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Countless extremely thin streams metal power transformed into hard sand, raising sharp gusts of wind as they compressed into golden daggers, swishing towards Ji Hao. These golden daggers were especially sharp. The golden shine of the nine dragons chariot swept across the sky for hundreds of miles far, melting all metal things it touched. But those fierce golden daggers had been drilling into the golden light along with loud sizzling noises. Many golden daggers almost touched the chariot before they were finally melted.

Ji Hao was shocked silently; even eight random disciples of Priest Hua could cast powerful magics like this! That so-called eight wind motionless magic formation of theirs, could it even break the golden light of the nine dragons chariot?!

But, Ji Hao gritted his teeth when he gave a closer look. He thought these eight people were all greatly powerful cultivators, but he saw a flag gripped in each of their hands. As they gently wielded those flags, strong metal power streams would roar out, transform into golden daggers, and swish to Ji Hao.

The power vibrations released from those flags were especially strong, and was rather familiar to Ji Hao, exactly same as the power vibration came from Priest Hua’s body! These eight flags should belong to Priest Hua, yet they were now used by these eight priests to fight Ji Hao!

Instead of saying that Ji Hao was fighting against these eight people, he was fighting directly against Priest Hua.

Those flags were waved again. After the waves of sharp golden wind, rapid cold airstreams swooshed out and immediately transformed into fist-sized solid ice blocks, smashing towards Ji Hao. The cold power released by these ice blocks was amazingly strong. The golden light of the nine dragons chariot was narrowed down by seven to eight miles by these ice blocks.

After the frigid series of airstream came a scorching hot gale. The dark hot gale rolled up puffs of black sands, violently clashing against each other in the air and starting countless fire sparkles. These fire sparkles landed on the golden light of the chariot, blasting immediately and thunderously.

Ji Hao stood on the chariot like a fragile leaf in a waving ocean. The nine dragon chariot was shaking intensely, and so were Ji Hao’s internal organs.

A gentle breeze followed after the scorching hot gale. The breeze seemed to be harmless, but as it blew across, Ji Hao sensed a weird coldness from his entire body. His red sun primordial spirit vibrated suddenly. That breeze had actually avoided the golden light of the nine dragons chariot and directly attacked Ji Hao’s primordial spirit.

Ji Hao hurriedly activated the Taiji Universe mirror and released a clear beam of light. The clear light vibrated intensively and spread out clear waves of air ripples in the sky, finally naturalizing the dangerous breeze for Ji Hao.

The eight priests waved the eight flags with all their strengths, releasing all strange types of air streams, roaring around the nine dragons chariot. Ji Hao cast all defensive magics he knew, and activated all of the powerful treasures he had. No matter how strongly those dangerous air streams blew, nothing could ever hurt Ji Hao.

Xiang Liu stood beside Priest Hua, gasping quickly. He glanced at Priest Hua, snorted coldly and said, "Priest Hua, my friend, you will never do anyone any favor for nothing. I owe you one now. How should I pay you back?"

Priest Hua sighed slightly and looked at Ji Hao, who was stuck in the eight wind motionless magic formation. He grinningly bowed to Xiang Liu and said, "My friend, you misunderstood me…I invited you to join us with pure kindness…In the future, something terrible will happen to you, you can survive that only by joining our sect."

Xiang Liu’s face twitched, then he responded with a deep voice, "Then…"

Priest Hua smilingly took out a lotus petal from his sleeve, handed it to Xiang Liu and said, "The flood is sweeping across the whole world now, and human beings are struggling. Xiang Liu, my friend, do us a favor. Tell your armies that if they see people living in places with lotuses blooming, don’t bother those people."

Xiang Liu paused slightly, then put the lotus petal into his sleeve and asked with a low voice, "So simple? Places with lotus blooming…hmm, you…" As he smirked, Xiang Liu squinted at Priest Hua and continued, "I thought you and your brother are truly kind and merciful. It turns out you only protect those people with lotuses around them!"

Priest Hua maintained that faint smile on his face as he lowered his head, glanced at the vast water, sighed slowly and responded, "Those people joined my sect. They’re our disciples now. Facing a disaster, they can call the names of my brother and me, then they will be protected, and be spared from all disasters; not even wild beasts can hurt them anymore. Only our disciples can be shielded by us…As for the other human beings…My brother and I attained our powers with efforts."

Xiang Liu quivered slightly. He glanced at Priest Hua with fear and remained silent for a while, then laughed abruptly.

"Good, good. Since we all understand what is going on, let’s make it clearer. Look at what Gong Gong is doing. I think he might suffer at last. If he succeeds, fine, I might as well have a fabulous future. Perhaps, one of those divine emperor thrones in the heaven will be mine."

"But if he fails, please, my safety will be counting on you and your brother, my friend."

Xiang Liu seriously bowed to Priest Hua and said, "Everything will be depending on you, Master!"

Priest Hua smiled, slightly raised his hands and told Xiang Liu that he didn’t need to bow. He was satisfied by Xiang Liu’s attitude. "Great…Xiang Liu, if you are willing to join us, you will surely be different from those ordinary disciples. Your position will be as high as the deputy masters of our sect…As for your offsprings…Why don’t you select some of them and let them follow me now? Thus, no matter what will happen in the future, you shall worry no more."

Xiang Liu raised his eyebrows and pondered for a while. He seemed to be convinced, as he nodded and took out a bone tablet from his sleeve. He handed to Priest Hua, then pointed at the north and said, "Good! In my place under Sky Mountain in Ling Water area, I hid some of my most talented offspring. Master, please take good care of them. They are the best of best."

Priest Hua nodded in satisfaction, then took over the tablet and glanced at the north. His body flashed slightly, then a white silhouette flew out of his body. That was another priest who looked exactly the same as Priest Hua himself. That priest smilingly bowed to Priest Hua and said, "My friend, what can I help with?"

Priest Hua gave the bone tablet to the priest, smiled and responded, "My friend, please, take a journey to the north. In the future, those kids will all become the backbone of our guardian departments!"

That priest nodded, then took over the tablet. He transformed into a beam of white light and disappeared without a trace.

Xiang Liu’s wrinkled face twitched intensely, then he gazed at where the priest disappeared and murmured, "My friend, you are indeed powerful."

Priest Hua smiled again, took a calabash out of his sleeve, and handed to Xiang Liu.

"A single pill in there can cure all kinds plague and magic poison in the world. My friend, use these well!"

After handing the cyan calabash to Xiang Liu, Priest Hua swung his arm and slapped Xiang Liu with his brand sleeve. A strong gale rolled Xiang Liu up and sent him away swiftly.

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