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The rain had been falling heavily. The rainwater originated from twelve different worlds, and surely had different natures.

Some of the rainwater was highly toxic, some was even more corrosive than strong acids, while some was awfully stinky. But of source, the water from Pan Jia world also existed in the rain, extremely pure.

Ji Hao pointed his finger out. Hundreds of fist-sized rain drops flew over to him and fell loudly into a purple-clay teapot. In his previous life, it was rather hard to find a good purple-clay teapot, but fortunately, a large purple-clay mine was found in Yao Mountain territory. Ji Hao dug out tens of thousands of kilograms of top-grade purple-clay from that mine and crafted a set of teaware himself.

The fire was burning strongly in the small red-clay burner, while a refreshing aroma of tea spread out.

The water was the purest water from Pan Jia world, and the tea was also the top-grade kind from the tallest peak of Yao Mountain, nourished by the dense fog all year round, and raised by the natural life-force.

Ji Hao’s tea-making skill wasn’t good. Actually, it was a disaster. But with a nice teapot, the best water and the best tea, added with the fire controlled perfectly by him, the tea he made was still impressively good. The beautiful green tea was poured into fist-sized teacups. By merely seeing that warm green tea, one would feel so relaxed an happy, that even the primordial spirit would turn clearer.

Wuzhi Qi watched Ji Hao making the tea without even blinking his eyes. His fingers had been moving slightly. Clearly, he was learning how to make tea.

His long silver fur had disappeared. Instead, he had turned himself into a handsome man, wearing a new cyan-colored long shirt and a pair of buckskin boot. If he had a hand fan held in his hand, he would truly look like an elegant scholar.

Ji Hao handed him a cup of tea. Wuzhi Qi took over the cup, slightly bowed to Ji Hao to thank him, then raised the cup and poured the tea into his mouth, without minding the heat of the tea at all.

Once the tea reached his stomach, he sensed a refreshing warmth spreading through his internal organs. Slight traces of spirit power affected every corner of his body. Wuzhi Qi was capable of accurately controlling every single cell of his body, which allowed him to maximumly sense the refreshing taste of the tea. "Great." He praised sincerely.

He couldn’t tell exactly how good the was tea, but Wuzhi Qi clearly felt that the tea was just amazing, far more delicious than the soup-like teas made by those Magi Palace Magi. Those Magi Palace Magi were crazy, one would never know how many centipedes or scorpions they put in one’s tea. Their teas were indeed nourishing, but that horrible taste was easily imaginable.

"It’s indeed a nice tea!" Ji Hao proudly praised himself. Pouring another cup for Wuzhi Qi, Ji Hao emptied his own cup as well.

The rain was strong. Turbid waves never rested. Deep underwater, glowing aquatic creatures moved across swiftly. Sitting on an ice island, Ji Hao and Wuzhi Qi boiled the rain, and made tea. The red-clay small burner warmed the surrounding air, making this quite enjoyable.

"You human beings always have strange thoughts!" Wuzhi Qi looked at Ji Hao and said honestly, "Back in the prehistorical era, ever since I started to know things, I’ve been spending time with human beings…The longer I have lived, the scarier I found you folks to be."

Ji Hao held the teacup without saying anything, only quietly listening Wuzhi Qi talking to himself.

"You human beings are so weak. You don’t have sharp teeth and claws, don’t have furs and scales to cover your bodies. Your newborns are frail, and even your adults are as fragile as rabbits…No, some ancient rabbits were much stronger than you."

"I betted with many Chaos monsters that your humankind wouldn’t last for a thousand years."

"But one-thousand years, two-thousand years, one-hundred-thousand years…Countless years had passed, the thrones of divine emperors in the heaven had changed their owners many times…But you human beings survived. You are happier and happier, your territories turned greater and greater, your population grows larger and larger. More and more powerful ones emerged among you, and even a few divine Gods were human beings, who used to serve as your emperors."

Ji Hao raised his teacup and slightly nodded at Wuzhi Qi.

They drank the tea in their cups, then each poured themselves another cup.

"Especially that, when old spirit creatures like us reach a certain level of cultivation, free ourselves from our original forms, and eventually turned to be exactly like human beings…Some of us chose the wrong path. They believed that they were meant to feed on human beings to strengthen themselves."

"But how smart am I? How can I be as silly as those things? I did not kill a human being. Instead, I became friends with human beings. In Huai Water area, I helped people to develop farmlands, protected them from wild beasts, helped them with irrigation construction, gave them rainfalls…"

"Therefore, almost all old spirit creatures like me ended up being wiped out by powerful ones among human beings, while I, Wuzhi Qi, became the God of Huai Water, entitled by a human divine emperor!"

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows and gave a glance at Wuzhi Qi’s face, that had been showing a sagacious look.

This old monkey indeed knew when to yield and avoid disasters.

"As I was quite close with human beings, some leaders of elders of human clans introduced their daughters to me!" Proudly, Wuzhi Qi pointed at his own face and said, "I am not ugly. In fact, I’m quite handsome, much more handsome than some men who had nothing but muscles in their heads. Therefore, those girls willingly married me. I had children with them. The children I had with human girls are much smarter and more capable than those I had with other spirit creatures. They could cultivate themselves more effectively than the others. By now, the best ones among my children all have human bloodlines."

Wuzhi Qi seriously looked at Ji Hao and continued, "So, I understood that, human beings are protected by nature, and going against the humankind will not end well!"

Helplessly pointing at the sky, Wuzhi Qi smiled bitterly and said, "However, that year, I suffered something serious, and almost died. Old Gong Gong saved me…I promised him that I will serve Gong Gong Family forever and ever. For this reason, I had to make mistakes along with them! I knew this will come to no good end, but I owe them. I, Wuzhi Qi, am a spirit water ape, and I am faithful."

"I don’t want to die, neither do I want my children to be completely wiped out." Seriously looking at Ji Hao, Wuzhi Qi continued, "So, Marquis Yao, you promise me that you’ll spare my life, and by the way…save my children, the ones with human bloodlines. As for the ones I had with the other spirit creatures, they’re all as dumb as stones. If you want to kill them, just kill them!"

Ji Hao looked at Wuzhi Qi’s face, nodded seriously, and responded, "I will."

Wuzhi Qi grinned. He stood up, swirled away Ji Hao’s teapot, teacups and that small red-clay burner, then satisfyingly laughed, "Then, let me tell you one last thing…The nine ‘water eyes’ in Huai Water, Fei Water, Hui Water and Yi Water. The ones trusted by Gong Gong Family have been strictly guarding the nine areas, and even I am not allowed to set foot in. Something might be in those places. I think you should be careful!"

Laughing loudly, Wuzhi Qi transformed into watery mist and drifted away.

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