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The aroma of the dragon blood pill grew stronger and stronger. Among the water-kind crowd, all the powerful spirit creatures and ordinary aquatic creatures had been driven crazy. At first, those spirit creatures could still control those ordinarily aquatic creatures to attack the city in order, but by the end, those creatures could no longer restrain their instinctual energies. They neglected the orders gave by those spirit creatures, followed their own hearts, and surged up to the city.

The boundless water surface disappeared, covered by the backs of countless water-kind creatures. At first glance, one could see nothing but screaming and struggling water-kind creatures, crazily rushing to the city with all their strengths, for nothing but getting closer to the dragon blood pill.

Some fierce creatures, such as tiger sharks, water boas, and crocodiles, were pushed and squeezed by the other water-kind creatures, and were enraged. They widely opened their jaws and bit whatever was near their mouths. The others showed no sign of fear and fought back as hard as possible. Millions of relatively weaker water-kind creatures were slaughtered by their own kind.

‘Volcano collapse’ arrows descended from the sky one after another. With a twisted beauty, the roaring flame spread out. Wherever the fire reached, water-kind creatures were burned into ashes, and the water was boiled, cooking more water-kind creatures.

Eastern Wasteland archers in the city had caused severe damage to the water-kind army, but the number of those water-kind creatures was way too huge, and those archers could never kill all of them. Under the heavy storm of arrow, millions of water-kind spirit creatures still managed to reach the wooden city wall.

These water-kind creatures layered up, and raised the water level slowly, climbing up over each others’ body. Gradually, they nearly reached the top of the city wall.

Large groups of heavily armored human warriors took the place of those Eastern Wasteland archers and stood in the frontal line. They gripped shining long blades in their hands, boosted up their strengths and hacked those water-kind creatures near the city wall.

The blades used by these warriors were all great pieces, Ji Hao’s product. These blades were originated from the pair of ‘white tiger tusk blade’ that belonged to White Tiger Clan. The original pair was naturally shaped from a pair of tusks of an ancient white tiger. The longest pair of tusks fell into a cave after the tiger died, was nourished by natural powers for millions of years, and eventually became a pair of blades.

Not to mention how sharp the pair of blades was, it could release a natural killing power which could drill straight into the body of a living creature through even a tiny wound on a finger, and severely damage the soul of this creature.

In battles, the pair of blades could absorb the killing power suffused in the battlefields, and transform it into a strong forcefield, called the ‘evil white tiger forcefield’. Three-thousand-meters around the holder of the pair of blades was the coverage of the ‘evil white tiger forcefield’. Within this area, all enemies would be affected, and be weakened by at least thirty percent.

If the enemies were not powerful enough, or not with strong willpower, the ‘evil white tiger forcefield’ would downgrade their battle effectivenesses to less than ten percent!

At the moment, hundreds of thousands of artificial pairs of white tiger tusk blades were pulled out. A nearly tangible ‘evil white tiger forcefield’ instantly covered the entire area. Water-kind spirit creatures near the top of the city wall paused suddenly. These crazy water-kind spirit creatures had their brains frozen immediately, that made them shake intensely in fear and dare not to move.

Earlier, billions of weak water-kind creatures bumped on the city wall and died. The death power and negative energies generated by those dead creatures transformed into visible dark mist streams, and were absorbed by those artificial white tiger tusk blades. Meanwhile, the ‘evil white tiger forcefield’ grew stronger and stronger, heavier and heavier. Under the effect of the forcefield, those water-kind spirit creatures were slowed down, turning stiffer and stiffer.

Crescent-shaped blade light flashed across the city wall. Human warriors wielded the blades, crazily hacking on the frozen water-kind creatures, which couldn’t even move anymore.

Those warriors injected their thriving power into their blades. Hundred-meters long, sharp light beams dazzled from the blade edges. The light beams were generated by the natural metal power, and were extremely sharp. Sea turtle shells, boa scales, crocodile skins, nothing could survive that sharp blade light.

Blood with different colored splashed out. Giant numbers of water-kind creatures were killed by the city wall. Their corpses sank into the water, or were simply swallowed by water-kind creatures which rushed up from behind.

Under the storm, loud puffing noises could be heard clearly, as those sharp white tiger tusk blades had been cutting into the bodies of those water-kind creatures. Together, neatly and easily, hundreds of thousands of human warriors wielded their blades at the same speed and killed countless water-kind spirit creatures by the city wall.

In the dark night, under the heavy rain, countless flying fishes swished over like arrows, bumping against these human warriors’ bodies.

The Pan Gu Defense magic formation glowed with a faint light, which covered these human warriors. Against these warriors’ bodies, those flying fishes shattered into pieces, but not a single warrior was wounded; not even a hair of them was harmed.

"This is the best battle I’ve ever fought in all these years!" Abruptly, a middle-aged commander wielded his blades and growled, "Boys, mind where your blades land! These big things are all delicious meat!"

While shouting, this commander beheaded a hundred of meters long boa, grabbed the twitching body, and threw it straight back into the city.

All human warriors laughed out loud. Hearing that commander, they started to carefully land their blades, in case they accidentally ruined the delicious parts of these water-kind creatures.

Resonant steam-whistle-like sounds came from the water surface, following which, a five-hundred-meters long shark rose into the sky. In the air, the shark’s body speedily shrunk, and turned into a thirty-meter-tall muscular man within three breaths.

Carrying a mottled bronze chain with both his hands, this shark man shattered thousands of fist-sized raindrops and landed heavily before the entrance of the board path, which was left especially by Ji Hao in the northern gate of the city, for these powerful spirit creatures.

The three-hundred-meters wide, hundreds of miles long path was perfectly clean, without a stain of blood.

The Dragon Blood Drunk pill was at the end of the path, and so was Ji Hao. With an encouraging and praising smile, Ji Hao nodded quickly to that shark man.

"Marquis Yao Ji Hao!" The shark man swung his arms and wielded the bronze chain, creating a cyan halo which was roaring and spinning above his head, while he marched towards Ji Hao with big steps. "I want this treasure, and your head! Lord Gong Gong promised us, the East Sea, North Sea, South Sea and West Sea, whoever can cut off your head,will be able to select an area and be the king!"

The path was nearly a hundred and fifty miles long, but it only took the shark man two breaths to rush up to Ji Hao. Along with a fierce gust of wind, the bronze chain roared down to Ji Hao’s head.

Ji Hao glanced at the shark man. He made the Big Dipper step, and nimbly dodged the heavy chain like a fish. Next, he pulled out the Taiji divine sword with his right hand, and left a clear beam of light in the air, piercing to the shark man’s heart along his left arm.

The shark man howled in pain as Ji Hao’s sword penetrated his heart. Yu Yu’s sword art was added with the move of sky-opening, and before the shark man had a clear vision of the sword, he was killed right on spot.

Ji Hao kicked the shark man’s corpse into the city. The corpse expanded speedily, and soon transformed back into the original shape.

Hundreds of Magi cast a magic together, holding that giant shark in the air. Large groups of human warriors excitedly picked up knives and quickly surrounded the shark’s corpse, cutting fleshy slices of meat off.

Raging roars burst from the water surface once again. In a row, seven to eight powerful water-kind spirit creatures failed to restrain their greediness, transformed into muscular men, and rushed into the path.

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