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Ji Hao stood in midair as he watched Yuan Li bash Xiang Liu Junior away.

Tens of man-shaped spirit boas growled out loud in rage, pulled out their weapons and rushed up to Yuan Li. These spirit boas served the Xiang Liu Family, and Xiang Liu Junior was their young master.

Xiang Liu Family had always been fighting against Wuzhi Qi Family, openly or secretly. Back in the North Sea, conflicts often burst between these two families for resources and territories; undoubtedly, young members of these two families had many reasons to hate each other.

Yuan Li attacked Xiang Liu Junior suddenly, seeing which, those spirit boas immediately launched killing attacks against Yuan Li with glowing-red eyes, as if he had just killed their parents. All kinds of weapons smashed down towards Yuan Li’s vital body parts mercilessly.

Yuan Li roared resonantly, wielding the stick so swiftly that made it look even like a black tornado, and started an intense fight against those spirit boas. Metal clangs lingered in the air while blood splashed out of that black tornado from time to time.

Xiang Liu Junior wriggled out of the water while shaking. The few boa-men under his command hurriedly rushed over and attempted to hold him up, but all ended up being whipped away by his long tail. Xiang Liu Junior’s teeth were all shattered by Yuan Li with that black stick. Covering his mouth with both hands, Xiang Liu Junior mumblingly shouted, "Beat him to death! Kill this bloody water monkey! I’d like to know who else dares to fight me over Snow!"

Followed by a series of clangs, the weapons held in the hands of those boa-men were sent flying away. In the following moment, an iron stick flew into the sky, while a boa-man penetrated Yuan Li’s stomach with a long spear. Yuan Li was covered in wounds now, and his body was soft and powerless like an empty gunnysack.

The boa-man laughed viciously. He gripped the long spear with both hands and swung fiercely, sending Yuan Li’s body high up into the air. Next, the other few boa-men rushed up together, with their weapons aiming at Yuan Li’s vital body parts.

"Yemo Shayi, save him!" Seeing Yuan Li was seriously wounded and sent up into the sky, Ji Hao sneered.

Inside Yemo Shayi’s eyes, a dense black mist rose, spinning swiftly and transformed into bottomless dark whirlpools, that seemed to devour everything in the world. Yemo Shayi smirked coldly and flashed straight to Yuan Li, pulled out his sword with his left hand, and wielded it easily.

Yemo Shayi’s sword was extremely heavy, a typical two-handed sword. However, Yemo Shayi was as nimble and swift as a poisonous snake hiding in a grass wood. Every single sword move made by him could deliver a lethal attack to the enemy in the most impossible way.

The seven to eight boa-men had just stepped into the level of Divine Magi. They saw nothing but a dazzling light flash across the air before they sensed a piercing pain from their hearts, foreheads, and necks simultaneously. Afterward, they all lost their eyesights and fell unconscious.

Yemo Shayi’s sword turned purely black. Faintly, cheers rang out of his sword. Meanwhile, the bodies of those wounded boa-men began withering. A series of popping noise was started, followed which, all those boa-men were blown into ashes almost at the same moment.

Their spirit blood, even their souls, were devoured by Yemo Shayi’s sword. Visibly, blood-red gleams of light flew into Yemo Shayi’s body through the sword. Yemo Shayi took a deep breath. Suddenly, he straightened up his body, and even his wrinkles faded a little bit, that made him look ten years younger.

"So full!" Yemo Shayi carried Yuan Li, who was now covered in blood, with his right hand, then elegantly bowed to Xiang Liu Junior and the other boa-men as he said, "Thank you for the meal, that was very delicious!"

Xiang Liu Junior’s golden pupils immediately shrank to the size of a needlepoint. In both shock and fear, he started at Yemo Shayi and growled out hoarsely, "This…Old man, you, you, you should go find our ancestors. You, how can you slaughter young people like that? Aren’t you ashamed?"

Yemo Shayi was a Supreme-level powerful being!

Xiang Liu Junior almost cried out. He didn’t have too many Divine-Magus-level warriors under his command, and he had to depend on those Divine-level warriors to kill human beings to achieve his goals and scramble for power in Xiang Liu Family.

But all of a sudden, Yemo Shayi killed seven to eight of those Divine-level warriors he had, which meant half of his top-grade force had evaporated!

Divine-level spirit creatures were not like those weak water-kind spirit creatures, who were basically canon folders. Every divine-level spirit creature had to cultivate itself severely for thousands, even tens of thousands of years. The death of any divine-level spirit creature would be a major damage to his or her clan.

How could they encounter a Supreme-level old freak? These old monsters should never step into the fights between young people! Not to mention the fact that Yemo Shayi was a Yu Clan man, and had absolutely nothing to do with Yuan Li, a water monkey!

The other boa-men were frightened by Yemo Shayi’s brutal style. They hurriedly stepped back to Xiang Liu Junior, surrounded him and shielded him. A few of their brothers had died, which didn’t matter. But, if Xiang Liu Junior were killed, they would all die, and that was what really mattered.

"Dear Master!" Yemo Shayi bowed deeply to Ji Hao.

"Give him this!" Ji Hao threw a magic pill to Yemo Shayi, then pointed at Yuan Li.

Yemo Shayi forcibly opened Yuan Li’s mouth and put the pill in. Yuan Li coughed intensely, and abruptly let out a stream of blood, then stood back up immediately. He pointed at Xiang Liu Junior and yelled crazily out.

"Xiang Liu Junior! You b*stard! Useless thing! How could you let someone take Snow?! You, you, you…"

Tears flowed out from his red eyes as Yuan Li screamed hoarsely, "You always say that your army is a hundred times stronger than my troop, so you forced Snow to stay with you. But, how could you let someone take her? You b*stard! You rubbish!"

Xiang Liu Junior activated his spirit creature power. Long tusks had already grown out from his jaws.

Hearing Yuan Li, Xiang Liu Junior’s eyes sparkled with a dim, weird light. He surely wouldn’t tell Yuan Li that he wanted to play ‘the hero rescued the beauty’, and on purpose let someone take Snow, because that was the only way for him to chase up and save her!

With a dark face, Xiang Liu Junior said in a cold voice, "Who took Snow? Where is he? I’ll behead him myself! No one can hurt my Snow right before my face! Whoever dares to touch a hair of Snow, I will crush his entire family!"

Ji Hao clicked his tongue. He could almost read Xiang Liu Junior’s mind, ‘Childish boy, you messed it up this time. The little flood dragon called Snow is already crumbled by a Jia Clan warrior, with nothing but a spirit pearl remaining.’ thought Ji Hao.

In a good way, as long as Snow’s spirit pearl remained unharmed, her souls would be safe. If she could find a body to fit her soul, she could live again. What she would lose was nothing more than a part of the original soul.

In a bad way, where could she find a dragon body? And, she had to merge her spirit pearl with the new body within a short period of time. Otherwise, with the passage of time, the original soul contained in the spirit pearl would begin to fade. Then, not even Gods from the heaven could bring Snow back to life.

Xiang Liu Junior wanted to play ‘the hero saved the beauty’… And now, he had caused himself such trouble.

Ji Hao was silently criticizing Xiang Liu Junior. Unexpectedly, dense cold clouds rolled over from the north. Along with frigid gales, large flakes of snow drifted all over the sky. Faintly visible, within those dense cold clouds, a large group of enormous flood dragons approached speedily.

"The ice flood dragon family from the North Sea?" Ji Hao popped out his eyes in shock, "One of Gong Gong’s eight senior ministers is called Devil Flood Dragon King, and he seems to be the ruler of all ice flood dragons." murmured Ji Hao.

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