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On the vast water, countless icebergs were connected closely, forming a glacier. In the darkness, strands of glowing green mist and dim flames spurted out from those icebergs from time to time. Those thin, matted, yet evil-looking mists and flames slowly rose into the sky and burned silently for a while, then died gradually. Right after that, more mist streaks and flame flakes rose into the sky.

The mists and flames with a green glow illuminated the whole area, which made the entire glacier green, seeming to be rather spooky and scary. On the southern side of the glacier, a tall and thick gray mist-wall was rolling. Countless water-kind creatures with strong ice powers gathered on the water surface, and had been letting out a dense ice mist with all their powers. The ice mist formed another mist wall, as tall and thick as the gray mist-wall. The ice mist-wall and the green-mist wall faced each other on the water surface.

Occasionally, some water-kind spirit creatures would fall into the water in exhaustion. Every time when this happened, some larger shaped water-kind spirit creatures, who seemed to be supervisors, would hurriedly rush over and immediately freeze these exhausted water-kind spirit creatures and the ones around them. They would then throw them into the ice mist wall, piling up them like bricks.

"Freeze then, free them all!" An enormous ice toad patted his large belly and yelled, "We don’t know if they’re just tired or infected with the plague! Freeze them all! Then, we can worry less! Haha! Do it quickly and neatly!"

Hearing the ice toad, some smaller shaped water-kind spirit creatures, who were almost used up, raised their heads with their last bit of strength, tremblingly stood up and each let out a thin stream of cold mist towards the ice mist wall in front of them. This thin stream of cold mist drained them. They softly fell on the water surface, then those supervisors rushed over and let out strong and dense ice mist streams. They froze them and the other smaller water-kind spirit creatures around them along with the water, turned them into a giant ice block, then cast a magic to send them up and threw them heavily into the ice mist wall.

On the glacier, countless water-kind spirit creatures were sealed in countless different sized ice blocks. The power vibrations released from these water-kind spirit creatures’ bodies had almost faded away, and their vital functions were nearly shut down. In these frozen water-kind spirit creatures, the effects of the viruses contained in the gray mist had been weakened to an extreme point.

Some water-kind spirit creatures were enormous; sealed up in ice, they became small-scale mountain ranges. Dragon whales, giant sharks, turtles, octopus and all the other kinds of enormous water-kind spirit creatures lied in transparent icebergs, with their bodies thickly covered in differently sized pustules, and their eyes filled with despair and fear.

Some water-kind spirit creatures had just arrived in Pan Gu world, and were not yet affected by the gray mist. They moved around the glacier in groups, tremblingly looking at the ones sealed in the ice, and murmuringly cursing the starter of this terrifying plague. In the meanwhile, some other water-kind spirit creatures with strong family backgrounds had been growling deeply in anger. They were mostly the offsprings of Wuzhi Qi, Xiang Liu, and the other few legendary water-kind spirit creatures in the North Sea. They were complaining, wondering why anyone didn’t come to help them. Even the super low temperature was about to fail to control the plague.

The viruses released from the Disease God streamer had a strong potential for mutation. At first, those viruses were largely suppressed the low temperature, but as the hours passed away, inside the bodies of those enormously shaped water-kind spirit creatures which were sealed in the ice, these viruses adapted to the low temperature. By now, those surviving viruses had been devouring the bodies of those water-kind spirit creatures and mutating unpredictably.

While complaining, a troop of water-kind spirit creatures walked past a three-hundred-miles-long inkfish, which was covered in a hundreds of meters thick layer of ice. They didn’t notice that a tentacle of this ink fish was wriggling quickly, and on this tentacle, countless huge pustules had been squirming like boiling gruel.

Boom! That tentacle exploded, shattered the ice, and sprayed a sticky blood on the faces and bodies of the troop of water-kind spirit creature.

These water-kind spirit creatures had already learned how scary those viruses Yu Mu released were. They screamed out shrilly, but before they could do anything, over ten enormous spirit creatures dashed over, casting all kinds of ice magics from distances away.

Following a loud buzzing noise, a tens of miles wide area was frozen into a giant ice block, and all water-kind spirit creatures sprayed by the ink-fish’s blood were sealed in it.

But this time, the viruses released from the inkfish’s tentacle had already adapted to the low temperature. Visibly, large pustules emerged on the skin of those water-kind spirit creatures, who were sealed in the ice. Next, their bodies began melting speedily, turning into puddles of sticky liquid.

More terrifyingly, those sticky puddles were like living creatures, transforming into countless thin, worm-like streams, wriggling in all directions swiftly.

"Heaven! Oh, my heaven!"

Seeing this, all surrounding water-kind spirit creatures were scared to death. They cried and screamed, abandoning this area immediately. They abandoned all their friends and families sealed in the ice, and fled away desperately.

The morale of these water-kind spirit creatures had collapsed completely at this very moment. The ancient heaven had fallen already. Otherwise, these water-kind spirit creatures would definitely shout the names of divine emperors and beg for mercy.

A strong gale roared over from high up in the sky. Coming along the gale were Xiang Liu and a large group of warriors in black armors.

From a long distance away, Xiang Liu saw that grey mist, which had billions of locusts hiding in it. He quivered slightly and cursed, "Ji Hao, that little b*stard. How brutal he is…This is unreasonable…The Disease God’s legacy, how did he get that?"

Taking out the calabash given by Priest Hua, Xiang Liu proudly sneered and said, "However, I have my own fortune! Hehe, with this new fortune of mine, I can continue what I’ve been doing. I can also protect myself; I can go anywhere I want! Who can stop me now?"

Laughing wildly, Xiang Liu took out a thumb-sized magic pill from the calabash, put it in his mouth and chewed for a while, turning the pill into a paste with his own saliva. Then, he sprayed it out and created a rain with his special power.

The heavy rain descended along with the roaring gale, rolling up the paste Xiang Liu spat out. Instantly, a strong and refreshing aroma could be sensed in this whole area, which had a radius of thousands of miles. Coiled in a cyan-colored mist, raindrops fell from the sky, into the gray mist-wall. Inside the grey mist-wall, countless locusts screamed and died immediately. Their bodies exploded, turning into spheres of poisonous mist that dissipated in the air.

The rain fell on the bodies of those water-kind spirit creatures, which had fallen ill and felt their bodies were as heavy as mountains. Instantly, these water-kind spirit creatures were refreshed, as the viruses inside their bodies had been wiped out.

The rain dripped into the glacier, flowing into the bodies of those water-kind spirit creatures, who were almost killed by the gray mist. These dying spirit creatures gasped simultaneously for air. The illnesses were gone, and they recovered immediately, gaining their strengths back. They roared thunderously, twisted their bodies, broke the ice and rose from the glacier one after another.

Xiang Liu nodded in satisfaction. He pointed at the south and growled, "Boys, go south! Go, go, kill every human being you see! You kill all human beings who are brave enough to come out of their cities. Eat them, enslave them, and tread your feet upon them! Go! Go!"

All water-kind spirit creatures roared in chorus. They rushed across the gray mist-wall, which was already harmless, marching to the south.

At the same time, a red, misty silhouette abruptly showed up upon Ji Hao’s city. That was a man, with a tall hat and a long robe.

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