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Gasping for air, Ji Hao threw a muscular man, which was transformed from a giant whale, out. Then, he breathed quickly and took a few steps backward, with sweat streaming down his back.

The whale man popped out his glowing-red eyes and howled loudly while leaping straight up, carrying a huge coral stick and smashing down to Ji Hao’s head. The water-tank-thick coral stick sparkled with a faint blue light. Ji Hao laughed out wildly, wielded his arms, and rushed up.

Bare fists bumped against the coral stick, and Ji Hao’s body was bent instantly. He sensed a strong pressure coming down from above, which nearly put him down on the ground. But eventually, Ji Hao managed to steady his body. He took a deep breath, then put forth his strength through his arms, and sent the whale man flying once again.

No one should underestimate these water-kind spirit creatures. Indeed, it was extremely difficult for ordinary creatures to become spirit creatures, yet once they reached a certain level of cultivation and transformed into human shapes, their physical strengths could even suppress same-level Divine Magi. After all, their real bodies were thousands, even tens of thousands of times huger than the bodies of human beings.

Among the alliance of human clans, only warriors from Longbo Country and Kuafu Family were qualified to fight these enormous spirit creatures with pure physical strengths. Warriors from these two clans were gigantic, and their physical strengths were at the level of the dragon-kind. In terms of physical strength, these warriors were the best of best among the entire humankind.

A spirit seahorse bumped in Ji Hao, leaving shreds of afterimages in the air. This creature had a three-meters long sharp horn on his head, and on that cyan-blue sharp horn, a watery light had been sparkling. In addition to that, large flakes of ice crystals had been hovering around the horn.

Ji Hao laughed out loud, grabbed the horn, showed his teeth and burst with a thunderous roar. Dragging the horn, Ji Hao lifted up the hundred-meters long seahorse and swung above his head twice, then violently smashed it on the ground.

A thunder-like boom was generated, which even vibrated the entire city. The poor seahorse had all of his bones broken into bits, and blood squeezed out of his mouth. For a long while, this spirit creature wouldn’t be able to make any move at all.

"Marquis Yao!" Standing on the city wall, Yi Di raised his bow and shouted out loud. By now, Yi Di had already become a loyal follower of Ji Hao. Seeing Ji Hao easily defeat these strong enormous spirit creatures, Yi Di was thrilled in excitement, that even his fine hairs had stood straight up.

"Marquis Yao!"

Countless human warriors raised their weapons and shields and clanged the hilts of their weapons against their shields, while shouting Ji Hao’s name.

Many people witnessed Ji Hao defeating quite a few giant spirit creatures with pure physical strength, wildly and violently. Muscles thudded against muscles, bodies bumped against bodies. All this had been declaring an obvious power and strangeness.

Stomping his foot on the seahorse’s head, Ji Hao raised his arms high and growled out to the tens of large spirit creatures, who had been staring at him stunned by the entrance of the path. "Come on! Keep it going! You stupid things! Come one by one if you dare. Let’s find out who can eventually defeat me!"

Pointing at the altar behind him, Ji Hao continued with a cold voice, "This pill is not so useful to us, but to you scaled creatures, this is a genuine treasure! This can turn you into true dragons! Real dragons! Hehe, if you can ever become real dragons, no matter how much you improve by then, you will surely have higher status among your kind, won’t you?"

Those water-kind creatures stared at Ji Hao with red eyes. They gasped loudly and quickly. Finally, one of them gave a roar, and following that, they marched together to Ji Hao.

Ji Hao laughed resonantly out to respond. Kicking the large seahorse out, he flashed back to the altar and yelled, "Haha, you don’t do it together! Your Master Ji Hao is not silly. Who would want to fight so many of you all at once?"

Tao Sha burst with thunderous laughter. He wielded the Taotie tooth and put forth his strength through his arms. The Taotie tooth transformed into numerous silver chains which darted out. Behind him, Taotie clan warriors activated their artificial Taotie tooth chains. Three-hundred silver chains transformed into a giant web and swished up, sealing the entire path. The tens of spirit creatures screamed in panic while the silver web descended straight to their heads. All of sudden, countless sharp silver tusks shot out from the chains.

The chains tightened suddenly, and those silver tusks all sank into those spirit creatures’ bodies, causing a series of puffing noise. A strong sense of greediness surged out through the chains. Those spirit creatures trembled intensely as their blood was drawn out by those chains. Visibly, the silver chain quickly turned light blood-red.

Heavy footsteps could then be heard. Three spirit shrimps, two spirit turtles, eight spirit giant sharks, twelve spirit whales, and five enormous spirit crabs transformed into human shapes one after another, then rushed into the path with big steps. They released a strong spirit creature power. Large raindrops and fierce wind hovered around them, as these water-kind spirit creatures cast their magics and dashed towards the altar ferociously.

Behind the walls on both sides of the path, all embattling human warriors stepped away, pushing up two lines of well-prepared heavy weapons. Extra large arrows locked on these marching spirit creatures.

Those spirit creatures roared deeply. They raised all kinds of shields made from corals, turtle shells, clamshells, rocks, and covered their own bodies, continuing to dash to Ji Hao.

"Fire!" A commander thunderously gave the order. Hundreds of heavy crossbows boomed simultaneously, and hundreds of large arrows swished out. These arrows were pure metal, thickly covered in small spell symbols.

The shields held in the hands of over ten spirit creatures were shattered immediately by these large arrows. They howled in pain and fell to the ground. Numerous water-tank-sized holes were left in their bodies. The rest spirit creatures kept rushing; around them, the roaring winds rolled up large clouds of blood mist.

Ji Hao’s eye corners suddenly twitched. He opened his erect eye and released a stream of clear light which shone to tens of miles away and illuminated the entire path.

Behind these ferocious spirit creatures, out there in the storm, a faintly sensible silhouette followed. That ‘thing’ had also been speedily approaching the altar. If Ji Hao didn’t sense the danger, he wouldn’t discover that silhouette either.

Once Ji Hao’s erect eye shone, everyone else saw that faint silhouette.

Hao Tao growled out loud, "Impressive! Hehe, great water-running magic!"

That ‘thing’ glanced back at the trace left by itself, then flashed to beside the altar, reaching out its claw towards the dragon blood pill.

Ji Hao gave a bright roar. He straightened his right forefinger and middle finger, then wielded his arm as if it were a sharp sword. Once again, he combined Yu Yu’s sword art with the move of sky-opening, and generated an incredibly sharp sword intent that tore apart the curtain of rain, stabbing to that ‘thing’.

The hazy silhouette suddenly turned clearer and showed its real face. That was a ‘handsome-looking’ water ape, covered entirely in long silver fur.

Ji Hao’s fingertips swished across the air. The fierce sword intent nearly brushed against the ape’s temple.

"Are You Wuzhi Qi’s descendant?" asked Ji Hao loudly.

The water ape screamed shrilly, as its claws almost touched the dragon blood pill.

However, before the ape could grab the pill down from the altar, from the rain curtain aside, a giant, round-shaped man abruptly dashed out and slapped his both hands heavily on the ape’s back, leaving two dark-green streams of mist in the air.

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