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"Not just the eight." Ji Hao looked at Priest Hua, calmly took two steps forwards, and said, "I've also killed Yuan Sheng, cast Dragon-slam and Tiger-blast away…Hmm, their weapons were also accidentally broken by me."

Priest Hua's face twitched. The smile on his face faded right away.

"You! Good for you!" Priest Hua took a deep breath and said blandly, "Not a single young person can give me such a headache. Ji Hao, if you're willing to follow my guidance…"

Ji Hao interrupted him and said with a faint fake smile, "Aren't you afraid that my Shifu might hack you into pieces?"

Priest Hua's facial expression changed slightly, as he looked at Ji Hao in a complicated way. He slowly nodded and said, "Good, Good, Good!"

After saying 'good' three times, Priest Hua slowly raised his right hand and swung down towards Ji Hao. An aroma spread out, along with a strong warmth. A strange light emerged in the air, and even dimmed the pre-world essence fire in Candle Jiuyin's mouth.

A hazy and golden handprint flew out from Priest Hua's hand, then instantly transformed into a three-hundred-meters-wide hand, descending on Ji Hao. Once the golden hand appeared, the air around Ji Hao was suddenly frozen, and even the time seemed to stop.

Ji Hao gave a bright growl and forcibly activated the golden bridge, releasing a clear light that wrapped up him and everyone behind him.They swiftly moved in the air, leaving a long beam of light in the sky. The space rippled, as the golden bridge broke layers of mysterious space seals, darting out of the striking range of the golden hand.

"The heaven and earth golden bridge, such a supreme treasure is in your hand… No wonder the eight wind motionless formation failed to stop you." said Priest Hua angrily, "But, you can't activate even one ten-thousandth of this golden bridge's power. Yet, Yu Yu still give this supreme treasure to you…This is…"

With fiercely glowing eyes, Priest Hua suddenly changed his hand motion, preparing to cast a stronger sealing spell to trap Ji Hao.

He saw it clearly. Ji Hao was indeed able to activate the power of the golden bridge, but he was way too weak at the stage. He could only activate some basic functions of the golden bridge, but could never fully release the power of the golden bridge. The golden bridge was a supreme treasure that came from the Chaos. Not to mention Ji Hao, even Priest Hua dared not to guarantee that he could release all the power of the golden bridge!

How could such a great treasure fall in Ji Hao's hands? It should belong to him, Priest Hua! Such a supreme treasure could even serve as the greatest treasure of a sect, protecting the fortune of the entire sect. But, how could Ji Hao swagger through the streets with it?

Gritting his teeth, Priest Hua changed his hand motion again. He had already launched a merciless, brutal strike.

The space around Ji Hao's body darkened suddenly. In the boundless darkness, nothing but a few dim stars were sparkling.

Those stars were white and misty, as pale as the eyeballs of a dead man, looking so creepy.

A strange atmosphere existed in the darkness, which made Ji Hao feel uncomfortable, as if his heart were broken. Many weird emotions came out from the deepest area of his soul, which made him weak and emotional. He felt that he needed to burst into a rage of tears to ease these bad feelings. At the moment, he even wanted to give up everything and sink into this strange atmosphere forever.

Ji Hao slightly trembled. His red sun primordial spirit was darkened, almost falling apart.

Man Man's emotion was strong and straightforward. She suddenly grabbed Ji Hao's arm and cried out loud, letting two scorching hot streams of tears fly out of her eyes. "O…I feel so bad, I'm so sad…But why I'm I crying? My Abba said that I can never cry!"

Shaosi, Taisi, Feng Xing, Yu Mu, and Yuan Li all quivered slightly, while their saddest memories flashed across their minds. Their eyes all turned red, as they were choked up by tears, which almost spurted out of their eyes.

At the moment, except for Ji Hao, all the others felt softened and powerless. None of them could activate any of their powers anymore.

Before the golden bridge, raging fires and strong gales burst simultaneously. Priest Hua didn't only launch soul attacks at Ji Hao and his friends, he had also forcibly broken the space around the golden bridge and brought the Chaos to this area. Destructive powers came from all directions, which made the clear light released from the golden bridge shake ceaselessly, and slowed the golden bridge down.

As Priest Hua said, Ji Hao could never fully release the power of the golden bridge. If the one controlling the golden bridge right now was Po, Gui Ling, or other senior disciples of Yu Yu, with their powers, they could still flee with the golden bridge, even when facing Priest Hua's attacks.

If Yu Yu were controlling the golden bridge by himself, with the power of the golden bridge, he could easily go through Priest Hua's seals and even destroy all these seals.

But to Ji Hao, the surrounding pressure was way too strong, and he could only remain undefeated in the raging fire and gale, but couldn't run away.

Seeing Ji Hao was about to lose to Priest Hua, a long sigh came from a distance away. "Priest Hua, how shameless you are! Bullying young human beings right in front of us? Don't blame me for teaching you a lesson today!"

It was Shennong who growled out while launching another strike.

A golden-purple light flashed across the stone dagger. All of a sudden, the coarse stone dagger turned splendidly glowing. Gripping the dagger, Shennong swung his arm down. Priest Hua's face was instantly tightened. He raised his head and yelled, "Shennong, do you think that I dare not to kill you?"

A colorful lotus rose from Priest Hua's had, trying to protect himself from this strike of Shennong. However, as the sharp beam of dagger light flashed across the sky, the colorful lotus was cut into two. The dagger light wasn't faded yet; it brushed against Priest Hua's head and broke his bun!

Before Priest Hua could say anything, a dazzling, stunning beam of sword light darted over from a long distance away. This sword hack was definitely amazing. It flashed across tens of millions of miles, and made the entire world dim and colorless.

Priest Hua gave a raging growl. He didn't have the time to seal Ji Hao anymore. Instead, he pointed his fingers forward. Following his moves, eighteen lotuses bloomed around him. When every lotus bloomed, hazy images of mountains and rivers would show faintly; every single lotus seemed to be a tiny independent world.

The sword light flashed over and crushed all eighteen lotuses, generating a series of cracking noise.

Priest Hua dodged and waved his broad sleeve. Pop! His sleeve was shattered by the sword light, turning into shreds of fluttering rag.

Growling furiously with a grim face, Priest Hua grabbed Kun Peng and darted straightaway, instantaneously disappearing without a trace.

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