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High up in the air, the nine enormous stars lighted up. Afterward, all stars dazzled.

Even the dark clouds in the sky could no longer stop the eternal light of these stars. The dense, dark clouds seemed to become transparent thin flakes, allowing the splendid starlight to shine on the earth. In that very moment, not even a single ripple existed on the vast water in Midland.

The sky and the earth shared the same color; the water surface was like a mirror, while that tremendous golden sword light struck down from the sky. Nine raging-dragon-like starlight streams followed closely after the golden light, after which were streams of starlight released by all the stars in the sky, falling like a storm of dazzling arrows.

In the air, the heaven emerged from glowing mists and clouds.

Muffled battle drums and bells resounded through the sky, while layers of seven-colored clouds flew out from the heaven, floating upon those palaces in the heaven. All human beings in Midland raised their heads, looking at the sky. Except for the few human leaders, this was the first time for all the others to see the legendary heaven.

Ji Hao gave a resonant roar. The golden bridge quaked slightly, then carried Ji Hao and his friends, dashing swiftly to the heaven. Did a former human emperor launch his move? Judging by this amazing sword power, it should be that legendary one, right?"

Ji Hao didn’t want to miss anything that was going to happen next. Therefore, he rushed up as fast as he could.

Candle Jiuyin and Shennong raised their heads as well. Candle Jiuyin murmured something, then shut his giant mouth. The essence fire in his mouth silently dimmed down, and the world was darkened for a moment. When the light came back, Candle Jiuyin had already reached the gateway of the heaven with Shennong.

This legendary old creature was even faster than the golden bridge under Ji Hao’s control. He was indeed a horrific being, who once illuminated the whole world with the pre-world essence sun fire in his mouth. His power was way beyond Ji Hao’s imagination.

When Ji Hao was still on his way, the golden sword light struck straight on the heaven.

Thousands of layers of seven-colored cloud were shattered, and so was the sword light. The sword light turned into countless hundreds of meters long beams, dazzling all over the sky as it generated raging fires and thunderbolts. Jade bricks and golden roof tiles of those palaces in the haven were vibrated rumblingly. Some tall buildings were shaking violently, and had tiles falling off, shattering into sparkling jade pieces.

The nine fierce starlight streams came after the sword light. Simultaneously, the nine tens of thousands of miles wide starlight streams struck on the heaven, and caused an ear-piercing sizzling noise, as if millions of tons of melted iron were poured into ice. The massive explosion crushed the space above the heaven and disturbed all natural powers, seeming to even reverse time and bring the world back into the Chaos.

Before the nine starlight streams faded, waves of starlight fell down. Every single stream of starlight was as great as a strike launched by ten peak-level Divine Magus joint-handedly. Countless starlight streams landed on the heaven together, shaking the heaven violently. Even the enormous dense cloud which had been holding the entire heaven steadily was shaken, glowing with a dazzling light.

This strike seemed like a random attack launched by a former human emperor to vent his anger, but in fact, it had activated the powers of all the stars in the north, under the control of the Big Dipper. Without star kings, those stars could not release all of their powers. However, the number of these stars was way too huge, and the strike launched with the powers of millions and millions of stars still brought a strong impact to the heaven.

Gasping quickly, Ji Hao rushed to the gateway of the heaven. He watched tens of thousands of starlight streams strike on the gate of the heaven, which was glowing with a multicolored light. Following a thunderous bang, the gateway was flattened, and even a small half of the gate of the heaven was torn down!

The gateway…And the gate of the heaven…were broken by those starlights?!

"Beautiful, spectacular!" Ji Hao sighed in shock. Behind him, the eyes of Man Man, Shaosi and the others almost flew out from their faces. Ever since the beginning of the world, the heaven was never harmed, not even by a little bit. But right now, its gate was broken!

Starlight faded, as dark clouds covered the sky once again.

Smoke above the heaven drifted away, exposing the heaven, which was now in a mess. Ji Hao clearly saw at least a thousand palaces in the heaven crushed by starlights; near some palaces occupied by water-kind spirit creatures, messy bloodstains could be seen.

The heaven was magnificent and glorious, but now, it was broken, damaged, like a weak girl who was trodden upon by a hundred wild beasts in turns. No matter how one looked at it, the heaven now looked sad and bleak.

"How miserable!" Ji Hao sighed again.

Candle Jiuyin had already transformed into his human shape, an elderly man in a black robe. With a humpback and badly wrinkled face, he stood beside Shennong. Hearing Ji Hao, he sighed as well, and slowly began talking.

"Indeed, how miserable. The heaven was the core of this world. Protected by the heaven and earth great formation, not even all the stars in the world together could ever hurt it."

"However, Buzhou Mountain, the Sky Pillar, the base of the heaven, was uprooted. The heaven is not steady anymore. Even worse, the Divine Pivot, the core of the heaven and earth great formation, was looted away. The Divine Pivot, that was the heart of the heaven and earth great formation. Without it, the great formation has become a soul-less dead thing, extremely inconvenient to control."

While smirking, Candle Jiuyin continued, "Does the heaven still have one percent of its power remaining?"

Ji Hao blinked his eyes and remained silent.

He thought of the last time when he sneaked into the heaven to steal the breathing earth. Priest Dachi cast a powerful magic and created three priests directly from the tower he lent to Po, then took the entire Divine Pivot away.

Back Then, Ji Hao was wondering why Priest Dachi would do that. But today, he had the answer. Without the Divine Pivot, the heaven and earth great formation was no longer working well, and it was not even one percent as powerful as before!

So easily, Priest Dachi set such a large trap for Gong Gong.

What could Ji Hao say? Priest Dachi was indeed a magically powerful being. Except for this, what else could Ji Hao say?

Facing Candle Jiuyin’s weird gaze, Ji Hao calmly stood on the golden bridge. All of a sudden, he took a deep breath and burst with a great growl.

"Gong Gong! Your father, your father’s father, and your father’s father’s father, and your over twenty generations of ancestors, were all crushed!"

"We killed your father, this is completely irreconcilable, but we’ve also killed so many of your ancestors!"

"If you’re a man, come out and fight the few great men above your head!"

"You dare to do that, don’t you? You’re not a coward, are you? Are you still a man?"

A dark cloud rose from the heaven. Treading on two black dragons, Gong Gong glared at Ji Hao with a purely dark face. Suddenly, a stream of blood spurted out from Gong Gong’s mouth.

"Emperor Xuanyuan! I will kill you!"

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