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Just now, a trace of aroma of the Dragon Blood Drunk pill had drifted out. Tens of thousands of water-kind spirit creatures sensed the aroma, as they were relatively closer to the water city.

The eyes of these water-kind spirit creatures changed colors immediately. Red, orange, blue, green, purple; the blood of water-kind spirit creatures had different colors, so did their eyes. Those weaker water-kind spirit creatures, the ones who hadn’t learned to use their brains and were still a bit confused, anxiously swayed their bodies. Before the most of these water-kind spirit creatures figured out where the aroma came from, a few enormously shaped ones, who were quite intelligent and had cultivated themselves severely for over a thousand years, already began moving sneakily towards the city.

They only moved for hundreds of miles before the aroma disappeared suddenly. With glowing red eyes, those enormous spirit creatures reached their heads out of the water surface, roaring madly and angrily, and raising turbid waves from the water surface.

The waves were as tall and thick as city walls, sweeping across one after another as they smashed against mountaintops exposed upon the water surface.

Those mountains quaked intensely, while the waves landed them. Large numbers of smaller water-kind spirit creatures were rolled up by the waves and smashed into it. Sticky blood spread out along with the waves. The strong scent of blood attracted countless more water-kind spirit creatures.

The Pan Gu Defense magic formation was already done. Ji Hao controlled the Pan Gu bell and created a three-hundred-meters wide path in the northern gate of the city, extended for three-hundred miles into the city.

At the end of this path, an altar stood on the ground. The altar was made from black bones, with a green fire burning on it. Placed on the altar was the Nailhead Seven Arrows Book. In a spooky atmosphere, Taisi smirked creepily. He was holding a wine pot with his left hand, but the wine contained in that pot was mixed with still water. Pouring the watered wine into his mouth, Taisi incanted a spell mumblingly. Along with his voice, a fierce sense of power released from the book, penetrating every part of the altar.

Above this strangely shaped altar, a turbid sphere of death power transformed into a scrawny shark claw, gripping the giant Dragon Blood Drunk pill produced by Ji Hao. Activating by the death power, the pill had been ceaselessly emitting a dense aroma.

From under the altar, a frigid gust of wind blew out, rolled up the aroma of the pill and sent it rapidly out through the path in the north. If one looked closer, one would see two light walls on both sides of the path, created by the clear light released from the Pan Gu Defense magic formation. Behind the two light walls were countless heavily armored elite warriors, and all kinds of heavy weapons.

Standing by the altar, Ji Hao crossed his arms over his chest, silently gazing at the front. Standing behind him were Tao Sha and two-hundred and ninety-nine Taotie Clan warriors; these were the strongest warriors of Taotie clan. Same as Tao Sha, each one of these warriors had a Taotie Tooth chain coiled around his body!

Tao Sha’s Taotie tooth was the original piece, and was amazingly powerful. The ones that belonged to his warriors were products of Ji Hao, made with the five-colored small cauldron. Ji Hao made three-hundred Taotie tooth chains, but Man Man snatched one to use for fishing. Therefore, only two-hundred and ninety-nine were left for the Taotie Clan people.

For whatever purpose, when the three-hundred chains were freshly made by Ji Hao, Tao Sha invited a few of his friends, who were also elders of Western Wasteland clans, to try them. As a result, a web woven from a hundred Taotie tooth chains nearly strangled the master elder of White Tiger Clan to death!

Such a surprising quality of those chains made Tao Sha laugh so happily that he couldn’t even close his mouth for a while. Surely, these powerful chains also made the other elders drool.

The dense dragon blood aroma was speedily blown out of the city. Strong gusts of wind came from all directions, spreading the aroma out. Streams of water pouring down from the sky absorbed a part of the aroma, rumblingly falling into the water.

The aroma spread ten times faster in the water than in the air. Within a few breaths, those water-kind spirit creatures, which had been crazily roaring hundreds of miles away, had their eyes shone suddenly, then turned their heads to the city together.

Following a resonant roar, a thousands of meters long Divine-level dragon whale flapped its tail and raised a violent undercurrent while dashing to below the city.

Ji Hao had already ordered all patrolling flood dragons in the water to return to the city. The dragon whale glanced around and discovered no trace of enemies. Abruptly, he expanded his body. Within a second, the dragon whale’s body expanded to nearly ten-thousand meters tall and miles long.

"Hah!" The dragon whale widely opened its jaws and growled thunderously, then made a long gasp for air. Next, it raised its head with all of its strength.

Floating above the center of the Pan Gu Defense magic formation in the city, the Pan Gu bell rang weakly, as the dragon whale’s head bumped on the bottom of the city. The faint clear light covered the city quaked slightly. Along with the lingering bell rings, an invisible wave of air ripple spread out from their city, cutting on the dragon whale’s body like thousands of blades.

Along with a series of clattering noises, the hundreds of meters thick skin of the dragon whale was torn apart. The whale’s spin was shattered into pieces, exposing its vivid cyan-purple flesh. The invisible air ripples didn’t stop, as countless bone-deep slashes were left on the dragon-whale’s body. Muscles were shredded, and road-like veins were cut broken.

The dragon whale screamed in pain, then bumped again on the bottom of the city.

The Pan Gu bell rang weakly once again, releasing another wave of air ripples. This time, no muscles were left in the dragon whale’s body, while its bones were shattered inch by inch, and internal organs blasted.

Within three short breaths, the mountain-like dragon whale, which was as strong as a peak-level Divine Magus, and even more powerful physically than peak-level Divine Magi, was destroyed by the Pan Gu bell. It left nothing but a three-hundred-meters wide spirit Dan, floating in the water.

"It’s mine!" Ao Feng had transformed back into his original shape of a golden dragon. Seeing the spirit Dan, this miles-long golden dragon swiftly swam over and grasped the spirit Dan in his claw as fast as he could. Sensing the thriving life-force in the spirit Dan, Ao Feng laughed in satisfaction, even having saliva flowing out of his mouth corner in streams.

But soon, Ao Feng stopped laughing. He popped out his large dragon eyes in panic, stunningly staring at countless pairs of eyes surrounding him, which suddenly glowed.

Red, green, purple, blue…Brightly glowing eyes of water-kind spirit creatures emerged from all directions. These water-kind spirits creatures crashed over from everywhere, with endless greediness and ferociousness. Stimulated by the aroma of the Dragon Blood Drunk pill, all these creatures had gone mad!

They sensed the agitation from their bloodlines. They didn’t know what Dragon Blood Drunk was, but their bloodlines had been telling them that as long as they swallowed that thing, they could become real dragons, noble creatures, from evil spirit ones!

Ao Feng was a miles-long dragon. In the eyes of sane spirit creatures, he would be pretty scary, but to these crazy water-kind spirit creatures, Ao Feng was nothing else but an appetizer before the banquet. They believed that only tens of large water-kind spirit creatures could swallow Ao Feng entirely up!

"Marquis Yao! I was wrong!" Ao Feng was scared to death. He fled back towards the water surface desperately while yelling, "You were right! It’s horrible down here! Truly horrible!"

A loud swishing noise was started. At least ten-thousand water-kind spirit creatures transformed back into their original shapes and fearlessly bumped to the bottom of the city.

The Pan Gu bell buzzed, and those water-kind spirit creatures paused. In the following moment, the bodies of all these creatures fell apart.

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