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Earlier, Wuzhi Qi sneakily visited Ji Hao and sought cooperation for the safety of himself and his offsprings. He even gifted Ji Hao the nine dragons chariot and the divine seal of the East Emperor to show his sincerity.

Some top secrets were hiding in the water eyes of the few great rivers; this information was also leaked to Ji Hao by Wuzhi Qi. However, Ji Hao didn’t know that Emperor Shun had already taken action once he received the message from Ji Hao. Strong warriors were sent out by Emperor Shun to dive into the water eye in the Huai Water, and to see what was in there. But according to Suiren, all those people had vanished.

"These things should be handled by old folks like us." Looking at Ji Hao, Suiren helplessly spread his hands and said, "But we are all busy, and can’t make the time to deal with these detailed things."

"And…" Suiren frowned and continued, also helplessly, "I don’t have a physical body. What you are looking at is a clone, with the bones made from a trace of my soul and the natural reward power, and the skin made from the power of fire. Therefore, we are strong indeed, but we are also weak. Many things in this world can easily harm us."

"First, we can’t make the time ourselves; second, we cannot go to dangerous places ourselves. For the above reasons, we can’t do it ourselves. Marquis Yao, you are the most suited person we found for this mission." Suiren seriously cupped his hands and slightly bowed to Ji Hao, glancing at Yuan Li in the meanwhile.

"I get it!" Ji Hao looked at Suiren and responded. ‘A clone made with the natural reward power? No wonder he looks like a human being, yet not exactly like a human being. Are they all busy? What are they busy at?’ Wondered Ji Hao silently. But of course, Ji Hao was not silly enough to ask Suiren that question.

"Leave it to me. If I find out anything useful, I will…"

Suiren took out a five-colored, square-shaped jade tablet and handed it to Ji Hao. The jade tablet was embossed with dragons and phoenixes on the edges, a picture of farming on the right side, and a picture of fishing on the backside. "Go straight to Pu Ban City and report to Emperor Shun, or directly contact me with this in case of an emergency…Hmm, this is my identification token as a former human emperor. It can also serve as a life-saving treasure."

Ji Hao trembled slightly while taking over the tablet with both his hands.

A pure warmth surged out of the tablet and slowly flew into Ji Hao’s body. Suddenly. Ji Hao heard the shouts of countless human beings. He sensed the happiness, the anger, the sadness, and the joy of all those people.

Seeing Ji Hao’s changing facial expressions, Suiren smiled and continued mildly, "Another thing… Elder Destiny, the leader of those Pan Xi world people, who chose to follow your lead, we need to borrow him. I think Emperor Shun has already sent people to pick him up from your place."

Ji Hao paused for a second, then hurriedly said ‘sure’. Suiren left him a few words, then transformed into a fiery light and flew southeast in a rush. From a long distance away, a beautiful bird song could be heard. Following that, Ji Hao saw a rosefinch descend from the air, coiled in fire. Suiren stood on the bird’s back, and soon disappeared.

"Eh? Are we going down there?" Seeing Suiren leave, Man Man looked at the giant whirlpool in front of her, with her pink face turning dark. She was an offspring of Zhu Rong, and she hated oceans, lakes, rivers and streams the most.

"Yes, but don’t be afraid. Someone will be guiding us." Ji Hao dragged Yuan Li up from the ground. By now, Yuan Li had still been murmuring to himself.

"Still worrying about Snow?" asked Ji Hao in a deep voice. "Something must have happened to the Flood Dragon King, but…Help me diving into this water eye. In the future, I may beg Emperor Shun to ask the Flood Dragon King to marry his daughter to you. What do you think?"

Yuan Li popped out his eyes instantly. Instead of struggling in his own vague memories, he grabbed Ji Hao’s shoulders, grinned and said, "You said that yourself, and you’re my big brother. You can’t lie to m...I’m afraid some bad thing has truly happened to the Flood Dragon King. If he refuses to marry Snow to me, you have to help me!"

Ji Hao patted Yuan Li’s shoulder, then turned to the water eye with a serious look.

Before the flood came, the Huai Water was one of the largest rivers in Midland, covering a broad area with over a million branches. Countless human beings lived by the Huai Water. During peaceful days, even as a great river, the widest area of Huai Water was only around a thousand miles wide. But now, the river was flooding, and the world had almost turned into an ocean, while the Huai Water became completely boundless.

The dark whirlpool was enormous, spinning rapidly. A strong dark hurricane had been blowing out from the whirlpool, almost tangible, roaring thunderously. Occasionally, exhausted large birds flying across the sky would be dragged into the whirlpool and shredded immediately, if they accidentally got too close to it.

If Suiren didn’t guide him, Ji Hao would never believe that this giant whirlpool was actually the entrance of one of those water eyes that Wuzhi Qi mentioned to him.

"How do we get in?" Ji Hao looked at Yuan Li and asked.

"I can easily get in. I grew up in here." Looking at the giant whirlpool, Yuan Li seemed to be shocked a little bit as well. "The problem is, I can even bring a few water-kind creatures in, but for human beings…"

Ji Hao pondered for a while, then raised his arms. Heng Xing flew out from his sleeve. Ji Hao pointed at Heng Xing, and following his moves, he stretched his body and transformed back into a Henggong fish, happily jumping into the water.

"Man Man, you and the others wait outside, while I follow Yuan Li in! Remember, whatever happens, you are not allowed to make a single step near that whirlpool!"

Ji Hao took out a large number of magic formation tools and powerful magic thunder bombs and fire bombs, handed them to Shaosi and said, "Heng Xing will serve as your mount. You go set up a few defensive and attacking magic formations in this area to cover us, and put all these thunder bombs and fire bombs in your magic formations."

Ji Hao told Man Man to look after Mr. Crow and the pair of fire snakes. Then, he once again warned the others to not come near that whirlpool. After that, he flashed across the air, transformed his body into a thin stream of extremely negative power, and spread on Yuan Li’s fur.

In shock, Yuan Li looked at his own long silver fur, which was now covered under the thin layer of extremely negative power transformed from Ji Hao’s body. He murmured to complain, "You are a master of the great Dao of sun, fine, but you’re also a master of the ‘extremely negative power invisibility’… What can I say?"

While complaining, Yuan Li turned around, quickly waved to Man Man and Shaosi, then jumped into the water.

As a water ape, Yuan Li gave a joyful shout once he dove into the water, then swiftly moved downwards like a silver beam.

Yuan Li split the water and created a path for himself, while speedily diving down. Every time when water-kind spirit creatures showed up to try to stop him, he would release his power and slap them away. The society of spirit creatures was based on strict hierarchy. Sensing Yuan Li’s power, those smaller shaped water-kind spirit creatures all stepped away. Therefore, without much of difficulty, Yuan Li reached the bottom of the whirlpool.

A building, which was entirely built with cold jade, stood on the bottom of the water, beside a dark hole. Tens of miles away from the building, a fierce undercurrent came to Yuan Li. It transformed into a giant fist, and struck to Yuan Li from hundreds of meters away.

"Yuan Li, what are you doing in here?"

A rude voice could be heard. Following the voice, a fifteen-meter tall, ferocious-looking water ape with blue fur suddenly leaped out from the building.

"Yuan Sheng? Why are you here?" Yuan Li shouted out while dodging hurriedly.

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