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That uncontrollable mixed magic poison was surely not appropriate to use. However, the suggestion Elder Bug made, of attacking the water-kind armies with widely effective magic poisons, was approved by everyone else.

Before this elite force left Pu Ban City, all kinds of supplies were well prepared, especially medicines and magic herbs. Ji Hao even brought some thousands of years old, strong herbs from the Magi Palace.

Elder Bug was from the Magi Palace. He had no children or other families; he focused on making and detoxifying magic poisons for his entire life. He was a top-grade master of magic poison in the Magi Palace.

Ji Hao gave his order, and allowed Elder Bug to use all herbs and medicines in storage, and put all Magi, who were good at magic medicine or magic poison concocting, under his command. Within a couple of hours, Elder Bugs and those Magi made a vat of water-clear magic medicine, which had a faint refreshing aroma. This was a pure ‘blood poison’ named ‘Girl’s Heart’ by Elder Bug, which represented the idea of ‘strong and determined, never giving up’.

Ji Hao and all elders and high-grade commanders ran a quick discussion, then selected tens of warriors, who each took a bowl of ‘Girl’s Heart’. They carefully brought it to all four sides of the city wall and poured in the water outside.

Once the clear poison was poured into the water, the blood accumulated around the city began boiling slowly. The blood had accumulated around the city for a big half a month, and was already dark, almost solid. But, under the effect of the poison, the blood melted speedily, and its color turned vivid again.

The color of the blood changed quickly. On the water surface, in tens of areas where the poison poured in, the vivid color of the blood was spreading rapidly. Countless water-kind spirit creatures crowded the vividly colored blood while releasing water streams and cold power.

The storm-like waves of arrow, which had been releasing by archers on watchtowers, suddenly stopped. The ear-piercing swishing noises caused by those arrows disappeared, and even the roars of those water-kind spirit creatures near the city had faded as well.

This sudden quietness brought everyone in the city an emptiness in their hearts. Something bad seemed to be happening.

All of a sudden, shrill howls of water-kind spirit creatures could be heard. Ji Hao stood on a watchtower and witnessed thousands of spirit creatures twitch and fall. Their bodies melted quickly. Their shields, fish scales, snake scales, dragon scales, all melted in the vividly colored blood.

The ‘Girls’ Heart’ created by Elder Bug worked effectively. The strong poison spread to a thousand miles away in no time. Within this area, all water-kind spirit creatures in the water were affected, and none of them survived. Except for a few enormous spirit creatures, who had been proudly treading on watery clouds and floating in the air, all the others within this area were killed by the ‘Girl’s Heart’, melting rapidly in the water. Within a few breaths, over ninety percent of water-kind spirit creatures at senior-level or below were turned into puddles of sticky blood.

Spirit Creatures’ screams could be heard wave after wave, which made people’s scalps numb. Outside the city, on the vividly red water surface, countless corroded skin pieces, scales, and shells rolled. At first glance, this place looked like a blood pool in hell.

"This vat of blood poison has killed so many water-kind creatures within such a short span of time. Even if we send out all warriors in this city to kill, it would still require three days to kill all those water-kind creatures." Ji Hao held his hands behind his body and said calmly, "But, Elder Bug, this blood poison…"

Elder Bug bent his body and gripped the fence of the watchtower with his eyes fixed on the water surface while carefully observing the effect of the poison. Hearing Ji Hao’s worrying tone, he responded with a deep voice, "Marquis Yao, don’t worry. This ‘Girl’s Heart’ I created only has a short-term effect. It’s strong indeed, but its effect will fade naturally after twenty-four hours. It won’t spread to further areas, so no need to worry about that."

Crooking his fingers and drawing a few lines in the air, Elder Bug continued confidently, "We have twenty-four hours, enough for the ‘Girls’ Heart’ to spread to eight-thousand miles away. Then, all water-kind creatures we can see now will be dead!"

Before Elder Bug finished, from a water-kind army in a thousand miles away, tens of toad-shaped, dark-green-colored creatures suddenly leaped out. Each of these toads had tens of centipede-like long legs under its green belly. The skins of these toads were covered in different colored pustules, from which, thin streams of venom had been spurting out from time to time. These toads croaked towards the sky, then each took a deep breath, instantly expanding their hundreds of meters long body to the size of mountains.

These enormous, oddly shaped toads started twitching intensely, while the pustules on their skins blasted one after another. Sticky streams of venom splashed out and fell into the water like a heavy rain.

The colorful venoms didn’t stink; instead, they had refreshing herbal aromas. Falling into the water, the colorful venoms started to merge, and turned as clear and transparent as the ‘Girl’s Heart’ at last, then spread speedily as well.

A faintly visible glisten appeared on the water surface, which quickly surrounded the area affected by the ‘Girl’s heart’.

A sizzling noise could be heard without an end, while the two types of strong poisons neutralized and devoured each other in the water. The tens of toads croaked loudly, sounding happy and satisfied. They croaked and leaped on the water surface for a while, then opened their mouthparts and sucked deeply. Followed their moves, five-colored mist streams rose from the water and drifted into their mouths.

"They feed on poisons!" Elder Bug frowned, murmured to himself, "Since the slightly toxic rain started falling, I’ve been worrying that, among these water-kind creatures, some might be used to living in a highly toxic environment."

"I turned to be right. These creatures neutralized the ‘Girl’s Heart with their own venoms, then turned the power of the ‘Girl’s Heart’ to their own." continued Elder Bug, "Gong Gong found such a toxic world and raised a group of poisonous water-kind creatures there. I’m afraid that before he started this war, he was well-prepared for all kinds of magic poisons created by the Magi Palace."

Ji Hao frowned as well. These creatures fed on poisons…

If Gong Gong selected a toxic world on purpose, and raised a large group of water-kind creatures who lived on poisons, he indeed had a long-term vision, and his plan would truly be unpredictable.

From all directions, those toads’ venoms approached the city, and quickly purified the blood accumulated around the city. The vividly red blood turned water-clear. The strong poison contained in the blood was devoured by the tens of toads, after which, the power vibrations they released grew stronger and stronger. At last, each of these toads had turned three times stronger than before.

The ‘Girl’s Heart’ was cleaned, but the number of water-kind creatures around the city was still huge. They roared excitedly and continued rushing to the city, towards the dragon blood pill.

"Marquis Yao, if we truly want to destroy all these water-kind creatures, I’m afraid, we have to use something evil."

Elder Bug looked at Ji Hao with hesitation, "That mixed magic poison will be effective, I assume. It’s a mixture of plague viruses and blood poisons…But, I can’t control it."

Ji Hao frowned again, lost in his thoughts.

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