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While Ji Hao fought Xiang Liu in the air, Yuan Li was hugging the Flood Dragon King’s leg, grinning flatteringly, as he wanted the Flood Dragon King to bring him back to the North Sea.

He wanted to see Snow having a new body, and only then could he stop worrying.

Man Man sat on the city wall as she watched Yuan Li hug the Flood Dragon King’s leg tightly. "This old Flood Dragon King is such a nice man. My Abba would have kicked this water monkey away long ago!" Giggled Man Man.

The Flood Dragon King heard Man Man’s giggles, sighed slightly and shook his head. But suddenly, he raised his head and shouted resonantly, "Who are you, my friend?"

A faint green light spot descended from the sky. Within the green light was a dust-grain-like linden leaf. Yet somehow, it seemed to even cover the whole world. The linden leaf quickly drifted down. The beautiful green linden leaf had golden veins; it shone brightly with a green light. The green light shone on the light screen created by the Pan Gu Defense magic formation. Two different colored light clashed against together. The Pan Gu bell buzzed, then shattered the green light.

Human warriors in the city all felt that their bodies were suddenly tightened and their minds weren’t clear for a second. But soon, these discomforts faded. Meanwhile, Yuan Li and the Flood Dragon King, who were outside the coverage of the Pan Gu Defense magic formation, both had their bodies suddenly lightened after the green light poured on their bodies. Next, they arrived in a bright and warm place, sensing the fragrances of flowers and hearing the twittering birds.

They stood on a boundless grassland. The grass had reached their waists, waving like an ocean. Not far away, a few winding rivers had been flowing peacefully. The river water was bottom clear, yet not sand or stones could be seen on the river bottoms, because crystals, pearls, jades and all kinds of gemstone had taken their places.

Some linden trees were scattered on this broad grassland, with luxuriant foliage. These trees seemed to be located randomly, but in fact, the locations of these trees and the distances between them represented a complicated natural pattern.

Yuan Li didn’t understand it; he only felt that these linden trees were quite beautiful. The Flood Dragon King was thousands of times stronger than Yuan Li, and his experiences started from the prehistorical era. He almost knew all the answers. At first glance, he realized that these scattered linden trees were actually a great magic formation. Once the Flood Dragon King discovered this great formation, he sensed that a strong invisible force had chained his body, disabling him from making any move easily.

A long bright shout could be heard, and followed a series of rustling noise, the few rivers rippled. Countless tender shoots drilled out from the bottom of those rivers, growing rapidly. Soon, the surfaces of the few rivers were covered by lotus leaves, then countless lotuses bloomed slowly, and the air was suffused with a sweet aroma.

Right in front of the Flood Dragon King and Yuan Li, the ground sank into a hundred-miles-wide pit. The pit was glowing splendidly, as it was filled with all kinds of gemstones and pearls. Next, the pit became a lake, meters deep, bottom clear, emitting a sandalwood aroma.

A towering linden tree stood on the left side of the lake, while a seven-colored lotus bloomed in the right side of the lake.

The linden tree released a green light that shone straight into the sky. It transformed into a green cloud that covered the entire lake. From the cloud, green light spots with long tails descended, falling into the water, causing silvery clangs like pearls falling into a jade bowl.

The seven-colored lotus sent up soft streams of glowing mist, which transformed into a colorful could in the air, pouring down golden and silver light streams. They fell into the water like a splendid light rain, sounding beautiful.

"My friend, long time no see. How are you?" A bland voice came from the linden tree.

A green light emerged from the tree trunk. From the light, the scrawny Priest Mu walked out slowly, his face filled with bitterness. A wooden staff was carried in his left hand. He raised his right hand and slowly bowed to the Flood Dragon King.

The Flood Dragon King sighed slightly and responded, "I’d be fine if you never show up."

Priest Mu narrowed his eyes and said with a mild tone, "You wanted my help, so I came for you. Since I am already here, this is your great chance to come join us. If you, my friend, are willing to join us, you will become the third owner of our sect, just like the two of us."

Deep wheezes could he heard. Three-thousand ice flood dragons who surrounded that enormous iceberg, which had the Flood Dragon Kings’ true body sealed in it, flew over slowly. Obviously, they were dragged into this strange world as well.

"The third owner?" The Flood Dragon King laughed out loud. He looked around and showed a natural, proud look, then continued, "Can I be the highest one among all?"

Priest Mu remained silent for a while. He slightly waved his wooden staff and responded blandly, "If you can take three strikes from me, we can let you be the highest one."

The Flood Dragon King’s face dropped. He stared at Priest Mu and said with a louder voice, "Do you think that I can’t take three strikes from you? If I am so weak, why do you want me to join your sect anyway? Priest Mu, are you humiliating me?"

Priest Mu narrowed his eyes again and responded with that symbolic bitter face of his, "My friend, if you join our sect, your ice flood dragon family will become the head of our dragon guardian department. Our sect has eight guardian departments, and they are all related to the future of our sect, important and honorable. My brother and I have been working on it with no spare efforts, for tens of thousands of years…This is also an opportunity of the ice flood dragon family."

The Flood Dragon King grinned frigidly. He glanced at his three-thousand ice flood dragons and said in an ice-cold voice, "I see, you want to recruit me because you want fighters, don’t you? You two are full of sweet words. You can easily find a large batch of strong spirit creatures to join you. But, why do you bother to come all the way to me?"

"How can ordinary spirit creatures join us? Which one of our disciples isn’t a powerful being with a strong background?" Priest Mu answered blandly with that bitter face of his.

The Flood Dragon King shook his head and said with a deep voice, "My family is strong and independent in the North Sea. We are free and happy. Why should we get involved in your business? Priest Mu, you go deal with your own problems. Don’t bother me."

Raising his head and looking at the clear sky, the Flood Dragon King continued coldly, "Will you let me out? Or do you want me to break this tiny place of yours?"

Priest Mu remained silent for a while, then slowly reached out his right hand. On his palm, a feet-long small white dragon coiled quietly. "That ice dragon from the North Sea Glacier is meant to be one of us. I’ve already brought her here."

The Flood Dragon King paused instantly. He stared at that small white dragon in shock and said, "You…"

Priest Mu then pointed down at the beautiful lake and said, "The water in this lake can perfectly nourish your daughter’s spirit pearl, allowing her to merge with this new body without suffering any harm. In addition to that, this water can also largely improve her body condition, giving her an immeasurable bright future!"

Priest Mu slowly squeezed a faint fake smile out of his dry, wrinkled face, and continued, "My friend, what do you think?"

The Flood Dragon King’s face twitched from time to time. For a long while, he didn’t say a word.

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