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The nine dragons chariot floated in the air.

These nine dragons were given birth by the sun back in the prehistorical era. They were not living creatures, and neither were they dead; they were not spirit creatures, neither were they gods or devils. They were between life and death. The nine fire dragons roared towards the sky, releasing tens of thousands of miles long golden streams of fire from their mouths.

On the enormous chariot, countless patterns of stars were clearly visible. Each star on the chariot was related to a natural star in the sky, glistening brightly with a fiery light.

This chariot belonged to East Emperor Taiyi, who was the king of sun, which could be considered as the leader of all natural stars in the world. Every star in the world was carved on this chariot. A strong, widely effective starlight suffused the air. By taking a quick glance at the chariot, many people felt that countless stars had bumped into their souls together, dazzling and almost breaking their souls from the inside.

Ji Hao was wearing a perfectly clean robe, silently standing on top of the large chariot, looking down at the water surface. He was surrounded by a bright golden light. Countless beams of golden light spurted out from every pore of his. No one could clearly see him, instead, as people only saw a splendid sphere of golden light, floating in the sky.

Above the chariot, Mr. Crow proudly spread his wings and held his head high, cawing brightly and resonantly.

Dark clouds rumbled towards the nine dragons chariot from all directions, but the chariot shone even brighter, turning all dark clouds approached it into strands of mist which dissipated in the air.

On the water surface, a one-hundred-miles wide handprint was clearly visible, blazing with a golden fire. The water waved loudly towards the handprint area, which was dried already. But no matter how much water surged over, it would evaporate instantly into steam and rise up.

Looking down at the handprint from the sky, one would find it reaching the bottom of the thousands of meters deep water, even sinking into the mountains down below for hundreds of meters.

Ji Hao swung his arm. Golden flame flakes flew up into the sky, merging with his sleeve. Without the burning fire, the enormous handprint collapsed right away. The water flooded in and filled the handprint immediately.

A giant whirlpool appeared on the water surface. The thunderous rumbling noise even paled the faces of some human warriors in the city.

"Marquis Yao…" Yi Di raised his arms high and cheered out loudly, and almost hysterically, "Mighty!"

Hundreds of thousands of archers under Yi Di’s direct command all raised their arms, kneeled, and kowtowed solemnly to Ji Hao, as if they were worshiping a true god. They put their palms and foreheads on the ground, while excitedly shouting Ji Hao’s name.

The other Eastern Wasteland clan elders and high-grade commanders glanced at each other in shock and confusion.

They seemed to be stunned when staring at Mr. Crow, who trod upon the nine dragons chariot. They rubbed their eyes hard and tried to see Mr. Crow more clearly. They rubbed their eyes again and again, but no matter how hard they tried, in their eyes, Mr. Crow was still a three-legged Gold Crow. Indeed, he was a Gold Crow!

What a joke? A bone-deep hatred existed between Ten Sun Country and Gold Crows, but all those Ten Sun Country archers kneeled on the ground and kowtowed to the owner of a three-legged Gold Crow. Was this even real? This was completely against the usual impression of the proud Ten Sun Country people in the hearts of the other Eastern Wasteland clansmen.

"This, this!" A group of elders and high-grade commanders were confused for a while, then gritted their teeth and all raised their hands, cheering along with the others. They didn’t go as low as those archers did. For them, it was still far away from kneeling and kowtowing to Ji Hao. However, Ji Hao had just shown a destructive power, and Eastern Wasteland people always respect powerful beings. Therefore, they were still willing to pay their respects to Ji Hao.

Following these elders and commanders and Eastern Wasteland archers, the warriors from all the other clans began cheering excitedly as well.

The strike launched by Ji Hao just now was too powerful, even beyond anyone’s imagination. This great power was worth for every human warrior to cheer for Ji Hao…If Hao Tao weren’t there to strictly supervising everyone, the amazing palm attack launched by Ji Hao just now would even make these people throw a large part to have a hearty drink to celebrate.

Ji Hao sent the nine dragons chariot back into his body and waved his hand to all warriors down below, who had been cheering in excitement. Then, he transformed into a beam of light and flew back into the headquarters tent.

Ten minutes after Ji Hao returned to the headquarters, Tao Sha, an elder from Taotie Clan, Western Wasteland, walked in, swaying his muscular body to Ji Hao. He sat straight down beside Ji Hao, then smirked while nodding to Ji Hao without an end.

"Elder Tao Sha, if you have anything to say to me, just say." Ji Hao grinningly looked at Tao Sha and said, "Don’t be shy like a girl!"

Tao Sha brushed his beard with his fingers and laughed out loud, "I’ll just say it out then, shall I? I feel strange to be like this too!"

Laughing hollowly, his grin faded on his face as he continued while seriously looking at Ji Hao, "Those kids from Ten Sun Country, the arrows they used just now were a bit scary…Earlier, I saw them try those arrows, yet I didn’t think that those arrows could actually be so amazing in real battles!"

Ji Hao nodded, proudly pointing at his own nose as he responded, "I made those arrows!"

Tao Sha paused for a second, abruptly raised his arm, pointed at Ji Hao’s nose and said, "You made those? Not Emperor Shun? Not Si Wen Ming?"

Ji Hao seriously nodded, looked at Tao Sha in the eyes as he said, "I made those…Not only arrows, armors, blades, shields…I can even make the Taotie tooth!"

Coiled around Tao Sha’s arm, the Taotie tooth clanged loudly. Tao Sha stood up all of a sudden and yelled, "Can you really…Can you even make Taotie tooth? Are you joking? This is our inherited magic treasure!"

Ji Hao spread his hands and honestly answered the question, "Not exactly as powerful as the original one, but I can make my products eighty to ninety percent as powerful as the real thing. As for the weapons and armors using by your warriors, I can make an upgrade to at least ten times greater."

Tao Sha paused again. Abruptly, he kneeled on the ground and kowtowed heavily to Ji Hao, then leaped back up, walking out of the tent with big steps.

Soon, an elder from Taowu Clan, Western Wasteland, sneakily walked in.

Once the Taowu Clan elder left, an Hundun Clan elder walked in. Following him was an elder from Qiongqi Clan; the next one was a White Tiger Clan elder, then a Suanni Clan elder…In a short while, Eastern Wasteland clan elders started to walk into the headquarters tent one after another sneakily, with complicated facial expressions. They each asked Ji Hao a few short questions, then quickly walked back out, still sneakily like a weasel which had just stolen a chicken from a farm.

After all Western Wasteland and Eastern Wasteland elders visited Ji Hao, Southern Wasteland elders quietly walked in.

Ji Hao welcomed these elders nicely. He also straightforwardly answered every question they asked. He even accepted the friendly challenges of a few combative elders. As a result of those challenges, Ji Hao easily knocked all those elders to the ground with a few punches and kicks purely physically, without using any magi power.

In the next three days, the headquarters tent turned even more boisterous than a market.

Those elders signed agreements with Ji Hao one after another. They were authorized by their clans, and on behalf of their clans, they confirmedly followed Ji Hao’s lead!

In the enormous city on the water, seventy percent people chose to follow Ji Hao’s lead, and the one represented by Ji Hao, who was Si Wen Ming.

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