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The gray mist puffing out of the headquarters tent startled everyone in the city.

Elder Bug smelled something familiar. He was the first to rush out of his room, grasped a handful of the gray mist, put it under his nose and carefully sensed it. After that, he swayed his hands excitedly and said, "Marquis Yao is amazing…He is definitely the best among all young human beings!"

He didn’t know how Ji Hao managed it, but Elder Bug had already found out that the ‘Natural Disaster’ in the gray mist was different from the original one. Compared to the violent and crazy original version, the ‘Natural Disaster’ was now gentle and obedient, and would no longer run rampantly.

The ‘Natural Disaster’ was conquered by someone. But according to Elder Bug’s years of experiences, the ‘Natural Disaster’ contained in the gray mist was much stronger than the original version. Once it was activated, it would be hundreds of times fiercer and more brutal than before, and no one affected by it would survive.

More terrifyingly, the ‘Natural Disaster’ was not only the single type of magic poison contained in the gray mist. Over ten-thousand strange kinds of viruses and toxins were also mixed in it. Those viruses and toxins were rather strange, completely different from anything collected by the Magi Palace in these years. However, every single type of these viruses and toxins was considerably powerful, and was highly lethal. Over ten-thousand types of strong viruses and toxins were mixed together, discovering which, Elder Bug worryingly estimated that even if the ancient God of Medicine, Shennong came back to life, this might still not be dispelled.

"Those water-kind creatures are in trouble." Elder Bug and a group of masters of Magic medicine and poison hurriedly rushed to the city wall, because they wanted to know how the gray mist would kill those water-kind creatures.They wanted to watch the whole process.

Curious human warriors instantly crowded the top of the city wall. They stood on their tiptoes, looking at those water-kind armies.

Some human warriors with even stronger curiosities mounted on their flying battle beasts and rose into the sky, slowly approaching those water-kind armies.

The gray-mist formed a tall and thick wall that crossed the water surface from the east to the west. Within a blink of an eye, the grey mist wall extended for over ten-thousand miles.

If the Disease God streamer were an ordinary piece of magic treasure, with Yu Mu’s current power, he wouldn’t be able to spread the mist to such a large range even if he attained the Disease God’s legacy. He would not be able to maintain the shape of the enormous gray mist wall either.

Fortunately, those locusts that flew out from the streamer were living creatures. They didn’t need any energy aid from Yu Mu. The dense gray mist had been puffing out from both sides of each locust. Therefore, the grey mist wall grew longer and longer, taller and taller. A large amount of the grey mist had dissolved in the water, spreading even more rapidly along the waving water.

From a great water-kind army, a three-hundred-meter-long swordfish wagged its tail and went through the gray mist wall. He sensed that some tiny things had stuck to his body. Therefore, he instantly transformed into his human shape and rubbed his skin hard with both hands.

Checking his body carefully for a while, the swordfish-man found nothing wrong. Confusedly, he scratched his head and murmured, "What the hell? Eh? When did this gray mist appear?"

A strange noise could be heard. The swordfish-man simply scratched his head, but his fingernails broke his scalp, which was supposed to extra strong, and dragged a large piece off from his head. His fingernails scratched on his exposed skull and generated that strange cracking noise, which was not so pleasant to hear.

In a great panic, the other few swordfishes stared at this swordfish-man. These few smaller swordfishes had halfway transformed into human shapes, as their skins were still covered in fish scales, and heads were still fish heads. "Great Grandpa! Your head is broken! Your head is bleeding!" screamed these few small swordfishes.

The swordfish-man paused for a second, then dropped his hand, looking at the blood on his hand as he felt dizzy.

He never felt dizzy before. As a Divine-level strong spirit creature, he never even had a cold; no symptoms like cardiopalmus or cramp had ever happened to him either.

Therefore, this sword-fish-man ignored the dizziness and stared at the blood on his hand, asking confusedly, "Did someone curse me to have blood on my head? But this isn’t right!"

The swordfish-man lowered his head and glanced at a black jade talisman tied around his waist. This type of magic talisman was created by Northern Wasteland Maguspriests,, specially designed for preventing all kinds of magic curses cast by those Maguspriests from the alliance of human clans.

Nothing was shown on the magic talisman, which meant this swordfish-man wasn’t cursed. But if he wasn’t cursed, he shouldn’t bleed, right?

The other few swordfishes suddenly quivered. One of them murmured, "Why am I feeling so cold…I feel cold from my bones. Ah, this place is even colder than the coldest days in Pan Luo world."

This swordfish started to swing his body while speaking. He then opened his jaws and vomited. At first, the things came out from his mouth was the large pile of sardines he ate in the morning. But soon, he started to vomit gastric juice with a strange smell. After a couple of breaths, he started to vomit blood.

"Oi, you boys!" The swordfish man paused in shock. He pointed at the few great-grandsons of his, not knowing what happened to them.

Another two swordfishes started quivering. They covered their stomachs with their hands, screamed in pain as thunder-like noises came out from their bellies. Soon, they sat straight down on the water surface, suffering a serious diarrhea. Following the disgusting puffing noises, a giant amount of dirty things came out of their bodies, then blood.

The rest few swordfishes had a high fever. Differently sized pustules popped up from their faces, and grew larger and larger, then broke quickly, letting large streams of yellow liquid flow down.

As the pustules were growing, the few spirit swordfishes fell down weakly. Next, they began vomiting and having diarrhea as well. Within ten minutes, these strong spirit creatures were dehydrated, and were even out of shapes.

The swordfish man opened his mouth. All of a sudden, he sensed a strong death power from the surrounding environment.

He turned around in shock. In the water-kind army, divine-level ones like himself were still fine, while Magus-King-level spirit creatures had all fallen down, floating on the water surface while crying and wailing in pain. As for the ones under the level of Magus Kings, those had turned back to their original shapes, floated with their bellies facing the sky.

At the first glance, this swordfish man saw countless white bellies of water-kind spirit creatures, which had died suddenly, floating on the water surface.

A strong stink spread in the air. Pustules emerged on those white belies, as those corpses were rotting rapidly. Rotten blood and pus flew into the water, affecting the other water-kind spirit creatures which had been unharmed. Soon, all strange kinds of toxic symptoms happened in them too.

"My heaven, what is this?" The swordfish-man screamed in fear. Suddenly, he sensed a sharp pain from his stomach. That pain was indescribable and unbearable. He was a divine-level strong spirit creature, but still, he lost his eyesight temporarily because of that pain; even tears had flown out of his eye sockets.

His tears were red — All blood veins in his eyeballs had broken for an unknown reason, and the blood started flowing out of his eyes in streams.

Strong water-kind spirit creatures fell down, including the enormous ones. Meanwhile, the relatively weaker and smaller ones, and those countless ordinary water-kind creatures, died right on the spot.

Three hours later, a group of Eastern Wasteland archers mounted on giant birds, flying across the sky. Wherever they flew across, they saw nothing but the white bellies of dead water-kind creatures.

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