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An ice block floated on the water. Silently, Ji Hao looked at Wuzhi Qi sealed in the ice.

Inside the three-colored lamp on Wuzi Qi’s head, a bean-sized three-colored fire began burning. The fire quickly expanded to the size of a fist, while the strange white, red and blue light reached tens of meters away. A warm and pure positive power spread out, speedily melting the ice.

A couple of breaths later, the ice, which was created by the extremely negative power, dispersed. Wuzhi Qi walked out of the dense watery mist, with his long silver fir soaked.

Treading on the water, he approached Ji Hao step by step. Shaking his body, Wuzhi Qi got rid of the water on his fur, then those pretty long fur turned dry and smooth again. His cyan-colored long shirt had been frozen into pieces already. Taking out a large piece of hide from an unknown source, Wuzhi Qi casually wrapped his body up.

"Nice lamp!" Ji Hao pointed at the lamp on Wuzhi Qi’s head and said, without showing any intention of fighting again.

"It’s indeed a nice piece!" Wuzhi Qi pointed his finger at the lamp, then raised a dense watery mist from the water surface, which surrounded Ji Hao and himself. In the mist, tiny sparkling spell symbols were visible. This mist was created by a spirit creature magic, and ordinary cultivators couldn’t look through it.

"In the past thousands of years, I have reached a considerable level on the cultivation of my spirit creature power. The natural evil contained in my bloodline has been activated, growing stronger and stronger. Many times, I was a breath away from becoming a devil." Wuzhi Qi created an ice piece for himself to sit on. With a frank look, he sat on the ice and continued, "If this three suns heart light hadn’t been protecting my soul, I would have become an evil creature by now."

Ji Hao took a glance at this weirdly shaped lamp. The round-shaped lamp panel was surrounded by three bronze statues of goat heads. Ji Hao slowly nodded and said, "Interesting, indeed a nice piece…What did you come to me for? A fight?"

Wuzhi Qi let out a heavy sigh. His face was covered in long silver-white fur, but from that face, a clear sense of Dao has been released. At this moment, he looked not like the spirit creature God of Huai Water who had done all kinds of evil, but a Qi cultivator.

Naughtily, the watery mist hovered around Wuzhi Qi, rising and falling, transforming into ice crystals and drifting down. Once the ice crystals touched the water surface, they bounced back up immediately, flying up for nearly a hundred meters, then falling back down with a dim glisten.

Millions of tiny ice crystals rose and fell in the air, over and over again. Wuzi Qi sat on the small ice island with crossed legs. Surrounded by these drifting ice crystals, the sense of power he released was special and abstruse, as if he were an ancient God from before the start of time.

"What happened before, let’s forget it, shall we?" Looking at Ji Hao, Wuzhi Qi said in a deep voice, "Conflicts happened between us many times. That was me indeed, yet that wasn’t exactly me. Those clones of mine were generated by the evil part of my soul. If I have ever offended you, please forgive and understand."

Ji Hao frowned. Thinking of all those troubles Wuzhi Qi had caused him in the past few years, he couldn’t help but laugh out coldly, "You wanna wipe out everything by simply saying something like this? Wuzhi Qi, aren’t you too shameless?"

Wuzhi Qi licked his lips and showed his four tusks, then helplessly spread his hands as he said, "Well, someone once mentioned something about ‘causes and effects’ to me. Back then, I thought he was talking nonsense, but now, I see it’s reasonable."

Wuzhi Qi rolled up the long fur on his left arm slightly reluctantly, and exposed a blue bangle worn tightly on his wrist. The bangle seemed to be made from top-grade sapphire. Streams of watery light had been flowing around inside the bangle, along with countless beams of silver light hovering inside. Cooling airstreams were released from the bangle from time to time.

Wuzhi Qi clenched his fingers towards the bangle. A strong red light stream was dragged out, from within which, a sphere of flame with a three-foot-long chariot, which was embossed with nine dragons, gradually flew out.

The nine dragons chariot glowed brightly with a warm red light. Nine fire dragons emerged, pulling the chariot, with patterns of flame sparkling on the chariot being faintly visible. A fiery cloud surrounded the chariot, and upon the cloud was a fist-sized fireball placed in the middle.

The fireball was burning dimly, with a few cracks on it. However, the moment Ji Hao saw this fireball, he realized that this was a sun!

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man suddenly showed up. The blue light shone from his eyes lit up the entire spiritual space. Through Ji Hao’s eyes, he stared straight at the fireball and the chariot without even blinking.

"Little guy, whatever this Wuzhi Qi wants, as long as it’s not too difficult, just say yes… for the sake of this chariot and the East Emperor divine seal!"

Ji Hao quivered slightly. The chariot and the fireball even attracted the mysterious man. Clearly, they were indeed special. What did he say? East Emperor divine seal? East Emperor? Ever since the beginning of the world, only one divine God was known was East Emperor!

East Emperor Taiyi, the God of sun, who served in the ancient heaven. He was also the East Divine Emperor, who once ruled all living creatures in the east!

The emperorships of the five divine emperors in the heaven had alternated for many times, during which, all kinds of stories happened, more than enough to be written into a great novel with billions of words. But East Emperor Taiyi was the most famous one among all who had been on the throne of the East Divine Emperor. He once made the whole world submit to him with his decisiveness.

Before Wuzhi Qi said anything, Ji Hao and already grasped the nine dragons chariot in his hand.

A terrifying hot power surged out from the chariot. The essence sun fire burned ragingly, spreading to Ji Hao’s entire body through his arm.

From inside Ji Hao’s body, the same golden essence sun fire spurted out, immediately merging with the fire from the chariot. A purely positive warmth flowed into Ji Hao’s body, thrilling every single cell of his with joy.

The nine dragon chariot let out a slight cheer, then transformed into a golden light beam, and flew into Ji Hao’s forehead along with that divine seal.

Between Ji Hao’s eyebrows, the erect eye shone with a strange light. Inside the pupil of this erect eye, a circle of golden light was partly hidden and partly visible. Inside the golden circle, a sun was blazing thrivingly. The nine dragons chariots floated within, as eye-catching as a sunspot.

"As I thought, this treasure is meant to be yours! I saw you fight several times, and many of my children were burned into ashes by you. You are indeed a master of essence sun fire!" Wuzhi Qi glared at Ji Hao and said through gritted teeth, "Now that you’ve taken my treasure, in return, you should promise me one thing…Gong Gong, if that idiot fails this time, no matter if your humankind will clean the entire Northern Wasteland…spare my life, and among those children of mine, at least save ten percent of them!"

Ji Hao looked at Wuzhi Qi in shock and asked, "You came to me at midnight, gave me a treasure that belonged to the ancient divine God, Taiyi, for nothing else but this?"

Wuzhi Qi crossed his legs and sat in silence, as if he was far away from all kinds of worldly affairs.

He raised his head and looked at the sky. A long while later, he said with a slight confusion, "I promised that old Gong Gong that I will serve Gong Gong Family generation after generation. Therefore, even though I have to kill for it, even though my hands are all stained with blood, I, your master Wuzh Qi, am a faithful one. I do what I said!"

"However, I’ve done too many wrongs, and now, consequences are coming!"

Wuzhi Qi narrowed his eyes and looked at Ji Hao as he continued word by word, "I came to you for nothing but a chance to live."

Sensing the scorching hot golden light between his eyebrows, Ji Hao remained silent for a short while, then reached out his right hand.

"Deal then!"

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