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A bright and strong voice came from the sky, while a man with a tall hat descended, coiled in sharp sword power streams and having his hands behind his back. Straight as a sword, this man stood right in front of Gong Gong.

A dense cloud floated upon this man’s head, within which, the hazy faces of countless human warriors could be seen. Resonant, passionate, earth-quaking roars could be heard from them. The man with a tall hat did nothing but stand still, hands behind his back. Yet, a strong power vibration could already be sensed from everywhere, which made everyone who saw him feel hard to breathe.

"Fiercer and fiercer," said Shennong with a chuckle.

"Slay him!" Candle Jiuyin’s voice sounded eviler and eviler, "I’m old, and I have poor sleep. Finally, I got a nice dream, but that lasted for only thousands of years before you kids woke me up…Cut him now, then I can go home. It’s not too late to continue my sweet dream."

Ji Hao stood aside and remained silent, squinting at Candle Jiuyin.

‘You have slept for thousands of years, yet you complain about your poor sleep? And you want to go home and continue that sleep of yours as soon as possible…How much do you love sleeping?’ wondered Ji Hao.

"Gong Gong, you want to kill me, don’t you? I’m here now!" Sword power streams rose from around Emperor Xuanyuan’s body and transformed into tens of thousands of golden dragons, roaring all over the sky. Emperor Xuanyuan held his hands behind his back, while staring at Gong Gong with a pair of dagger-sharp eyes, which were dazzling with a golden light as he said, "Come, kill me!"

"Woo-Ha!" Followed by thunderous roars, countless human warriors emerged behind Emperor Xuanyuan. The bodies of these warriors were transparent, all covered in a faint layer of purple-golden light of the natural reward. They were wearing heavy armors, holding long spears, and stood side by side, with their eyes wrathfully fixed on Gong Gong’s face.

Around a hundred thousand translucent human warriors appeared behind Emperor Xuanyuan, but the intent of killing released from them was even stronger than the killing intent from an army of millions.

"These are?" Ji Hao took a few steps forward, stood beside Shennong, and asked carefully.

"Back then, Emperor Xuanyuan fought Chiyou. Millions and millions of warriors under his command fell on the battlefield. Most of those warriors reincarnated and started their new lives, but a hundred and eight thousand warriors stayed. They swore to follow Emperor Xuanyuan till the end of their souls. Therefore, these warriors became warrior spirits, following him forever." said Shennong slowly. "As long as Emperor Xuanyuan stays alive, these warrior spirits will never die. When Emperor Xuanyuan dies, these warrior spirits will perish. Among all mentionable human beings, only Emperor Xuanyuan can create a fabulous legend."

Ji Hao’s eye corners twitched. ‘Which means, Emperor Xuanyuan has an army that will never die?’ thought Ji Hao.

Subconsciously, Ji Hao reached his spirit power to those warrior spirits behind Emperor Xuanyuan. In surprise, Ji Hao found out that even the weakest one among them was at the level of peak Divine Magus, while the most powerful few were definitely beyond the level of Divine Magi.

What a terrifying army!

But of course, they existed in the world as spirits, without blood and flesh. This meant they could only release a half of their powers at most. However, even half of their powers made them seriously terrifying — Because they were indestructible!

Ji Hao stared at those warrior spirits behind Emperor Xuanyuan.

Obviously, Emperor Xuanyuan wasn’t good at forging weapons for spirits. The armors worn by these warrior spirits and the long spears held in their hands were all generated by their own powers, instead of real tangible pieces. Therefore, those armors and spears had limited powers. Ji Hao remembered that Po had taught him some weapon-forging skills, especially for spirits. If these warrior spirits could have armors customized especially for them, and weapons that fit their own power natures, Ji Hao couldn’t even imagine how powerful they would become. Perhaps, they would be able to give full play to their powers.

"Gong Gong, don’t you want to kill me?" Emperor Xuanyuan stood in midair and said with an especially strong and bright voice, that sounded like clangs of metals and even brought Gong Gong a sharp ear pain. "I am right here, waiting for you!"

Gong Gong trod on two black dragons, gripping two dark serpents in his hands. Coiled in dark ice and dark waves, he hesitatingly looked at Emperor Xuanyuan. He was by the edge of the heaven and earth great formation, surrounded by seven-colored clouds and mist. This meant that if Emperor Xuanyuan took the initiative to attack, he would have to fight against the heaven and earth great formation.

"You activated the stars in the north to attack the heaven. Back in the ancient time, you had already violated the divine law." Hesitating for quite a while, Gong Gong finally said such a sentence.

A faint mist covered Emperor Xuanyuan’s face, disabling the others from seeing the changes of his facial expression. However, Ji Hao clearly sensed that, under the faint mist, Emperor Xuanyuan’s face had twisted badly.

"Gong, Gong, you…Such a coward!" said Emperor Xuanyuan word by word.

Ji Hao, Shennong, Candle Jiuyin showed the whites of their eyes in speechlessness simultaneously. Gong Gong managed to say nothing but a useless sentence like this after such a long hesitation. Without a doubt, some strong words were brewing in Emperor Xuanyuan’s mind too. But because of his identity, Emperor Xuanyuan couldn’t just curse out to Gong Gong.

Hearing the word ‘coward’, Gong Gong’s face turned dark.

Pondering for a while, Gong Gong took a glance at the heaven, which was now in a great mess, slowly nodded and said, "Emperor Xuanyuan, you activated the stars in the north…Such a great, supernatural thing, how many more times can you do that? Do not think that you can now control all the stars in the north to do whatever you want only because you have absorbed the Big Dipper and the North Star. I assume you have paid a good price for it this time, haven’t you?"

Shennong, Emperor Xuanyuand, and the other eight men in the higher sky stayed silent.

Gong Gong smiled faintly and continued, "You destroyed the clones of my ancestors…In the future, I will make you pay for this. I have a big picture in my heart. Surely, I won’t ruin the great plan for small things like this."

"Gong Gong, are you saying that you’ve decided to drop your dignity and be a true coward?" Hearing Gong Gong, Ji Hao felt that things were not going good. Therefore, he hurriedly shouted out.

"In peaceful days, it was harmless to fight over things like dignity. But now, the great plan matters the most, and I will not waste any more time on it." Gong Gong smilingly turned around and glanced at Ji Hao, then said blandly, "If you still have any spare energy, just attack as hard as you want. I will not be able to keep you company."

Snorting coldly, Gong Gong trod on the two black dragons and descended quickly while growling, "Fully activate the heaven and earth great formation! No more mistakes! From now on, the great formation will remain activated. Add ten times more people to control each part of the great formation. Anyone who dares to make any mistake will be executed!"

Dark Clouds roared across the sky. A heavy rain fell from the heaven, mixed with countless thick water streams, pouring straight down.

Ji Hao and the others stood outside the heaven and watched the seven-colored clouds and mist around the heaven suddenly grow much denser. They all remained silent.

A long while later, Emperor Xuanyuan suddenly burst with a great growl, "We consume our natural reward power to gather the power of all stars in the north. We still have two full attacks to make!"

Before Emperor Xuanyuan finished, a clear and bright voice came from a distance away, "Forget it. We have something more important to do."

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