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The two thunder-flame bombs were given by Priest Xuan Du, crafted by Priest Dachi himself with the fire generated from the ‘gold killing thunderbolts’ he collected from above the sky.

A thunder-flame bomb like this could easily kill a Divine Magus, beyond which, Priest Dachi restrained the explosion range of each bomb within three-thousand-meters-radius. Without being restrained, the explosion of each bomb could affect the area with a radius of over a thousand miles, but such a great explosion force was forcibly restrained within three-thousand-meters; one could easily imagine how destructive those thunderbolts could be within this highly concentrated explosion range. A bomb like this could even destroy a world.

The golden light sphere had a smooth and splendidly glowing surface. The sphere had a perfectly round shape, like a purely golden ball. On its surface, faint spell symbols flashed across from time to time. A mysterious sense of power had been releasing from these spell symbols. These spell symbols represented the original Dao of this world, and a highly lethal power.

Within a single moment, tens of thousands of fierce thunderbolts struck on Yu Ancestor’s body. Neither Ji Hao nor Yuan Li could see the Yu Ancestor’s face through the golden sphere at the moment, but judging from his shrill screams, things must be not so good in there.

"Young human beings…You are as evil as your ancestors…But, how can you get me so easily? Today, I’ll let you pay for your own mistakes!" Yu Ancestor’s thunderous roar suddenly came out from the golden sphere.

Ji Hao’s face twitched suddenly. His heart drummed, and the velocity of his blood flow raised for an unknown reason. He grasped a strong sense of danger. Subconsciously, Ji Hao tightened his body and boosted up his strength, letting his blood surge inside his body like raging dragons.

Following a series of bone creaking noise, Ji Hao grew to fifteen meters tall, with his muscles swelling and squirming like serpents coiling on his body. His Chaos blood flushed his veins, and generated a muffled rumbling noises that sounded like flooding rivers.

Countless golden thunder-flame spheres suddenly blasted inside Ji Hao’s body. For an unknown reason, these thunder-flames emerged in Ji Hao’s body. These were the gold killing thunder-flames Ji Hao attacked Yu Ancestor with, swift and violent. Thunder-flames exploded inside Ji Hao’s body, striking his internal organs and causing resounding noises, that sounded like the rings of a large bronze bell.

A stream of blood spurted out of Ji Hao’s mouth. Ji Hao roared like a beast, while the power vibration released from his body grew even stronger. He squeezed out the last bit of strength from his marrow. Once again, he suddenly grew taller. Along with the thudding noises caused by his swelling muscles, Ji Hao grew to around eighteen meters tall. He didn’t reach this height even when he fought Yemo Shayi with all his powers that day!

Chaos power streams burst from Ji Hao’s skin, coiling like dragons and then surging back into his body. Faintly visible golden and silver light spots had been sparkling quickly within the Chaos power streams, hovering in the water, seeming to draw a complicated stellar map around Ji Hao.

Yuan Li had been vigilantly looking around. A Chaos power stream that came from Ji Hao’s body bumped into Yuan Li, sending him to tens of miles away like a shooting star. He howled in pain while vomiting blood, and almost had his head slam into the dark wall.

Yuan Li stared at Ji Hao in shock and disbelief. Thousands of strong Chaos streams had been releasing from Ji Hao’s body; one single stream made Yuan Li vomit blood and sent him flying away, almost breaking all his bones. Then, what if all these Chaos power streams struck him together…?

Quivering in fear, Yuan Li shouted out hoarsely, "This is only the power you released from your body…Brother, Marquis Yao, eh, Master Ji Hao! Your strength…your power…your cultivation…You, you monster! Compared with me, you’re the monster!"

Thunder-flames exploded inside Ji Hao’s body one after another, while Chaos power streams surged through his body, inside his blood and between his internal organs. No matter how intense the explosions were, Ji Hao stayed perfectly unmoved. On the contrary, strengthened by the gold killing thunder-flame, the power vibration releasing from Ji Hao’s body grew stronger and stronger. Meanwhile, a magical, colorless glow was added to his internal organs.

"Yu Ancestor, impressive!" Ji Hao widely opened his mouth, gasping for air. He hadn’t been suffering much pain, but as those thunder-flames were continuously blasting inside his body, sending the strong thunder to every corner of his body, Ji Hao felt like someone had poured tons of Sichuan pepper into his stomach. It made his entire body limp and numb, extremely uncomfortable.

"I am under the protection of a supreme treasure. How did you send the thunder power back to me?" Ji Hao let a golden electric bolt out of his mouth and growled out.

"Beg me, then I’ll tell you…Or let me spray my sand on your face, then I’ll tell you!" Inside the golden light sphere, Yu Ancestor screamed in a cracking voice. "Ah, gold killing thunder! Cruel gold killing thunder! Fortunately, I know how to ‘transplant’ attacks. Otherwise, I would have suffered today!"

"More than gold killing thunder!" Ji Hao popped out his eyes and laughed out wildly, "You wait and see, not only gold killing thunder!"

Earlier, Ji Hao threw out a series of small things. The pair of water spirit puppets had already detonated their bombs, but within a blink of an eye, over ten spirit puppets made by Pan Xi world ancestor souls suddenly showed up and dashed into the golden sphere, each having a large bomb holding in their arms.

Gold, water, green, fire, earth, five types of magic bombs exploded simultaneously. Tens of dazzling light spheres blasted in a row, immediately turning the golden light sphere into a multicolored one. The giant multicolored light sphere sparkled dazzlingly, with different colored light streams flashing across, bright enough to blind anyone.

Ji Hao strained every nerve of his and let his spirit blood boil in his veins. His physical strength was boosted up to an extreme point, and the cultivation with nine turns was activated as well. Around his body, fierce streams of Chaos power hovered like mad dragons, shaking the water cave ceaselessly.

Thunderbolts with five different colors blasted inside Ji Hao’s body, making Ji Hao’s eyeballs bulge from his eye sockets, and causing him to roar in pain. His tears had even spurted out from his eyes because of the pain.

Ji Hao quickly locked his fingers together and incanted a life-saving spell which was secretly taught by Yu Yu. That was a thunder-proofing spell, created especially for thunder attacks and natural thunder trials. More and more thunderbolts emerged inside Ji Hao’s body, seeming to never end. A part of the thunder power was absorbed by Ji Hao’s strong body, while the rest was suppressed and neutralized by the power of the spell.

The thunder-blast continued for ten whole minutes, before it finally started to slow down. Ji Hao was soaked in sweat. He slowly gasped and silently restrained his power, then shrunk his body to the normal size.

The multicolored, dazzling light sphere had faded as well. Yu Ancestor had his entire body ragged, as if he had just suffered three-thousand fierce hacks. In many areas of his body, his bones and internal organs were exposed. While screaming shrilly in pain, Yu Ancestor rushed out.

In this miserable shape, Yu Ancestor confusedly glanced at Ji Hao, who did not have even a tiny wound on his body. Instantly, his eyeballs heaved from his eye sockets in shock by around an inch.

"It’s impossible! I was born with a special ability that allows me to ‘transplant’ any attack…Anyone, anyone who hurts me will take fifty percent of his own attack! This is my gift, and no pre-world or after-world treasure can defend you from this!"

"This ability of ‘transplanting’ attack, I killed countless strong enemies with it…You…How did you…You…Aren’t you harmed?"

Ji Hao stretched his neck, suddenly pulled out the Taiji divine sword, and silently darted to Yu Ancestor with the Big Dipper step.

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