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Yemo Shayi moved. He waved his finger and released a glistening, sharp and dark air stream which darted out silently, wriggling fiercely towards Ji Hao’s waist like a snake.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. Fully activating the Taiji cloak, he thought that he had to teach Yemo Luoye and Yemo Shayi a lesson.

The Taiji cloak released a wave of clear, sparkling water mist. Lotus-petal-shaped flakes of light swirled out of Ji Hao’s body and bloomed in the air like a giant lotus. Around this three-thousand-meters-wide lotus, two hazy streams of light hovered like a pair of fishes, end-to-end, disturbing the natural powers in this area.

The dark airstream released by Yemo Shayi bumped on the spreading, petal-like clear light. The light was torn apart, yet more streams of clear light grew out ceaselessly. The dark airstream melted gradually in the clear light, disappearing hundreds of meters away from Ji Hao.

"This!" Yemo Shayi paused in shock.

He had only used a slight little bit of his power, but after all, that was strike launched by a Sun and Moon stage powerful being, which contained the devouring and destroying power that originated from the great Dark Sun. Devouring and destroying, the top-grade, strongest types of power in the original world of Yu Clan… Even the great Dao of time and space couldn’t withstand these two types of power.

Undoubtedly, Ji Hao hadn’t reached the stage of Sun and Moon. Just now, the power vibration released from his body was still at the level of Divine Magus, which equaled the stage of Void in the Yu Clan’s power system.

The strike launched by Yemo Shayi contained the power of natural laws, yet, it was neutralized. The only explanation for this was that Ji Hao’s cloak was way too powerful. The cloak was definitely an eternal-level divine weapon. Even in the original world of Yu Clan people, an eternal-level divine weapon was good enough to serve as the most precious treasure of a top-grade family, and only core members of the family had the chance to keep that treasure.

Yemo Shayi gritted his teeth and looked at Yemo Luoye.

Just now, he angrily launched a strike, because Ji Hao was actually daring enough to cast greedy eyes on him. Ji Hao saw him as a wager! He was a Sun and Moon stage powerful being, and for people at his level, even back in their original world, they were seen as decent people from the upper class.

Nominally, Yemo Shayi was Yemo Luoye’s slave, but this was only for avoiding the supervisory control that came from the Holy Realm back in their original world. He had served Yemo Family for tens of thousands of years; in this family, he was as important as those core elders.

But Ji Hao saw him as a wager, so how could he not be furious about that?

However, witnessing the magical power of Ji Hao’s Taiji cloak, Yemo Shayi was tempted. It was just like back then when he was young, and he looked into the window of the bathroom of a female eldership in Yemo Family for the very first time, and saw the body of a woman. He sensed the same, uncontrollable impulsion as he had sensed at that time.

He wanted the Taiji cloak so much, at all costs. He believed that with his power and that cloak, he would be able to defeat all elders from the other eleven families in power.

"I also have a nice sword!" Ji Hao pulled out the Taiji divine sword and conveniently swung towards Yemo Shayi.

Yemo Shayi raised a dragon-skull-like shield. Neither he nor Ji Hao cast any magic; instead, the sword and the shield clanged not too heavily.

Puff! The shield was cut into two like a piece of pork cut by a sharp knife.

The dragon-skull shield was cut open by Ji Hao’s sword, and the cutting edge was perfectly smooth, like a mirror.

"This is a half-immortal-level shield made from the skull of the first devil dragon in the world, and ninety-eight types of rare materials, by Yemo Family ancestors." Yemo Shayi looked at Ji Hao’s Taiji divine sword passionately and said. Subconsciously, he patted his right hand on the hilt of his sword and continued, "I am good at using sword as well, and I especially fancy heavy swords that require two hands to hold, just like this one of yours."

"I also have a good mirror!" Ji Hao sent up a clear mist from his head. The Taiji Universe mirror quietly floated upon the mist. All of a sudden, a cold beam of light flashed across the mirror, dazzling onto Yemo Shayi.

Yemo Shayi burst with a resonant laugh while he threw a heavy punch to the light.

The light wrapped up Yemo Shayi’s fist. Yemo Shayi’s look changed immediately, as his fist had weirdly popped out from behind him from three inches away, and thudded violently on his back.

Following the muffled thud, Yemo Shayi punched his own dragon-skin tight armor into pieces. Countless dragon scales were shattered, while Yemo Shayi staggered two steps forwards, with his face turning pale and a thin stream of blood flowing out from his mouth corner.

"This mirror of mine has many functions, but I usually use it to send away all kinds of attacks." Ji Hao smilingly looked at Yemo Shayi and said, "Facing this mirror, all enemies have to be extra careful when fighting against me, because every attack they launch may go to themselves."

Yemo Shayi’s eyes turned glowing red. With an extreme greediness, he stared at Ji Hao. Abruptly, he turned around and looked at Yemo Luoye, then nodded heavily and said, "If I can’t kill him with three strikes, I, a useless old man, will serve him."

Yemo Luoye had also been staring at Ji Hao passionately. She didn’t think that Ji Hao actually has so many enteral-level divine weapons. She had also noticed that the invincible Pan Gu bell wasn’t with Ji Hao. She clearly saw the bell had become the core of the Pan Gu Defense magic formation, and was protecting the entire city.

"Add that bell of yours, and I can accept all your conditions." Yemo Luoye’s voice had even changed a little, "But you can’t use any treasure to protect you. You have to take the three strikes from Yemo Shayi with your body, your very own strength."

"Yemo Shayi is not allowed to use any weapons or tools either. Same as me, he also has to launch the three strikes with his own power." Ji Hao instantly brought forward supplementary terms, "And, I have to increase the price… I have to! A Sun and Moon stage man is not worth four eternal-level divine weapons."

Yemo Luoye and Yemo Shayi reminded Ji Hao about the differences between the stage of Sun and Moon and the stage of Eternity, and Ji Hao had no reason to waste this information.

Yemo Luoye and Yemo Shayi glanced at each other, then remained silent for a while. Afterwards, Yemo Luoye responded, "But you have to remember, you take the bet because of that little flood dragon…Therefore, you can’t make us offer you things equally valuable as the four pieces of yours. It’s not possible."

"I’ll raise it. First, a hundred battle kings and thirty-thousand generals can be included in the hundred-thousand elite warriors. As for the rest seventy-thousand, they will all be high-grade ones."

"Second, in addition to the three-thousand Dark Sun divine towers, you will also get a hundred metal floating forts. You should know about the value of those forts."

"Third, if Yemo Shayi fails to kill you with three strikes, he will become your slave, permanently. He will make a great Dark Sun vow for that. Besides, all Yemo Shayi’s families, including his five half-Sun-and-Moon stage sons, seventy-seven battle-king-level grandsons, two-thousand, five-hundred and seventy-two general-level family members, and all private troops, and slaves he had, will all become yours!"

Ji Hao and Yemo Luoye ran a detailed discussion. Soon, they finalized this vicious agreement perfectly, after which both gave their spirit blood and made an oath for it.

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