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A dark floating mountain slowly descended from the sky. Tens of dark beams darted out from the mountain and drew a small-scale teleporting magic formation in midair.

Strong warriors walked out of the magic formation. Those were heavily armored Dark Sun warriors, with their eyes fixed on Ji Hao and Yuan Li in an unfriendly manner. But when these warriors turned to Yemo Luoye and Yemo Shayi, they all became incomparably respectful.

If Ji Hao survived three strikes from Yemo Shayi, these warriors would be lost to Ji Hao.

Yemo Luoye took her warriors to this hunting ground. Those water-kind creatures had been crazily attacking Ji Hao’s city. To Yemo Luoye and her warriors, this was a great opportunity for them to hunt powerful water-kind spirit creatures, take the spirit blood and to nourish themselves. Tens of millions of Dark Sun warriors were now in this area. Surely, it was rather easy for Yemo Luoye to gather hundred-thousand warriors for the bet.

A while later, a group of elegant Yu Clan people in luxurious long robes walked out of the teleportation magic formation. Male, female, young ones, old ones, they politely bowed to Yemo Luoye and Yemo Shayi. These were Yemo Shayi’s families. Same as those warriors, who arrived earlier, these Yu Clan people also came for the bet.

"A hundred floating forts and three-thousand Dark Sun divine towers will be sent to you in half a month at the latest." Yemo Luoye sat on a black throne and fiddled with a dark rose in her hands. She looked at Ji Hao and said blandly, "After all, we need time to ship those forts and towers to here from Liang Zhu City. You don’t need to have any doubt, as we have much more in stock."

"I should have asked more!" Ji Hao grinned to Yemo Luoye, then handed the Taiji divine sword to Yuan Li.

Yuan Li held the sword with both arms and felt that even his body was softened. He was Wuzhi Qi’s son indeed, but his mother was a human Maguspriest. Therefore, among Wuzhi Qi’s countless children, Yuan Li wasn’t valued too much. When did he ever touch a supreme treasure like this? And this treasure had now become a wager for saving Snow. For his request of saving Snow, Ji Hao was even going to take three strikes from a Supreme-level powerful being with his bare body, which was life-risking indeed.

Yuan Li trembled intensively. He gazed at Ji Hao’s back and fell in a daze. Silently, he made a decision — If Ji Hao were killed by Yemo Shayi today, then, he would have one goal and one only for the rest of his life, grow strong, take revenge for Ji Hao, and slaughter every last member of the Dark Sun.

All Dark Sun warriors who knew about the bet, had now been greedily looking at the Taiji divine sword. They all knew how strong the dragon skull shield of Yemo Shayi was, but the Taiji divine sword easily cut the shield into two; that was a genuine divine sword!

Ji Hao took off his Taiji cloak, folded it neatly, and handed it to Yuan Li as well.

Afterward, Ji Hao gently pushed the fifteen-meters tall Taiji Universe mirror to Yuan Li, and let the mirror release a stream of clear light, shielding the latter.

Too many powerful non-humankind beings were on the scene, especially those battle kings, who could easily punch Yuan Li into a meat pie. Ji Hao didn’t want any accident to happen to Yuan Li, as he had just sworn to be loyal to him.

Twisting his joints, Ji Hao took a few steps forward, nodded to Yemo Luoye and Yemo Shayi and said, "I’m ready, let’s begin!"

Yemo Shayi gave a cold smile. Waves of shadow spread out from his body. Gradually he merged with the dark shadows. Yemo Luoye carefully looked at Ji Hao from up to toe. A while later, she abruptly pointed at Ji Hao’s dragon-skin tight armor and laughed, "As we agreed, you can not use any defensive tool. This dragon-skin tight armor has a decent defensive power. I think you should take it off!"

Ji Hao’s mouth corner twitched. This dragon-skin tight armor of his was indeed a nice piece, but its defensive power was merely as great as three heavy tower shields. Facing a powerful being like Yemo Shayi, this tight armor could even be counted as fragile.

Ji Hao did not wear this armor to protect himself. Instead, he wore it because the armor contained a faint dragon power that could cast away all kinds of poisonous bugs and the other annoying little things. Ji Hao had the Taiji cloak and the Pan Gu bell. Therefore, he had never been counting on the armor to protect him.

"Eh…What a woman!"

Ji Hao took off the armor and threw it to Yuan Li. He also took off his boots, pants, and socks. At last, nothing but a tight leather pair of shorts was left on Ji Hao’s body. Stretching his limbs, he looked at Yemo Luoye and sneered, "Do you want me to take off this last piece too? I’m telling you, this treasure is called ‘pre-world pure sun shorts’. It has an unimaginably great defensive power, and the reproduction of our humankind is counting on it! Do you want me to rip it off?"

Yemo Luoye showed the whites of his eyes and didn’t respond.

All Dark Sun warriors made a step forward, attempting to teach a lesson to this rude human being who disrespected their emperor.

Yemo Shayi gave a deep roar and stopped them. "Enough! Ji Hao, are you ready? I admire your courage, but I still think that you’re foolish! You can never survive this. I will give you some more time to prepare, and this, is my respect for you."

Ji Hao smiled, then cast a complicated glance at Yemo Shayi, who had already merged completely with the darkness. Then, he took a long and deep breath.

Ji Hao’s chest raised high. Following his long breath, all natural powers in an area ten-thousand miles in radius around him surged to him and transformed into strong gales, roaring into his body. A million inner spirit stars began shining inside Ji Hao’s body. Meanwhile, a clear sphere of light which contained both the extremely positive power and the extremely negative power emerged in his body, lighting up every meridian, every acupoint, and every slight corner of his body.

The great power of his was boosted up, flowing in streams inside his body. Soon, the streams merged into torrents, and filled every inch of his body.

Following a series of creaking noise, Ji Hao grew taller and taller, and soon reached fifteen meters. He silently activated the fifth turn of the cultivation method with nine turns. His skin, muscles, and bones glowed simultaneously; his skin turned smooth and transparent, like jade. Through the transparent skin of his, his golden and shining internal organs and bones were clearly visible.

Ji Hao then let out a long breath. In his spiritual space, inside the great red sun, a silver silhouette and a golden silhouette merged simultaneously. Meanwhile, a magnificent sun power burst from the red sun, quickly merging with Ji Hao’s meridians to help boosting his power.

Creak! Ji Hao grew three meters taller again.

His blood surged like fierce dragons, and his heart beat like a drum. Over and over again, his colorless Chaos blood flushed across every inch of his body. All of a sudden, Ji Hao sensed a wild power exploding from his body. He could no longer control his body. Roaring towards the sky, Ji Hao grew by another six meters!

In shock, Yemo Shayi watched Ji Hao’s body changing strangely. He gritted his teeth and burst with a bright growl, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, for the first strike, I will be using thirty percent of my power. And I will use the power of devouring!"

In the air, a three-hundred-meters wide dark swirl emerged which swallowed Ji Hao up.

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