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High up in the sky, Xiang Liu laughed maliciously while pouncing straight on Ji Hao’s face.

Yemo Shayi transformed into a shred of dark shadow, merged with Xiang Liu’s shadow. He prepared to gave Xiang Liu a heavy strike with a secret Dark Sun magic, but Priest Hua suddenly tightened his face and burst with a bright growl, "Non-humankind monster, don’t you dare! Piss off!"

Following his strong voice, Priest Hua clenched his five right fingers, then quickly loosened. A thunderbolt roared out and struck straight on Yemo Shayi’s body.

Yemo Shayi howled in pain. His clothes were all shattered, and his arms, which were raised to protect his face, were torn into pieces. He vomited blood and stepped backward quickly. He stared at Priest Hua in a panic, gritted his teeth and murmured with a deep voice, "You, it was you…The ones who fought our ‘Blood-thirst’ weapon back then… were you and your people!"

Priest Hua smiled. Looking at Yemo Shayi, who was badly wounded and had been drawing back quickly, made an elegant face, slowly shook his head and then nodded. No one knew what he meant, but he felt wonderful anyway.

Facing Xiang Liu, Ji Hao swiftly drew a few circles in the air with his left hand. Circles of air ripples spread out, raising rapid airstreams that wrapped Xiang Liu up.

Xiang Liu was slowed down largely. He looked at Ji Hao in confusion, while Priest Hua frowned aside and shouted, "The great Dao of Taiji, going on and on without an end? Xiang Liu, break it with your strength, simply attack. He’s no one but a little kid. Don’t fight him with your special powers. Crush him with your strength instead!"

Xiang Liu was enlightened immediately. He roared resonantly, then his body began expanding speedily. Within a blink of an eye, he became over a thousand miles long, with his ten hideous heads staring straight at Ji Hao together. He opened his mouths and breathed deeply. Right after that, a shrill series of scream came from every corner of the whole world, sounding like countless evil ghosts.

Ji Hao felt that thousands of ghosts had been dragging his primordial spirit, even seeming to pull his primordial spirit out of his body, then tear it apart and feed it to Xiang Liu. Ji Hao’s left hand paused shortly, then those circles he drew in the air fell apart one after another. He fell forward; no matter how hard he struggled, he could not free himself from the strong suction force released from Xiang Liu’s mouths.

A dry and creepy voice came from Xiang Liu’s stomach, laughing wildly, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, my nine heads can release poisonous gas, venom, swamp power, disease power…But I never thought that the power of my tenth power would be the power of soul…I can take your soul now, are you feeling it?"

Ji Hao raised his head and glanced at Priest Hua in a slight fear.

Priest Hua smiled and said mildly, "You’re a disciple of my friend Yu Yu, so I surely will not bully you myself. Besides, I’m far away from all worldly affairs, and I will not step into any internal affair of your alliance of human clans."

‘Will not step into any internal affair of the alliance of human clans? Yet you’ve already started cutting the ground from under Gong Gong’s feet!’ Ji Hao cursed in his head. However, Ji Hao clearly understood that he shouldn’t start any verbal battle against Priest Hua, because this old thing had a golden tongue in his mouth. With that tongue, he could almost talk the black into white, and talk the dead back to life. Ji Hao was afraid that no one in the world could ever win a verbal battle against Priest Hua!

"Elder Hua, it would be the best if you don’t do it. Otherwise, I’d have no choice but letting my Shifu sort this out with you afterward." Ji Hao instantly stopped Priest Hua from continuing his speech with a tough tone, then a golden stream of flame spurted out from his erect eye.

East Emperor Taiyi’s nine dragons chariot transformed into a hundred-mile-radius sun and flew out from Ji Hao’s eye. Ji Hao roared out loud, then hopped onto the chariot. A red sun rose slowly from his head. The red sun had a dark edge, shining with sharp rays along with its dazzling red light, as it merged with the nine dragons chariot.

The sun rode high in the sky. The purely positive power in this area suddenly reached an extreme point. Within thousand-mile-radius, all dark powers were wiped out immediately.

The power of Xiang Liu’s tenth head was the power of soul, that allowed him to capture the souls of his enemies. However, Xiang Liu was an evil creature with dark powers, and the soul power he had was also dark, extremely dark.

Once the nine dragons chariot rose, the golden light poured all over Xiang Liu’s body. A, meters thick layer of golden flame covered Xiang Liu’s body, burning his scales and skin. Streams of black smoke puffed out of his body.

Xiang Liu screamed in pain, while clouds of black smoke rose from his body. His tenth head suffered the worst, as both large eyeballs of that head had been blinded by the golden flame. Within a second, those eyes were burned into ashes, leaving two hollow sockets with black blood flowing out.

"The chariot of the East Emperor Taiyi!" Xiang Liu screamed hoarsely, quickly transformed into his human shape, and fled backward, "This treasure has disappeared for many years! Why do you have it? Who gave it to you?"

In Ji Hao’s red sun primordial spirit, a clear golden silhouette emerged slowly. A raging-dragon-like strong sun power was released from that golden silhouette, as Ji Hao had been boosting up the power of the nine dragons chariot as hard as he could, releasing the golden sunlight and illuminating the whole area.

He would never tell Xiang Liu that it was Wuzhi Qi who gave him this treasure!

Priest Hua instantly popped up his eyes, greedily staring at the nine dragons chariot. His facial muscles twitched slightly as he suddenly gave a loud and long sigh and said, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, Xiang Liu is a Senior Minister of your human government too. How can you collude with a non-humankind monster and try to kill him?"

Ji Hao paused. Even Yemo Shayi, who had fled to over ten miles away, and was hurriedly spreading ointment on his wounds, paused in confusion as well. Feng Xing, Yi Di and the others, who were watching from the side and prepared to join the fight, were all deeply confused.

Earlier, Priest Hua said that he would never step into any internal affairs of the alliance of human clans, but why did he suddenly say something like this to Ji Hao just now?

Colluding with a non-humankind monster? Where did that come from? Yemo Shayi was a slave of Ji Hao, and Ji Hao won him over from Yemo Luoye, by risking his own life!

With a fake warmth, Priest Hua looked at Ji Hao, just like a father looking at his ‘beloved son’ with disappointment. Then, he sighed and said, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, if you were an ordinary human being, I would let you do anything you like…But you’re a disciple of my friend Yu Yu. How can I watch you walking onto the wrong path?"

Sighing again slightly, he continued with a deep voice, "The bitterness will never end. Turn around, Marquis Yao Ji Hao, reform yourself with kindness and live again. You still have time!"

Priest Hua waved his hand. Following his move, eight men silently descended from a dark cloud in the sky and surrounded Ji Hao. Priest Hua then continued, "Ji Hao, I am a friend of your Shifu, so I shouldn’t do anything to you myself…But, I can’t bear watching you ruin your own life. Therefore, I will let the ‘venerable eight winds’ from my sect teach you a good lesson!"

The eight priests who descended from the sky were all neatly dressed and handsome. Each one of them had been releasing a strong and special power vibration. Clearly, these were all well-cultivated beings.

Hearing Priest Hua, these eight priests smiled faintly, then bowed to Ji Hao together.

"Brother Ji Hao, we created a magic formation called ‘eight wind motionless’. Please, give us your advice!"

Before their voices faded, fierce gusts of wind suddenly screamed around Ji Hao’s body, transforming into countless golden daggers and swishing to Ji Hao.

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