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Wuzhi Qi was proud. He was from the first generation of living creatures in the world, and he believed that except for himself, no one else deserved his forename. Therefore, all Wuzhi Qi’s offsprings took ‘Yuan’ as their last name. This good-looking one who broke into Ji Hao’s water city for the dragon blood pill, was the youngest son of Wuzhi Qi, named Yuan Li.

Yuan Li’s mother was a super talented human Maguspriest, a real master of water magics. When she was dedicated to Wuzhi Qi as an offering, she was already a Divine Maguspriest. Afterwards, she was pregnant for twelve years before she had Yuan Li. Yuan Li was nourished by all kinds of essence water power back when he was still in his mother’s womb, and once he was born, he showed his amazing talents in no time.

The one who dashed out of the city to attack Yuan Li was no one else but Yu Mu.

Yu Mu had already merged his own body with all kinds of magic poisons at the current stage of his cultivation. Hands coiled in dense green smoke, Yu Mu slapped heavily on Yuan Li’s back. Yu Mu was indeed a chubby one, yet he was as nimble as a bird. Yuan Li didn’t manage to react timely, and as a result, Yu Mu’s hands landed loudly on his back.

"Ah!" Yuan Li burst with a raging growl as the aggressive poison reached straight to his internal organs. He could no longer feel his body parts which got affected by the magic poison. Yuan Li’s beautiful silver long fur turned dark green speedily. Even the air he breathed out was faint green now.

"Yu Mu, capture him alive!" Ji Hao quickly took back his sword. Just now, he released his sword intent and nearly killed Yuan Li, which even startled himself. Now, seeing Yuan Li suffering Yu Mu’s magic poison, Ji Hao hurriedly told the latter to not kill him, as he didn’t want Yuan Li to die in this place.

Yu Mu paused slightly, then crooked his chubby fingers and took back a big half of the toxic smoke, which was about to drill into Yuan Li’s body. But right in the next moment, Yuan Li bent his upper body reversely, as if his waist were broken, while he swung a large, dark iron stick down fiercely.

Even Ji Hao didn’t see where Yuan Li got that stick from. Yu Mu was focused on taking back the toxic smoke, and hadn’t been preparing for any attack. Consequently, the iron stick whipped right on Yu Mu’s shoulder and generated a loud bang. Yu Mu screamed out loud as he was sent flying away. He rolled to seven to eight miles away along the path like a giant meatball.

"Piss off! Bloody fatso!" A muscular whale man rushed up from behind and threw a violent kick to Yu Mu.

Yu Mu suffered a strike launched by Yuan Li, which had already infuriated him. All of a sudden, dense colorful smoke blasted out from his body. Black, purple, blue, green, yellow, all kinds of toxic smokes rolled out, and covered hundreds of meters in radius.

A few spirit creatures who survived those large arrows now trembled. They didn’t know how much toxic smoke they inhaled, but despite their great cultivations, their skins started changing colors, as well as their eyeballs. Meanwhile, their blood veins swelled in a weird way.

"You stupid things!" Yuan Li turned back and glanced at those poisoned spirit creatures, then looked at Ji Hao, grinned and said, "Nothing but some magic poison, how can those ever harm your Master Yuan Li?"

Ji Hao paused slightly. He was reaching his hand to Yuan Li, but hearing him, he stopped, looking at Yuan Li with a faint smile. He wanted to know how this ape would deal with Yu Mu’s magic poisons.

One had to mention that Yu Mu’s magic poisons were nothing ordinary. Many of his poisons came from Pan Xi world instead of native Pan Gu world creatures. All rare types of magic poisons were mixed together, generating unexpected changes. Even those experienced master Magi in Magi Palace were troubled by Yu Mu’s magic poisons.

Yuan Li proudly and coldly chuckled. Suddenly, he leaped forward along with a loud sizzling noise, after which, he sloughed like a cicada. A dried ‘ape shell’ was left behind, while the real Yuan Li showed up tens of meters away, with his body covered in shining silver fur, without a trace left by the toxic smoke.

The toxic green smoke lingered on the ‘shell’, and within a second, the thin ‘shell’ was corroded into a strand of smoke along with a sizzling noise.

"A phantom created with the extremely negative power, faked my death!" Yuan Li proudly roared towards the sky, then threw a sideway glance at Ji Hao and said, "You won’t understand even if I tell you...Silly mortal people, you will never understand!"

Ji Hao’s eye corners twitched quickly. The secret magic Yuan Li cast just now leaked a slight trace of extremely negative power. Obviously, he kept the extremely negative power inside his body all year long, transforming it into a ‘fake body’ which could die instead of him. Once his real body suffered a difficult injury, his would immediately activate the ‘fake body’, and transfer all injuries to it. Thus, his real body could remain unharmed.

This was a smart, high-grade magic. He did not simply use natural powers. Instead, he had already laid a finger on the natural law. And, magics with the natural law involved were no longer ordinary magics; those were forbidden magics.

These so-called ‘forbidden magics’ could be interpreted as ‘magics that were forbidden by nature’.

"You’re even more talented than your father!" Ji Hao smilingly looked at Yuan Li. His body shone with a faint silver light as he flashed straight to Yuan Li like a ghost, leaving shreds of afterimages in the air. "Your father has pushed his water power to an extreme level; he is only a breath away from the great Dao of water. But you, you are directly using the extremely negative power…Impressive, truly impressive!"

Yuan Li stared at Ji Hao as if he were a true devil. He saw Ji Hao’s face, heard Ji Hao’s voice, but he could not sense Ji Hao. That was an extremely strange feeling. In Yuan Li’s eyes, Ji Hao was like reflections in the water, shaking, fuzzy, seeming to not even belong to this world.

He moved, as his silver fur glowed with a beautiful, pearl-like luster. He dashed straight to the altar, also leaving a few afterimages behind. Reaching his claws to the dragon blood pill, Yuan Li yelled, "What’re you talking about? That old monkey? Do you know him? How do you know which level he is at?"

Ji Hao wielded his broad sleeves. Surrounded by a strong extremely negative power, he blocked Yuan Li’s way, as airily as a butterfly.

No matter how hard Yuan Li tried to dodge or how many afterimages he created, Ji Hao’s silhouette always drifted right before his face, and had his way blocked.

While smiling, Ji Hao looked at Yuan Li and said, "Your father and I are friends. The flood is merciless, so it’s better for you to stay and work for me. Otherwise, if anything happens to you, if someone took you, peeled you and ate your brain, how am I supposed to explain that to your father?"

Yuan Li’s ape face twisted badly. He had already tried his best, yet, he failed to get rid of Ji Hao.

Finally, he realized that the power surrounded Ji Hao was the same extremely negative power he had been using. That was the most mysterious, immeasurable power in the world. One could find it in nowhere, but it existed everywhere.

However, Ji Hao’s extremely negative power was stronger than his. Therefore, Ji Hao moved faster than he did, and was harder to catch.

"If you’re a decent man, defeat me! Then, we can negotiate anything!" Yuan Li paused for a short while, then shouted out loud.

"Alright!" Hearing Yuan Li, Ji Hao laughed out immediately. A silver light flashed across his right hand, as he suddenly pointed at Yuan Li and shouted, "Freeze!"

This was a small forbidden magic he learned from Priest Xuan Du. He transformed the extremely negative power into a strong yet invisible seal called ‘freeze’. This was the very first time for Ji Hao to actually use this magic. Abruptly, Yuan Li paused, standing in a strange posture, without being able to move even his eyelids.

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