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Yuan Li popped out his pair of eyes and stared straight at Ji Hao. He couldn’t believe this.

By now, the only moveable body parts of his was his pair of eyes. Except for those eyes, he felt that even his soul had been soaked in sticky mud, and his mind had been turning slower and slower.

Baring his upper body, Heng Xing rushed out of the city. He straightened a mace and whipped it heavily on Yuan Li’s back. Followed by a muffled thud, Yuan Li was knocked to the ground while vomiting blood.

Dropped the mace, Heng Xing pulled out a magic rope made from a boa tendon mixed with essence magic crystals, then tied Yuan Li up neatly and quickly. While doing that, he sneakily, evilly, and heavily punched Yuan Li’s ribs, thighs, lower bellies, and the other not so vital yet extremely painful body areas hundreds of times.

"You bloody monkey…Do you remember me? I am Heng Xing! Back then in the North Sea, for a dragon blood fire coral fruit, you pulled off all my scales! I almost died in pain!"

Thud! Heng Xing gave Yuan Li an elbow strike right on his rib. Henggong fishes had stunning physical strength. Yuan Li might be much better than Heng Xing in terms of using magic, but facing the pure violence, Yuan Li had his blood squeezed out of his mouth, ear and nose. He was nearly swooning with pain.

"This time, you are in my hands!" Heng Xing maliciously grinned to Yuan Li and said, "Strange though… You’re Wuzhi Qi’s son, and your mother is a powerful human Maguspriest. What do you want this dragon blood pill for? You don’t want to change your bloodline and become a dragon, do you?"

Yuan Li was frozen by Ji Hao; he couldn’t move, and couldn’t even talk by now.

Heng Xing smilingly sat on Yuan Li’s back, then slapped his head over and over again.

Ji Hao gave a sideway glance at Heng Xing. Seeing Yuan Li bullied by Heng Xing and almost crying out, Ji Hao waved his hand and removed the seal on him.

A silver light flashed across Yuan Li’s body. All of a sudden, he burst with a raging roar, then leaned his head forward. His neck was pulled to seven to eight foot long as he turned straight back and bit on Heng Xing’s face.

Heng Xing’s skin was even stronger than iron boards, but Yuan Li bit him with solid hatred and anger. Yuan Li’s shining teeth sank deep into Heng Xing’s face, even causing puncture wounds.

Heng Xing howled in pain, raised his fists and launched a crazy wave of punches to Yuan Li’s ribs. However, Yuan Li was enabled to move again, and was as nimble as a fish in water. He flashed across the air and freed himself from the boa tendon rope once countless spell symbols began sparkling on the rope. As fast as a gust of wind, he leaped up and mounted on Heng Xing’s shoulder.

Heng Xing’s heavy punches didn’t hit the target, but he punched too hard, which nearly made him fall to the ground.

Yuan Li roared out brightly. His silver fur waved like water as he raised both his fists high and smashed madly to Heng Xing’s head. Loud and muffled bongs could be heard without an end. Yuan Li’s fists were covered in a thick and white layer of ice, like a pair of bowl-sized ice balls. The pair of ice balls smashed fiercely on Heng Xing’s head, releasing a strong frigid mist that quickly generated a thick layer of ice on Heng Xing’s skin, sealed his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

Heng Xing was thrown into a panic. Without being able to see, he swung his pair of muscular arms to Yuan Li, who was sitting on his shoulder.

Yuan Li twisted his body, but still did not loosen his tightly gnashed teeth. He put forth his strength through his extra long neck, nimbly swung his body off Heng Xing’s shoulder and easily dodged the heavy punches.

Poor Heng Xing, the two full-strength punches landed on his own temples, and shattered the thick layer of ice on his head. Showing the whites of his eyes, Heng Xing cursed something pretty dirty, then swayed and softly fainted on the ground, unable to move anymore.

"Such an idiot! Wanna catch me? In your dreams!" Yuan Li scornfully sneered, then glanced at Ji Hao with a hint of fear. He shook his body, transformed into a bright silver light, and dazzled to the altar.

The silver light extended for a hundred meters. From the light, two claws thrust out swiftly towards the dragon blood pill.

"Still on it? I’m right here, so it won’t be easy for you to take this treasure!" Ji Hao moved instantly, also transforming into a silver light, and followed closely after Yuan Li. Two streams of silver light clashed against each other, tore each other, and tried to stop each other. Soon, a giant silver swirl was created that spun around the altar hundreds of times.

Through this tangled fight, Yuan Li was pushed further and further away from the altar.

Ji Hao laughed out loud and released his spirit power which covered Yuan Li’s body like a large web. He already discovered the fact that Yuan Li was indeed talented, and had grasped a trace of the great Dao of extremely negative power.

What a pity! Same as Wuzhi Qi, Yuan Li was self-educated, without anyone to guide him. Otherwise, with his great gifts, he would be much more powerful.

"Take these!" Ji Hao burst with a thunderous growl. From the dazzling silver light, he launched a series of punches.

Yuan Li was startled by Ji Hao’s thunder-like growl. Subconsciously, he opened his eyes and looked at Ji Hao’s fists.

Ji Hao had been using the extremely negative power, but all of a sudden, blinding bright light burst from his fists. Yuan Li felt like a sun had suddenly appeared before his face. He screamed out as his eyes were almost blinded by the golden light. He closed his eyes instinctively and let two streams of tears flow out.

Ji Hao laughed wildly out once again. Transforming back into a silver light, he swished forward, grabbed Yuan Li’s neck and carried him up, smashing him back down on the ground.

Followed by a loud thud, Yuan Li landed on the ground, then bounced back up for tens of meters. A mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth. When he landed on the ground once again, he couldn’t move anymore. Ji Hao squatted beside him, pressed a hand on his back, with another hand patted on his head. He laughed, "Do you admit defeat? If you do, follow my lead. I will even find you a powerful Shifu to guide you."

Yuan Li paused slightly as Ji Hao carried on, "If you don’t admit defeat and are not willing to follow me, I will peel you right now, make your skin into a shirtless coat! This beautiful silver fur of yours will look pretty good on me."

Yuan Li remained silent for a short while. Sensing the mountain-heavy hand pressed on his back, he weakly patted the ground and said, "I admit defeat, I do…But, you have to give me this dragon blood pill! I promised someone!"

Ji Hao chuckled, dragged Yuan Li up from the ground and said, "Good, I will surely give you the pill after all this has ended! But, I need a favor from you right now!"

Pausing slightly, Ji Hao continued in a cold tone, "Tell your families and friends who have surrounded the city to stay away… Don’t come to die! Otherwise, don’t blame me for having no mercy!"

While saying the words ‘having no mercy’, Ji Hao pulled out the Taiji divine sword and swung it. Four arc-shaped beams cut four gigantic spirit creatures, which were rushing up to him, into eight pieces.

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