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Kun Peng screamed and tilted his enormous body. The blood rain falling from the sky grew even heavier.

A wing of his was cut off entirely, leaving another scary wound on his body. All his ribs on that side were cut through, exposing his squirming internal organs. Kun Peng's screams were indescribably unpleasant to hear, following which, his body squirmed and quickly transformed into his human shape.

A big half of his forehead was gone, and so were his right shoulder and right arm. A large slash was left on his right chest, through which, one could even see his heart, liver, and lungs.

A strong blood-red beam darted out of his body and transformed into a thick light screen, which wrapped him up. Along with a sizzling noise, Kun Peng cracked the space while howling and screaming, attempting to escape.

"You've hurt so many living beings, but you want to leave?" Shennong stared at Kun Peng, gripped the stone dagger with his right hand, and launched another fierce hack. "Kun Peng, today, I will destroy you and all of your kind! From this day on, no Kun Peng in Pan Gu world!"

In Ji Hao's eye of Dao, a golden-purple light curtain descended from the sky and split the world into two. Kun Peng was right below this light curtain. From the light curtain, the cries of countless human beings could be heard; the strong sound wave transformed into a gray-white sharp beam of light and landed on Kun Peng's body.

The blood-red light screen around Kun Peng was shattered immediately. Facing the grey-white light beam, that defensive blood-red light failed to deliver any effect. As Shennong said, every strike launched by him gathered the endless hatred of all human beings who died, were injured, fell ill, and lost their homes in the flood. The hatred of billions and billions of human beings were gathered together, a power that could be well imagined.

Except for the ones protected by the strongest pre-world spirit power, or an immeasurably great natural reward power, who could possibly survive a strike like this?

Kun Peng's Hetu and Luoshu had run away from Kun Peng. For all Kun Peng's life, he had been doing all kinds of evil, instead of anything kind. Therefore, he had no natural reward power at all, but karma; the power of karma made this strike even stronger.

Under the gray-white light, Kun Peng's body fell apart. The golden-purple light generated by the natural reward power crushed on his body. Ji Hao heard a shrill series of screams, as Kun Peng's soul struggled in the air. It had transformed into a dark-cloud-like shadow, trembling and shrinking in the dazzling golden-purple light.

Kun Peng's soul was filled with all kinds of negative power, and was bone-piercingly cold, while the natural reward power was strong, splendid, and warm. It could naturally destroy all kinds of evil powers. In this respect, the natural reward power was even stronger than the essence sun fire.

Ji Hao watched dense clouds of black smoke rise from Kun Peng's body, and saw his soul shrinking speedily. After around ten breaths, that hundred thousand miles wide, dark-cloud-like soul of Kun Peng had shrunk to the size of a bowl, and had turned gray and translucent.

Afterward, a sigh came from a long distance away. "Shennong, Kun Peng is destined to be one of us. He has already been punished, so many of his offsprings have died. If you insist on perishing his soul, I'd say you're going too far!"

"Give his soul to me. I will guide him well, and he will never come out to do anything wrong ever again!"

A brightly glowing, multicolored lotus gradually emerged in the sky, right under Kun Peng's dying soul. A colorful light shone from the lotus, which softly wrapped around Kun Peng's soul.

An indescribably sad howl came out from Kun Peng's soul, then the gray and translucent soul suddenly turned multicolored, like a colored glaze. A strange spirit power was released from his soul, from which, Ji Hao sensed an extremely strong despair and fear.

Before Kun Peng could give another howl, his soul began growing speedily. Within a couple of breaths, Kun Peng's soul became as strong as a living human being. However, that soul was still filled with fear. The soul turned multicolored and transparent, glowing beautifully. It looked like a statue carved out of colored glaze.

"Priest Hua, why did you interfere in this internal affair of our humankind? Are you going to breach the agreement you signed with the others on top of the Sky Pillar back then?" said Shennong with a strong, rumbling voice.

Priest Hua slowly showed his figure in the midair. Smilingly, he pointed at Kun Peng and said gently, "Kun Peng is destined to be one of us…How can I ever interfere internal affairs of the humankind? I've been studying the great Dao, then I suddenly understood the meaning of 'mercy'. If Kun Peng Family is destroyed like this, it would be too 'cruel'. Out of compassion, I saved Kun Peng. I will restrain him in the future, and he will never be able to hurt anything anymore. This is a kind, merciful thing to do."

Shennong gripped the stone danger and stared at Priest Hua with sparkling eyes.

Priest Hua smiled, then nodded to Kun Peng and said, "Kun Peng, do you remember what I said to you back then in the North Sea? Sooner or later, you will understand the meaning of 'mercy', and then, you will willingly come under my guidance."

Kun Peng seemed to be suffering an inner struggle. He gritted his teeth and glanced at Shennong and his dagger, then turned around and looked at Priest Hua for a while. At last, he sighed deeply, kneeled to Priest Hua, and said, "Dear Shifu, I am your disciple, Kun Peng. Sadly, my body is destroyed. I'm afraid that I won't be able to dedicate too much to you, dear Shifu."

"Your body is destroyed? I don't think so."

Priest Hua grinningly took out eighteen fist-sized, colorful lotus seeds from his sleeve, then waved his hand towards the water surface. Following his move, torrents of blood that belonged to Kun Peng rose into the sky.

The multicolored glow released by Priest Hua coiled around that blood, right after which, the slightly dark blood suddenly turned vividly and purely red. Next, those lotus seeds in Priest Hua's hands transformed into a multicolored, glowing mist, and merged with the blood. In the air, a thousand-miles-wide sphere of blood spun swiftly, slowly turning multicolored.

"Rise!" Priest Hua shouted resonantly while pointing at the blood sphere. Along with his voice, this enormous multicolored blood sphere shrank and turned into a human body that looked exactly like Kun Peng, releasing a strong sense of power.

"Merge!" Before Kun Peng said a word, Priest Hua raised his hands, and Kun Peng's soul merged with the new body.

Shennong tightened his grip on the dagger, seeming to attack again. However, he didn't do it at last.

Kun Peng slowly opened his eyes. Those eyes were dazzled with a dim light. Abruptly, he gave a thunderous roar and released an overwhelming power. Instantly, raging waves were raised a million miles radius around him, roaring into the sky like giant dragons.

Priest Hua smiled, then turned around and looked at Ji Hao in an unfriendly way.

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao, you killed eight of my disciples. How will you explain that?"

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