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Inside the eight wind motionless formation, Ji Hao raised his head and watched Xiang Liu fly away. His heart was torn with anxiety.

‘Damn you, Priest Hua.’ Ji Hao cursed in his head. Ji Hao didn’t doubt the power of his magic pills. The Disease God streamer was indeed powerful and fierce, and the legacy of the Disease God was certainly reliable. Yet, Priest Hua’s magic pills could definitely cure the plague started by the Disease God streamer.

Once the Disease God streamer was defeated, those water-kind armies would continue heading south, and Si Wen Ming’s flood-control plan would be affected. Human beings would suffer longer, and countless human beings would struggle and cry miserably in the flood. By then, Priest Hua could naturally start recruiting believers all over the world, when everyone’s heart would be shaking. But how many people would die?

A sharp beam of light flashed across Ji Hao’s eyes. ‘A hero is nothing but a product of his or her time’. Suddenly, Ji Hao understood what this meant. Sometimes, one might not want to risk one’s life and be a hero, but some things and people would force one to do it. One was forced to do things that no one would do in peaceful days, and somehow, he would become a hero.

Just like Ji Hao under the current situation. What Priest Hua did just now forced him to do some almost crazy things.

"Yemo Shayi, head back with your people. Before Xiang Liu defeats the Disease God streamer with Priest Hua’s magic pills, tell Minister Hao Tao to lead the army to the north along with the gray mist and kill every last water-kind creature on their way!"

"Kill all of those damned water-kind creatures!" Ji Hao growled cruelly. The Disease God streamer was efficient, but in coordination with the human army, the massacre would happen hundreds of times faster. Even though Xiang Liu now had those powerful magic pills, Ji Hao could still take a heavy bite from those water-kind armies before Xiang Liu cured those water-kind creatures.

Yemo Shayi cautiously glanced at Priest Hua and said in a deep voice, "Dear Master, as your loyal slave, I can’t leave you here alone. This is…"

"Piss off!" Ji Hao suddenly turned around, wielded his Taiji divine sword and shredded a few dark gusts of wind. He growled to Yemo Shayi like a beast, "Follow my order!"

Ji Hao’s eyes were glowing red. Looking at Ji Hao’s eyes, which were filled with nothing else with the intent of killing, Yemo Shayi even quivered in coldness. He hurriedly bowed to Ji Hao, then wielded his hand and transformed into a dark shadow. Wrapping up Feng Xing, Yi Di and the others, he quickly merged with a dark cloud.

Priest Hua smilingly looked at Yemo Shayi, who left in such a hurry, and said slowly, "He’s nothing but a non-humankind monster. I can easily kill him by flicking my little finger, but I am merciful. I don’t want to kill too much."

"Nothing good will happen if you kill him." Ji Hao looked at Priest Hua coldly and said, "Priest Hua, Don’t try to full me with your beautiful words. I know you, although not for long, but I know what kind of a person you are."

"I am not a person!" Priest Hua smiled warmly. He looked at Ji Hao and said in a mild, gentle tone, "Therefore, Marquis Yao, do not judge me with your mortal standards. In your eyes, I am evil. But in my own eyes, what I have done and have been doing are just right, perfect fit for the great Dao of nature."

"The great Dao of nature?" Ji Hao laughed out loud, staring at Priest Hua.

"Don’t laugh." Priest Hua locked his fingers before his lower abdomen and looked at Ji Hao with smiling eyes as he continued in that gentle voice of his, "I know more about the great Dao than you. The Dao in the Chaos, the Dao in Pan Gu world, I know them both more than you…Shame, what a shame, Yu Yu met you the first. Otherwise, you would have become a valued disciple of mine, and in the future, you would have an important position in the sect."

‘An important position in the future’?

Thousands of thoughts flashed across Ji Hao’s mind. He sneered, waved the broad sleeves of his Taiji cloak, and dispelled all fierce airstreams generated by the eight wind motionless magic formation. While sneering, Ji Hao said, "This magic formation of yours is average. It won’t be easy for you to take this nine dragons chariot from me."

Priest Hua nodded seriously to Ji Hao, then responded with that smiling face, "No rush, no rush. The effects of this magic formation will grow stronger and stronger. Now you’re simply trapped, but later, you will know the…Ah!"

While he was speaking, down below, a black turtle and a dragon-horse leaped out of the water surface together. They roared towards the sky, then transformed into a black beam and a white beam, and darted back into the water, slipping away like fishes.

"My He Tu and Luo Shu!" Priest Hua instantly transformed into a hazy stream of light, diving straight down to the water surface down below, without even taking another glance at Ji Hao. Ji Hao saw nothing but a bright light flashing across the air, but Priest Hua had already dove into the water, following behind the turtle and the dragon-horse.

‘No wonder Priest Hua showed up in this place for no reason. He was after Hetu and Luoshu.’ thought Ji Hao.

Back then in the Feather Mountain area, Sun Peng and a group of Chaos monsters trapped Si Xi and Ji Hao and killed Si Xi. Later on, with Ji Hao’s help, He Tu and Luo Shu were freed from Kun Peng’s control.

He Tu and Luo Shu escaped happily, but were discovered by Priest Hua, who coincidentally passed by. It had been so long after that, but Priest Hua still hadn’t caught the two treasures.

Priest Hua left suddenly. The eight priests glanced at each other, then shouted out together and threw their flags up into the sky. Next, they quickly sat in the midair with legs crossed, put their hands into their sleeves, and each took out a human-head-sized jade calabash. Their calabashes gad different colors, and a spell symbol was carved on the bottom of each calabash, representing a special cardinal direction. The eight priests pulled out the plugs of those calabashes together, and a loud bang could be heard right after that. Nearly-tangible, extremely strong gusts of wind were released from the eight calabashes immediately.

These gusts of wind speedily wrapped up those flags floating in the air. The air around Ji Hao’s body began shaking intensively, then evil dragon-like gales roared in the sky, shaking the sky, cracking the space, and creating countless thin space cracks in the air.

Through these thin cracks, small traces of Chaos tide squeezed in and mixed with those fierce gales, strengthening them by tens of times.

The nine dragons chariot quaked intensely, but its golden shine was forcibly narrowed to around ten miles wide.

One of the eight priests, a young man, chuckled to Ji Hao and said, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao? You’re not the East Emperor Taiyi after all. This nine dragons chariot, you can’t even release one ten-thousandth of its power!"

Ji Hao smiled faintly and responded, "Can’t I? Just now, Priest Hua was here to protect you, so I didn’t want to make the fight too intense."

As he sneered, the golden bridge roared down from the sky, transformed into a clear golden light, and surrounded Ji Hao. It cracked the space and brought Ji Hao out of the magic formation.

The fierce gales inside the magic formation suddenly lost their target. Without the strong golden light of the nine dragons chariot in the middle, those fierce gales bumped thunderously against each other. The eight priests trembled intensely, and some of them even suffered a great pain from the great counterforce. Their jade calabashes suddenly popped out from their hands.

Standing on the chariot, Ji Hao laughed out wildly, "Now, how much of this chariot’s power do you think I can release?"

From the red sun primordial spirit, pure sun power flew into the chariot, then a dazzling golden light shone in the sky. The bodies of the eight priests started burning ragingly. They screamed desperately in pain, but golden flames puffed out from inside their bodies and quickly burned their bodies and their souls.

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