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Beside the Pan Gu Defense magic formation, a Chaos power stream drifted out, transformed into a rope, and tied around Yuan Li’s waist. A few elderly-looking Maguspriest sat aside as they narrowed their angled eyes, staring at Yuan Li with gloomy looks.

Ji Hao’s order was clear. If Yuan Li tried to do anything unwanted, or showed any sign of escaping, these Maguspriests could kill him immediately. These few Maguspriests were masters of magic spells. They had implanted lethal magics inside Yuan Li’s body, which could be triggered with a single thought of any of them.

Yuan Li sat on the ground weakly, looking around sulkily.

Those surrounding barracks had no attraction to him. Soon, he put all of his attention on the Pan Gu bell. He didn’t know about the bell, but the prehistorical sense of power coming from it attracted him.

"Great treasure, truly great treasure. Even my father, ah, even that old monkey doesn’t have such great treasures!" Yuan Li fixed his eyes on the bell and murmured to himself, "I’m defeated, I admit it. Following his lead, reasonably…With the current situation, the winner is not determined yet…I will follow Marquis Yao, and good for me, I can probably witness the death of those damnable brothers of mine!"

Loud footsteps came. Heng Xing walked over with a large booze vat carried in his hand. Pouring some booze into his mouth, he looked at Yuan Li from the corners of his eyes and sneered, "What? You have hateful brothers too? Hehe, do you know my only condition for following Marquis Yao’s lead? He has to take out all my brothers. Do you want me to forward the same condition to Marquis Yao for you?"

Yuan Li paused, proudly turned around, and snorted coldly.

Heng Xing carelessly laughed, sat next to Yuan Li, and thrust the booze vat into his hands as he said, "I saw you beaten up by Marquis Yao and obediently follow him. To be honest, I am thrilled! Finally, someone can keep me company. Haha, let’s see who will be the next unlucky one!"

Yuan Li’s face as dark as hell. He snorted unpleasantly, then picked up the booze vat and filled his stomach with the booze.

"Oi!" Heng Xing abruptly raised his elbow and heavily struck on Yuan Li’s rib, intentionally or not, and nearly sent him flying away. Yuan Li’s face twisted in pain, and he couldn’t even catch his breath for a while. "Why on earth did you try to snatch the dragon blood pill? Hehe, Marquis Yao promised me that when this war is over, I’ll get a share of the dragon blood pill!" chuckled Heng Xing.

Yuan Li paused slightly, then suddenly leaped up, pointed at the altar, and screamed, "Go tell Marquis Yao that if he sees a silver flood dragon, don’t harm a scale of hers! Otherwise, I’d rather kill myself than follow his lead!"

"Eh?!" Heng Xing widely opened his mouth in shock. Staring at Yuan Li with a complicated look, he murmured, "For a woman? You’re a water monkey, but how come you fell in love with a flood dragon? What a low taste! My dream is marrying a pure-blood dragon girl! But you, you had your eyes on a flood dragon."

From all directions, millions of water-kind spirit creatures crazily rushed to the city on the water.

Ji Hao boosted up his power. Under his control, a strong gale sent the aroma of the Dragon Blood Drunk pill further away, attracting more and more water-kind spirit creatures.

Enormous water-kind spirit creatures roared ferociously and raised sky-high waves, that smashed to the city. Countless water-kind creatures screamed shrilly, and launched the strongest attacks to the city by risking their lives. Blood and shredded corpses covered the water surface, only to be swirled away by the gale and waves.

Thousands of over ten miles long water boas slowly moved underwater. Their cold and emotionless, golden eyes were fixed on the city. The leader of these boas was a six-meter-long golden boa, who had his upper body transformed into a human shape as a pretty handsome young man, with a cold, dark look.

The young man gently wagged his boa tail, laughed in a vicious tone, and said with crossed his arms over his chest, "Snow, we don’t know if Yuan Li is still alive. Those human beings have set traps so obviously. Yet, he stupidly rushed in."

Flipping his nine-colored long hair, the young man swiftly moved to a, meters long silver flood dragon, lovingly looked at her and said with a gentle voice, "That magic pill, I don’t know what it is, but I can feel it too. It’s highly beneficial to our kind, especially us, as boas and flood dragons."

"As long as you promise to not talk to Yuan Li again, and be with nobody else but me, I will go get that pill…And, you can have thirty percent!" The young man drummed his own chest and continued confidently, "See, how nice am I to you? Even for such a treasure, I am willing to share thirty percent with you!"

The silver flood dragon was less than three meters long, yet was stunningly beautiful. Her silver scales were covered in natural patterns, while her tiny pair of horns were actually translucent. The pair of light blue horns sparkled with a cold light, flowing down through her smooth, shiny silver scales, which made her look as beautiful as a dream.

Ordinary flood dragons had three claws, but this flood dragon had five, just like pure-blood dragons.

Pure-blood dragons’ horns were like deer horns, while this flood dragon’s horns were sharp. Except for that, this small silver flood dragon was just like a pure-blood, noble dragon. The sense of power released from her body was especially strong, elegant, prehistorical and respectable.

Hearing the young man, the flood dragon snorted coldly, then responded with a silvery voice, "Xiang Liu Junior, you are stingy. Yuan Li promised to give me that entire treasure, while you only want to give me thirty percent! You’re just like that old Xiang Liu, stingy, miserly, snaky…"

While yelling, the silver flood split the water and dashed to the city like a bolt of lightning, leaving a faint stream of light behind.

"I don’t want to be with you. Don’t you ever come to me again! I’m going to find Yuan Li. What is that little monkey doing?" The silver flood dragon called Snow swam away angrily, leaving Xiang Liu Junior behind, paused with a dark face.

After a long while, Xiang Liu Junior abruptly cursed out, "Yuan Li, you bloody monkey! Ever since we were little, you wanted everything I had…Back then, I couldn’t win…But, how can I now lose to a girl?"

"You two, go and find a chance to kill Yuan Li!" Turning around, Xiang Liu Junior yelled to his people.

Two hundred-miles-long, dark, poisonous boas squirmed their bodies and gasped deeply. They slowly transformed into two fifteen-meters tall strong men, with skins thickly covered in dark scale-shaped patterns. Treading on turbid waves, these two men roared loud, marching to the city.

Xiang Liu Junior curled his tail up, pondered for a short while, then waved his hand forward.

"We’re helping them…Shrink your bodies. Look at your enormous tails, are you trying to allow those human beings to shoot you into sifters more conveniently?"

Behind him, thousands of enormous boas let out their fork tongues and hissed to respond. Their giant bodies twisted and quickly shrunk to tens of meters long. Following Xiang Liu Junior, this group of boas slowly approached the city.

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