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Yu Ancestor tilted his head and stared at Ji Hao with a demented look. He widely opened his eyes, as much as he could, trying to figure out why Ji Hao wasn’t unharmed at all, while his own life-force was seventy to eighty percent consumed!

Ji Hao didn’t give Yu Ancestor any extra time to think. With the basic Big Dipper step he learned from Yu Yu, Ji Hao flashed across the air and dashed straight to Yu Ancestor, wielding the sword fiercely. The Taiji divine sword airily brushed across Yu Ancestor’s body, leaving a cold beam of light in the air.

When the sword light dazzled, Yu Ancestor attempted to dodge. But, when he saw the movement of the sword, he laughed out loud, proudly raised his head and let the sword swish across his shoulder.

This sword move was weird. The sword edge sliced off a thin layer of skin from Yu Ancestor’s shoulder and cut down a few fine hairs. Other than that, the sword didn’t do any actual harm to Yu Ancestor. Yu Ancestor looked at Ji Hao and laughed viciously, "Little human kid, you didn’t exhaust yourself on the bed of some girl last night, did you? Look at you, you can’t even raise that sword high, can you?"

While the sword edge swept across Yu Ancestor’s shoulder, Ji Hao’s shoulder slightly tickled. He took off the Taiji cloak and exposed a half of his left shoulder. The skin on Yu Ancestor’s left shoulder was slightly red, and so was the skin on Ji Hao’s left shoulder. With his strong and sensitive spirit power, Ji Hao clearly sensed that an extremely thin layer of skin was sliced off from his left shoulder, about one thousandth as thick as a cicada’s wings.

"I see… You can share the harm with everyone who attacks you…"

Ji Hao was going to tell Yu Ancestor about his discovery, but Yuan Li sneakily popped out from behind Yu Ancestor. Just now, Yuan Li was sent away by a Chaos power stream released from Ji Hao’s body, and by now, he still had blood on his mouth corners. Rushing up from behind, Yuan Li raised his dragon staff high and bashed the back of Yu Ancestor’s head violently.

One had to admit that almost all monkeys and apes naturally knew how to use sticks, staffs or clubs; they were born with some great skills. This bash launched by Yuan Li was smooth, swift and perfect. From the beginning to the end, it was impeccable, and managed to faultlessly deliver all of Yuan Li’s power.

"No!" Shouted Ji Hao.

Shreds of hazy and differently colored light sparkled in the water, as the dragon staff smashed heavily on the back of Yu Ancestor’s head. Along with a muffled boom, blood spurted out from Yu Ancestor’s mouth, eyes, nose, and ears. His skull was crushed, that made him scream in pain with his head buried in his arms. Suddenly, his eyes were filled with blood streaks.

Yuan Li burst with a great howl as well. While crying in pain, he threw away the dragon staff, held his head with both hands and leaped around. His head was even dented. About fifty percent of the power delivered by his attack had directly come back to him through an unknown connection between Yu Ancestor and himself.

Fortunately, as a spirit creature, Yuan Li had a strong body, that his bones were much harder than gold-steel. Besides, he had only taken a half of the attack. Therefore, nothing too bad happened, except for his halfway dented head. If Yuan Li were a human being, with his great strength and the dragon staff given by Yu Yu, a half of this violent bash would be more than enough to crush a half of his body, and even destroy his soul completely.

"Yu Ancestor, because of your so-called ‘transplant’ gift, your enemies have to suffer about a half of their own attacks, while you are hurt by their attacks… I see." Ji Hao swiftly moved to behind Yu Ancestor, who still had blood spurting out from all over his body. He grabbed Yuan Li, stepped back for over ten miles, then took out a magic pill and threw into Yuan Li’s mouth.

Yuan Li’s wounds healed quickly. He gasped quickly for air, then shouted hoarsely, "What a strange power! Does it mean that no one as powerful as him, or even slightly more powerful than him, can ever defeat him?"

For any man as powerful as Yu Ancestor, no matter how severely he could injure him, he would have to suffer exactly the same injuries. In this case, during the fight between this man and Yu Ancestor, this man would not only be facing the attacks launched by Yu Ancestor, he would also have to deal with a half of his own attacks.

As Yuan Li said, based on this situation, even the ones slightly more powerful than Yu Ancestor could not defeat him!

"You’re smart!" Yu Ancestor laughed with a creepy voice, "This is my greatest bulwark of safety, ever since the prehistorical era. With my poisonous sand and this ‘transplant’ gift, I once forced back two divine emperors!"

Speaking this, Yu Ancestor’s face blushed in excitement and pride. He raised his head, straightened his waist and two fingers, and said, "Two divine emperors, hehe, two highest emperors in the ancient heaven… All living beings, devils and ghosts were afraid of them, but I forced back both of them, all by myself!"

Ji Hao put his fingers on the hilt of the Taiji divine sword, looking at Yu Ancestor from head to tow with an unfriendly face. The Taiji divine sword was undoubtedly powerful. Yu Ancestor seemed to be just average, except for his two special gifts. Seeing his ragged body, one could easily tell that physically, he was far weaker than Ji Hao. In terms of physical strength, Ji Hao could crush him with one single hand.

If Ji Hao beheaded Yu Ancestor with a quick sword move…

Sensing that slight sting coming from his shoulder, Ji Hao touched his neck, then had his face darkened badly. Even if Ji Hao was powerful enough to behead Yu Ancestor with a single sword move, he dared not to do it! Because of this bloody ‘transplant’ gift of Yu Ancestor, Ji Hao would have to take fifty percent of the harm after he beheaded the Yu Ancestor!

The Taiji divine sword was way too powerful, and so was the sword art created by Yu Yu. Ji Hao wasn’t sure if he could survive a hack launched with the Taiji divine sword.

"Yu Ancestor…You are shameless!" Ji Hao stared at Yu Ancestor, without knowing what to do. He had a supreme-level sharp sword in his hand, yet he dared not to attack. For the very first time, Ji Hao had encountered such a troublesome enemy!

Should he torture Yu Ancestor to death with magic bombs?

Yu Ancestor’s body was covered in wounds now. Looking at Yu Ancestor, Ji Hao silently took out hundreds of magic bombs and let them float before his face.

Yu Ancestor’s facial expression suddenly changed. He took a few steps back and yelled, "This kind of magic bomb, you have so many?! Kid, you, you, you’re the shameless one! You wanna kill me slowly? You, you, can you survive all these yourself?"

Ji Hao slapped his own chest and responded with a deep voice, "I’m young and strong. I have thriving life-force and spirit blood. I am willing to compete with you, and I’d like to know which one of us can survive at last!"

Yu Ancestors’s eyeballs rolled in his eye sockets, then he laughed out loud abruptly, "Compete…Haha, a competition of life? Then I shall not keep concealing my power. Today, I will show you my third gift!"

Yu Ancestor roared with a strange voice, following which, hundreds of dark silhouettes suddenly showed up in the water cave.

Yu Ancestor flashed across the water while pointing at one of those dark silhouettes. In the following moment, all wounds on Yu Ancestor’s body disappeared, while that dark silhouette exploded.

Yu Ancestor gave a big grin, squeezed his eyes into a pair of curved line, then pointed at Ji Hao and shouted, "I have countless bodies, each body providing a life. A competition of life? Do you think you have a chance to win?"

Yuan Li and Ji Hao were both dumbfounded.

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