soul hunters, Se Zun and Yuu Zun gave their judgments about their ‘prey’ immediately.

Ji Hao was cultivated by Priest Dachi, Priest Qing Wei and Yu Yu, and he had his chance to absorb the essences of the great Dao that belonged to all three of them. His soul had already been through quite a few thorough transformations. An ordinary human being had three souls and seven spirits, but beyond those, Ji Hao had already grown a primordial spirit, and generated three embryos of Dao from the great Dao of Yin, the great Dao of Yang, and the great Dao of destruction.

Emperor Shun’s soul was the same as the soul of any ordinary human being, but stronger. However, in terms of quality, Ji Hao’s soul was indeed better than his.

To sky devils, the soul power was surely important, but the quality of a soul was even more essential!

Ji Hao’s soul was a supreme treasure in the eyes of sky devils. In comparison, Ji Hao’s soul could bring a sky devil a thousand times more benefits than Emperor Shun’s soul could.

"He’s mine!" Se Zun screamed out loud while dashing towards the red sun.

"It depends!" Yuu Zun roared shrilly and rushed up impatiently as well.

Neither of them were staying vigilant.

Ji Hao coldly looked at both of them. All of a sudden, the red sun primordial spirit dazzled with a golden light and started a deep buzzing. A five-colored warm mist began flowing all over his spiritual space. This time, the round cauldron in Ji Hao’s lower belly perfectly followed Ji Hao’s mind and appeared in his spiritual space.

A great suction force was released from the cauldron, generating shrill screams. Se Zun and Yuu Zun were swallowed up by the cauldron without being able to react at all. The cauldron began spinning slowly. Along with a beautiful sound, pure original soul power was released.

Ji Hao’s red sun primordial spirit buzzed slightly, then started absorbing the original soul power coming from the cauldron.

In the Town Hall, five-colored luster faintly emerged on Ji Hao’s skin, which looked quite like the five-colored light in Ying Zun’s eyes.

"Eh? Did they make it?" Ying Zun narrowed his eyes and murmured, "Which one got this kid?"


[1] The names of ‘Yu(玉) Zun’ and ‘Yuu(欲) Zun’ had the same pronunciation, but ‘Yu(玉)’ literally means ‘jade’, while ‘Yuu(欲)’ had the meaning of ‘desire’. The double ‘u’ are here to differentiate these two names.

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