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The cold clouds came closer and closer, as Ji Hao sensed an abrupt temperature drop. He didn’t only feel the coldness from the outside, he also sensed a strange, fierce chill from the inside, coming from the deepest area of his soul, which seemed to freeze his soul.

His body turned a little frigid, and his mind slowed down.

Ji Hao was shocked. He hurriedly activated his extremely negative power, which was the strongest negative power in the world. After he filled his body up with the extremely negative power, all the uncomfortable feelings faded instantly. However, Ji Hao noticed that all those non-humankind warriors he won from Yemo Luoye now had a thick layer of ice crystal covered on their armors.

"Draw back to a hundred miles away! Make battle formations! Prepare for the fight!" Ji Hao gave a deep shout while pointing at the water city.

A hundred thousand elite non-humankind warriors that Ji Hao won from Yemo Luoye, kneeled on one knee and saluted to Ji Hao. Then, they formed a battle formation, transformed into a dark shadow, and speedily moved backward.

Yemo Shayi waved his hands and told his families to retreat along with those warriors, while he stayed beside Ji Hao. Narrowing his eyes, he silently observing those dark-blue, glistening flood dragons, which were faintly visible in those cold clouds.

Ji Hao had also been looking at that army of flood dragon, curiously and vigilantly.

Gong Gong had eight senior ministers under his command. Among them, Kun Peng, Xiang Liu, Wuzhi Qi were the most famous ones, while Snake Xiu, Henggong fish and the other few mostly stayed in their nests back in North Sea all year round, cultivating themselves, and were less well-known.

However, among those eight senior ministers of Gong Gong, the most unknown one was definitely the Flood Dragon King from the North Sea. He was also the most mysterious one, with an inscrutable power.

Ji Hao had read from some secret records kept in the Magi Palace. Powerful human ancestors once said that the North Sea Flood Dragon King had nothing in common with ordinary flood dragons in Pan Gu world. The North Seal Flood Dragon King looked like a flood dragon, but in fact, he should be another magical type of creature; he might even not be a local creature of Pan Gu world.

The North Sea Flood Dragon King had rarely shown his power. Back in the golden age of the ancient heaven, when Gong Gong Family hadn’t become the dominator of the Northern Wasteland, he easily defeated the North Sea Dragon God, who was conferred by the heaven, and occupied the coldest ice sea area in the North Sea as his territory. As far as human beings knew, that was the only time he fought someone.

That dragon God he defeated was the seventh son of the Dragon Emperor at that time. The North Sea Dragon God had his pair of horns broken, and scales pulled off by the Flood Dragon King. He rushed back to his home in the East Sea, and cried to the Dragon Emperor. The Dragon Emperor was infuriated, so he took eight dragon kings and twenty-four dragon generals and marched to the North Sea, attempting to get justice back for his seventh son.

As for the result, there was none.

The Dragon Emperor marched straight to the North Sea, yet returned to the East Sea with his strong army and a low profile. The seventh dragon prince indignantly went to the heaven, resigned as the North Sea Dragon God, and took the position of the Ji Water God in the Midland. Then, he brought his people down from the heaven and built an underwater city in Ji Water. Afterward, he never mentioned about what happened back in the North Sea for the rest of his life.

The Flood Dragon King was powerful enough to rival the ancient dragon-kind, which had been swollen with arrogance. It was not hard to imagine how powerful he was, and how strong was the ice flood family under his lead.

At the moment, the ice flood family raised the cold clouds and rushed over furiously. This looked no good. Ji Hao silently activated the Taiji Cloak, the Taiji Universe Mirror and the golden bridge, preparing for everything that might happen.

A dragon roar could be heard. Following the roar, the cold clouds suddenly split up. Eight hundred-miles-long blue ice flood dragons with glistening, crystal-like scales, hovered in midair. They quickly transformed into eight strong and handsome men, wearing blue colored heavy armors.

These men shouted out resonantly. Along with their voices, the cold clouds shrunk, and transformed into a blue ice cloud that paved in the sky. Behind the eight men, whole three-thousand ice flood dragons raised their heads, each letting out a frigid airstream towards the sky. They also transformed into heavily armored warriors and lined up orderly.

From the ice cloud, large blue ice crystals darted up, and gathered speedily along with a shrill noise, becoming a mountain-like ice block. Within the crystal clear ice block, a blue flood dragon with five claws curled quietly in the middle.

Gasping deeply, the five-clawed blue flood dragon slowly opened his eyes. On his head, between the eight angular horns, a smooth, round-shaped blue crystal sparkled and released a frigid airstream. Next, a middle-aged man, who had blue hair and eyebrows and purely dark eyes, walked out of the ice block wearing a long white robe, flying straight to Ji Hao.

Yuan Li paused in shock. His ape face twisted badly as he tremblingly kneeled to the middle-aged man and said, "Uncle Flood Dragon!"

Xiang Liu Junior even screamed when he saw the middle-aged man. With a pale face, he kneeled to that man from a distance away and yelled, "Flood Dragon King, listen to me, I brought Snow out with good intent. She was so bored in the North Sea, so I brought her out to see the human world…"

The middle-aged man took a glance at Yuan Li, then his eyes shone as he gazed at Snow’s spirit pearl, which was held in Yuan Li’s hands.

He then turned around and expressionlessly shouted at Xiang Liu Junior, "See the human world? The human world is a vast water now, what’s the difference between here and the North Sea? What do you want her to see in here? Those corroded corpses of human beings and terrestrial animals?"

He reached his hand towards Xiang Liu Junior and continued word by word, "Since you convinced Snow to come to Midland…Where is Snow now?"

Xiang Liu Junior was frightened to death. Quivering and stuttering, he couldn’t say a word. He couldn’t tell that the Flood Dragon King that Snow was protected by his army, but because he wanted to play ‘the hero saved the beauty’, he let a non-humankind warrior take Snow on purpose, yet after that, he failed to save her. Instead, he started a fight against Yuan Li.

"Where is Snow? Where is she?" The Flood Dragon King continued expressionlessly, "If she is alive, I want to see her. If she is dead, I want to see her body. Where is she?"

Xiang Liu Junior’s face twitched intensely. With a hoarse voice, he responded, "No, she won’t die, she won’t die. Snow is just kidnapped by someone, but nothing will happen to her! Flood Dragon, listen to me, Snow…"

The Flood Dragon King took a long breath, then let it back out.

A white and misty gust of wind blew out from the Flood Dragon King’s mouth and froze all boa-men around Xiang Liu Junior. Following a series of creaking noise, the ice cracked. Thousands of boa men, including quite a few divine-level ones, all shattered into small pieces, floating on the water surface.

The bodies were shattered, and the souls perished. Those boa-men died immediately, without leaving a trace.

Xiang Liu Junior’s hundred-meter-long snake tail was frozen as well. Strands of cold mist were spreading to his man-shaped upper body.

The Flood Dragon King then continued with a frosty voice, "You said nothing will happen to her… So…what is this?!"

The Flood Dragon King crooked his finger. Following his move, the blue spirit pearl darted out from Yuan Li’s hands and flew into his hand, along with a dim light stream.

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