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Ten-thousand Magi Palace Magi lined up in a square formation, and began incanting a spell in chorus. All these Magi were wearing wind roc feather cloaks.

Wind rock feather was the best wind generator in the world. Corresponding with the ancient ‘Wind Owner Spell’ and the powers of these Magi, fierce gusts of wind blew out of those gray-white wind rock feather cloaks in an unstoppable way.

The wind gusts soon combined into one, then transformed into hundreds of tornadoes, rising straight into the sky. Gray tornadoes roared round above the city and swept away the ink left by those inkfishes before death.

Occasionally, a tornado would move to the water surface before the city, then disappear abruptly. The ink whirled away by the disappeared tornado would splash down and cover the bodies of those silver, thunderbolt-like swordfishes. Those swordfishes were turned to look like crazy, black boars which were crazily darting to the city.

The ink on the city was wiped away. Without that annoying ink, Ji Hao could again see things far away.

Eyes sparkling with a clear light, Ji Hao glanced at those enormous water-kind spirit creatures a long distance away, who had been boosting up their spirit creature powers, using their children as weapons, and attacking the city. Abruptly, Ji Hao took two steps forward, stood by the altar with the Dragon Blood Drunk pill on it, and gave a thunderous shout towards the vast water.

"You shameless things! Even a fierce tiger will not eat its cubs! How can you let your children die for nothing? Does any of you has the courage to fight us in a decent way? If you win, you can take this dragon blood pill!"

Looking down from the air, one would see layers of waves spreading out from around the city in all directions, forming great walls. Tens of thousands of wave walls existed in this area by now, judging from which, millions and billions of water-kind spirit creatures had been arriving from the twelve water worlds!

Countless water-kind spirit creatures greedily stared at the city, drooling towards the dragon blood pill on the altar.

Ji Hao’s growl was like a thunder, and even stopped the heavy rain for a moment. Many enormous spirit creatures crowded in the frontal line heard Ji Hao. Soon, a beautiful mermaid mounted on a seahorse split a giant wave and walked to the city.

Silver flying fishes and cyan-blue inkfishes were swishing in the sky, while swordfishes were darting on the water surface. Within the dazzling silver and cyan-blue beams, a giant mermaid with a blue hair, wearing all kinds of ocean jewels, slowly approached, and smiled sweetly at Ji Hao.

"If I’m right, you’re Marquis Yao, aren’t you? You’re one of the top 100 in Lord Gong Gong’s list of ‘must kill’!"

The mermaid chuckled and continued, "You’re right, even a fierce tiger won’t eat its cubs. Among water-kind, the ones with low fertilities, such our mermaid family, dragon whale family and tiger sharp family, we do cherish our children. We can’t bear letting them suffer any harm."

"But these flying fishes, inkfishes, swordfishes…They can lay hundreds of thousands of eggs at one time…And they’re all so stupid. We use them as weapons to weaken your defense. It’s their destiny!"

While smiling, the mermaid crooked her finger towards Ji Hao, and said, "Marquis Yao, if you want a real battle, come to me…All spirit creatures know that sky foxes from Qing Qiu Mountain are the prettiest among all terrestrial creatures, while we, mermaids, are the most beautiful ones in the water! Marquis Yao, as long as you’re daring enough to come over, I will definitely turn your steel spear into a little soft pond loach!"

Ji Hao’s mouth corner twitched intensely. Turning around, he looked at Hao Tao’s ink-dark face, and asked in a deep voice, "Is that true?"

Hao Tao snorted heavily, then showed the whites of his eyes in speechlessness.

Ji Hao shook his head, abruptly pointed his finger out towards the mermaid, and growled, "Kill!"

On the city wall, Yi Di suddenly stood up and pulled open the thunder running bow, putting a ‘wolf tooth’ arrow on the string. After a shrill swish, the arrow flew out.

The mermaid quivered slightly. When Yi Di showed up, she had already reached her hand backward to grab the red coral shield and shield herself against the arrow. But Yi Di moved way too fast, such that by the time the mermaid’s fingertips touched the shield, the arrow had already penetrated her head.

The mermaid had a strong body, which had been cultivated severely for hundreds of years. However, this strong body of her still failed to block the powerful arrow released by the thunder running bow. The ‘wolf tooth’ arrow slightly quaked inside the mermaid’s head and burst with thousands of sharp streams of power, blowing the mermaid’s head into pieces.

"My baby!"

The mermaid fell right on the spot. Immediately after that, furious roars came from everywhere. Next, those raging roars gradually became angry curses, while hundreds of oddly shaped large water-kind spirit creatures popped out from the watery, screaming restlessly for the dead mermaid like a group of ruttish monkey.

Every one of these large water-kind spirit creatures believed that he was the only true love of the mermaid, the real boyfriend of hers.

But hundreds of large water-kind spirit creatures had been shouting exactly the same thing. These spirit creatures were straightforward and simple-minded; they might be hit by the anger, yet this didn’t mean that they were all brainless. Cursing each other for a short while, these spirit creatures realized the truth simultaneously.

In the city, human warriors laughed out wildly, with their bellies buried in their hands. What a great show! That mermaid was quite talented, but how could all these water-kind spirit creatures be fooled so easily?

"Kill!" Hundreds of enraged water-kind spirit creatures growled out together. In the air, those flying fishes and inkfishes flew even faster than before; the numbers of these two kinds of fishes had suddenly risen largely. On the water surface, the number of those darting swordfishes doubled.

A loud bumping noise came from a distance, as water-tank-sized sea turtles popped out from the water, and lined up orderly, circling the city up from all directions. Their shells connected and covered the water surface for thousands of miles.

Treading on the shells of these sea turtles were countless purely dark sea crabs. Each sea crab was at least three meters wide. These sea crabs madly waved their pincers and rushed to the city, as easily as walking on an open road.

These crabs were finally no longer pure cannon fodder, as Magus-King-level ones had emerged amongst them. Nearly a hundred-meter-long sea crabs swayed their large heavy bodies, approaching the city while spraying bubbles.


Ji Hao raised his right arm high and swung down fiercely.

Hundreds of thousands of ‘volcano collapse’ arrows screamed out from the top of the city wall and watchtowers, covering the sea crab army around the city.

Muffled booms were louder than any other sound, including the smashing noises caused by those flying fishes and inkfishes against the wall. It sounded truly like tens of thousands of volcanos vented simultaneously. The terrifying series of boom even vibrated the sky and the earth, while raging flames covered the water surface in thousands of miles.

The sea crabs were burned red in the ocean of flame, then turned into puffs of ashes, drifting in the sky.

Sea turtles were grilled, and before they could dive back down into the water, they were all burned into ashes as well.

Only those enormously shaped sea crabs were still struggling on the water surface, but not for long. ‘Wolf tooth’ arrows screamed over at lightning speed and accurately pierced into their most vital body parts, taking their lives right away.

Waves of water-kind spirit creatures flooded over towards the city, as waves of ‘volcano collapse’ arrows were released.

A raging fire surrounded the city. Within the fire, numerous water-kind spirit creatures screamed, cried, and then turned into puffing ashes and smoke.

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