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Beyond the dark clouds, above the sky, the starlight illuminated the vast space.

Nine men stood in the air, each with a tall hat. Floating above their heads were nine enormous dense clouds of the natural reward power. Upon each cloud was a natural star. The nine stars were dazzlingly brightly, much brighter than the others stars in the sky.

Behind one of the nine men, a sword was faintly visible. Countless beams of sword light gathered into an enormous sharp sword, then split up into countless smaller sword silhouettes, hovering around that man. In the cloud above this man’s head, countless silhouettes of strong warriors had been sparkling, while faintly audible roars were coming from the cloud.

Among the nine men, the power vibration released from the one surrounded by sword silhouettes was the strongest and sharpest.

They lowered their heads, looking at Priest Hua fleeing away with Kun Peng, and sneered simultaneously.

"This Priest Hua was indeed cunning. He never took a beating himself! Just now, if he launched a counterattack against my sword power, I would surely have made him suffer. Even if I have to lose a half of my natural reward power, I would destroy him." said the man surrounded by sword silhouettes with a deep and angry voice.

"Never mind. Priest Hua is a powerful one. We are protected by the great natural reward power, so he surely dared not to risk losing his fortune to fight us face to face. But seriously, even if we join hands, we could only injure him, but could never truly kill him." said Suiren, who was surrounded by a faint flame. "For now, let him do whatever he wants. As long as young human beings work hard, more and more strong ones will naturally emerge among them…In the future, once our humankind is powerful enough, we will surely destroy him and everyone related to him, flattening his sect." continued Suren with a bland tone.

The other eight men nodded. With a cold voice, the one surrounded by sword silhouettes said, "Alright…I just couldn’t bear watching him bully young human beings. I understand, none of us can truly defeat him. Let’s work."

Breathing deeply, this man slowly raised his right hand. Around him, countless sword silhouettes screamed shrilly, while beams of sword light merged together and gathered on his right arm. That arm of his suddenly transformed into a million-miles-long, enormous sword, releasing a terrifying sword power.

"Let’s work!" said Suiren slowly, "We all have our own duties, and can’t leave those places for long. We only have one chance to do this. If it’s delayed…We shall leave it to Emperor Shun and the other kids!"

Dreadful streams of power were released from Suiren and the others. All of a sudden, the nine stars above their heads burst with dazzling lights, sending torrents of star power into their bodies like waterfalls, along with deafening, rumbling noises.

The nine men were around three-meters tall, but as the star power flowed into their bodies, their bodies began expanding. Within a blink of an eye, they became thousands of meters tall, coiled by dragon-like streams of starlight. Occasionally, starlight streams bumped into each other and quaked the space.

In the sky, three to four thousand stars were activated by their star powers. Gradually, those stars began glowing brighter and brighter. Within a twinkling of an eye, the lights emitted by those stars turned a hundred times brighter than ever.

Multicolored streams of starlight reached through the space, merging with the nine stars upon the nine clouds, above the heads of the nine men.

The nine stars rose, and instantly expanded to tens of thousands of miles in radius, from the size of a water tank. The nine enormous stars moved in the sky and gradually formed a spoon shape, exactly like the seven stars in the Big Dipper and the North Star; the ninth enormous star slowly hovered around the North Star, like its companion star.

Once the nine stars found their own positions, all natural stars in the north were agitated. Along with the first three to four thousand stars, countless more stars lighted up and poured streams of starlight into the nine stars. In the meanwhile, the bodies of the nine men expanded once again speedily. At last, they all reached around five-hundred-thousand meters in height.

Terrifying star power spread out wave by wave, which made the entire Midland shake slightly.

If the Sky Pillar still existed, no matter how much these natural stars changed, the Midland would stay unmoved. However, the Sky Pillar had collapsed. A small half of it was taken away by Priest Qing Wei, while the rest was taken by Ji Hao and made into the Pan Gu bell. Without the Sky Pillar, Midland was strongly affected by those stars. At first, the Midland had only been slightly quaking, but soon, an intense earthquake was started.

Ji Hao was standing on the golden bridge, surrounded by a clear light. He could indeed stand still, yet things around him suddenly turned grisly.

Sharp dark clouds swooshed across the sky like steel blades. Strong gusts of wind swept across the air, roaring like ghosts. Tens of thousands of meters tall waves were raised from the water. The natural powers were all agitated, generating countless thunderbolts; raindrops-like thunder-flames descended from the sky, blasting and filling the sky up with dazzling light and flames.

A terrifying sense of power could be sensed from the sky. That power was horrific, seeming to be great enough to control and destroy everything. Under this power, Ji Hao felt his body was so heavy that he was nearly pressed down to the ground. He hurriedly activated the Pan Gu bell and released Chaos power streams to shield himself and people behind him. Afterward, he finally, barely kept his feet.

Sky-shaking rumbling noises came from the sky. Nine colorful starlight streams poured down from the highest sky, far away from each other, and fiercely pierced into nine areas in Midland.

Ji Hao clearly saw a ten-thousand-miles-wide torrent of starlight drill into the water eye in Huai Water!

Midland was quaking intensively, while the nine starlight streams violently struck into the nine water eyes in the four great rivers. A million miles in radius around each water eye, all living beings were turned into ashes, while the hundreds of miles deep water eye was destroyed by the starlight. Inside those water eyes, everything was immediately turned into nothingness, including those dark souls, the black jade altar in the deepest areas of each water eye, and those countless Yu,

Giant waves were raised, roaringly striking in all directions. Walls of white water pushed out for over a million miles before they finally, slowly quieted down.

At the moment, all living creatures in Midland were staring at the sky in a soul-deep shock, with the dazzling nine starlight streams lingering in their eyes for a long, long while.

All human being had been silently imagining what would happen if this strike landed on their own bodies.

Priest Hua had already fled to a long distance away with Kun Peng. With a fierce look, he looked where the nine starlight streams landed. He locked his hands together before his chest, then sneered and said, "Are you making a show of your power? Human beings…I know exactly how powerful you are…No one can stop my brother and me from pursuing our great Dao, no one! No one can stop us!"

"Gong Gong! Do you think you’ll be safe as long as you hide in the heaven forever? Taste my sword!" From high up in the sky, a strong growl suddenly burst.

A golden sword light swept across millions of miles, striking down towards the heaven, which was above the Midland.

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