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In the northwestern side of the city on the water, high up in the air, a thousands of meters high, floating mountain was wrapped in a dense cloud.

The purely black floating mountain looked like a shaking reflection in the water. Indescribably, it seemed not even real. The hundreds of meters tall, cone-shaped mountain had been spinning ceaselessly like a reversed whirlpool.

A beautiful small castle stood on the mountain. The dark castle looked like a proud black swan. The five-hundred meters tall tower in the castle was like the long and slim neck of the black swan.

Yemo Luoye stood on top of the tower, with a human-head-sized crystal ball floating above her ten slender fingers. Lights and shadows sparkled in the crystal ball, showing Yemo Luoye every detail that happened down on the water surface between the water-kind army and Ji Hao’s city.

Yemo Shayi silently stood behind Yemo Luoye, wearing a dragon scale half-body armor, with a heavy sword tied around his waist. His narrowed eyes were fixed on the crystal ball.

A dim light flashed across the crystal ball. Suddenly, the images showing in the crystal ball switched. In the crystal ball, Yemo Shanye stood on a starry void spirit turtle’s head, shouting and yelling, as she had just killed a senior-level water-kind spirit creature herself, with a specially designed crossbow.

After blowing up the head of that large eel, Yemo Shanye laughed happily out and had a high five with Man Man. Then, she gritted her teeth, pulled open the crossbow, and put on another sharp arrow, aimed at the water-kind army, pulling the trigger once again.

Yemo Luoye silently watched Yemo Shanye, watched her chuckling and giggling happily with Man Man.

"Prince Yemo Shanye, I have never seen her like this." A long while later, Yemo Shayi lowered his eyelids and smiled.

"She is a noble of the Dark Sun. She is representing the dignity of the Dark Sun. Look at her crazy face, is she even worth the blessings of the great Dark Sun?" Yemo Luoye threw away the crystal ball and let it float in the air. Then, she weakly fell backward and landed on a black jade rocking chair.

"Your Highness, do you need me to bring Princess Yemo Shanye back?" Yemo Shayi rubbed the hilt of his sword and lowered his head, looking at Yemo Luoye as he said, "She’s too close to that boy with a bow, and this is not good."

Yemo Luoye threw a sideway glance at Yemo Shayi, then flicked her finger. Following her moves, a misty, dark, man-shaped silhouette drifted down from the top of the tower, who politely put a cold glass of fruit wine in Yemo Luoye’s hand.

Taking a sip of the wine, which had a slightly dark color, Yemo Luoye narrowed her eyes and pondered for a while. Then, she abruptly chuckled and said, "Why should we bring her back? Although this is going to harm the honor of our Yemo Family…Since she’s not happy about the engagement I arranged for her, she can do whatever she wants."

Putting the glass on an arm of the chair, Yemo Luoye looked at Yemo Shayi and continued blandly, "When she was born, the power of the great Dark Sun arrived through the immeasurable time and space to give her the blessing in this world…She possesses the unprecedented, perfect talent… tens, even hundreds of times better than mine…"

Yemo Shayi sighed, then slightly bowed to Yemo Luoye and said, "I understand, Your Highness. We shall let Princess Yemo Shanye pursue her own happiness! Even though that boy is only a lowly barbarian."

Yemo Luoye carelessly looked at the wine glass. Her white and tender finger gently stroked across the surface of the crystal glass, causing a faintly audible, silvery noise. Meanwhile, she said in a low voice, "We can’t indulge her too much though…Send people to keep an eye on her. Let her be happy for a while. If she truly decides to be together with that barbarian…Kill that bloody human boy."

Yemo Shayi smiled. Warmly, he looked at Yemo Luoye, while gently tinkling the hilt of his sword with a finger, and said with an extra warm tone, "Your Highness, you’re too much like your father…Truly alike. Only under your lead can the Yemo Family grow stronger and stronger."

Hearing the word ‘father’, Yemo Luoye’s face turned dark immediately. She picked up the glass and emptied it.

With a few drops of wine remained in it, the glass was thrown away violently by Yemo Luoye, slicing those dark clouds broken, and falling to the boundless water surface down below. The glistening glass descended from the sky and cracked against the head of a giant blue-circle octopus.

A faint black halo spread out speedily towards all directions, which covered a hundred-miles wide area within a blink of an eye.

A terrifying corrosive force flashed across the area, and next, all water-kind spirit creatures within this area disappeared, without leaving a trace.

The water-kind army had already been driven completely crazy by the aroma of the dragon blood pill. Countless more water-kind creatures kept marching to the city, and soon filled up this empty area. None of those powerful spirit creatures in the frontal line discovered anything wrong with this area.

Meanwhile, a drop of crystalline red blood appeared on Yemo Luoye’s forefinger. This blood drop was the purest life-force essence of the millions of water-kind creatures she killed just now. By absorbing this drop entirely, an ordinary man would directly become a peak-level Magus King!

"Sweet, fragrant!" Yemo Luoye grinned. She slightly opened her mouth and sent this sweet drop of blood, which contained a thriving life-force, into her lips. Then, a charming pinkness appeared on Yemo Luoye’s beautiful face.

"Devour everything, absorb everything, the supreme law of the Dark Sun." Yemo Luoye closed her eyes and sensed the warmness spreading inside her body, while saying gently, "Send out our Dark Sun warriors. Do not disturb those lowly and stupid water-kind creatures… and don’t let those bloody human beings see them either."

"Countless water-kind creatures are waiting for them to hunt, with tons of spirit blood for them to absorb. Tell them, I wish that before this bloody flood ends, all my Dark Sun warriors can at least promote themselves to one level higher."

"When the flood fades, the other eleven bastards, Dishi Cha, or Yemo Tian who blamed he younger brother of mine… No matter what they have been planning, as long as my warriors are stronger than theirs, I will not lose!"

Yemo Luoye stood up and leaned a half of her body out of the tower, looking down at the water-kind army as she smiled in satisfaction and said, "What a perfect hunting ground! It showed up especially for our Dark Sun warriors. Even better, human beings have caught all their attention, and we only need to slaughter them, as many as we like."

Yemo Shayi politely bowed to Yemo Luoye and said in a deep voice, "This is all because of your sagaciousness, Your Highness."

Yemo Luoye shrugged, then smiled carelessly and responded, "My sagaciousness? I’d rather believe that this is a blessing from the great Dark Sun…Send out our warriors, but tell them that I’ll take fifty percent of all their harvests. This is the rule of the Dark Sun!"

Yemo Shayi smilingly nodded, then transformed into a dark shadow, and disappeared.

Silently, groups of strong and muscular Dark Sun Jia Clan warriors showed up around the water-kind army. Hiding in the darkness, these Jia Clan warriors quietly drilled into the water-kind army like ghosts.

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