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"Good boy, truly good boy!" Wuzhi Qi gritted his shining white, sharp teeth so tight that it even made his teeth creak. Pointing at Ji Hao, he yelled, "I, your Master Wuzhi Qi, have met countless human heroes. Many of them could fight old spirit creatures like us after tens of years of cultivation!"

Stomping his foot loudly against the ground, Wuzhi Qi detonated the surrounding water. Followed by a thunderous bang, all water-kind creatures within the area a thousand-mile in radius were blown into ashes; even the tiniest aquatic plant had been shattered. Wuzhi Qi opened his mouth. The blood of those killed water-kind creatures flowed into his mouth in streams. Absorbing the blood, the wound on his chest healed speedily.

"Human beings are indeed the owner of the natural fortune of this world." After the injury recovered completely, Wuzhi Qi dropped his arms and looked at Ji Hao coldly.

"I don’t want to say this, but I have to. You’re the owners of this world, without a doubt. No matter how, you have countless more possibilities and opportunities than spirit creatures like us." Wuzhi Qi continued through gritted teeth, while fire sparkles flew out from between his teeth, "However, the ones who could rival us with tens of years of cultivation were emperors and legendary powerful ones among you, such as Fuxi, Shennong, Suiren, Xuanyuan, Shaohao, Zhuanxu..."

Staring at Ji Hao, Wuzhi Qi yelled in anger, "You! Do you have the potential to become a human emperor as well?"

Ji Hao smilingly shook his head. Remaining silent for a while, he said with a low voice, "I can’t be a human emperor, and this is decided by my personality. Fighting wars is what I am best at. Things like strategic planning, we shall leave them to real capable ones."

Ji Hao shook his neck while talking. Nourished by his thriving life-force, his broken neck bones had recovered. Looking at Wuzhi Qi, Ji Hao continued coldly, "Now seriously, you came to visit at midnight, for what? What do you want, old monkey?"

Wuzhi Qi’s face twisted immediately. He was indeed a water ape born back in the prehistorical era, but ‘old monkey’, these two words were like a pair of sharp daggers that stabbed right in his heart. Ji Hao expressed no respect at all through his tone. Instead, it was filled with scorn.

"Good boy, you’re physical strength is getting as great as mine. Then, let’s try your magic power!" Wuzhi Qi curved up his lip corners while his body gradually transformed into a water stream, merging with the surrounding water.

"Magic power?" Looking at Wuzhi Qi disappearing, Ji Hao chuckled.

He silently incanted the spell of Mantra Dan with nine secret words. Instead of those great magics of Dao he learned from Yu Yu, Qing Wei and Dachi, Ji Hao cast the secret magic he created himself back in his previous life. Mantra Dan with nine secret words was created in Ji Hao’s previous life, but he had combined it with what he learned about the great Dao in this life. Therefore, it was now much more powerful than before, and could deliver incalculable possibilities.

With a clear mind, Ji Hao merged himself with the mysterious universal power. He crossed his hands and pushed forward. Immediately, the water within the area hundred-mile-radius around him suddenly turned blue and sticky, becoming half-frozen.

A white silhouette abruptly appeared on the blue water. Wuzhi Qi laughed and attempted to cast another magic to hide in this half-frozen blue water. But Ji Hao waved his hands and gave a deep growl, then incanted a spell.

Buzz! The space around Wuzhi Qi quaked intensively, then collapsed, turning into countless tiny space pieces, swishing to Wuzhi Qi like thousands of sharp tusks.

Wuzhi Qi let out a muffled hum in pain. Quickly, he transformed back into his original shape as a water ape. Tens of bloody wounds were left on his long silver-white fur. Through his beautiful long fur, blood flowing out in ceaseless streams. He suddenly reached his neck out for hundreds of meters long as his eyes shone with a dazzling golden light, stabilizing the collapsing space.

"Kid, impressive!" Wuzhi Qi cursed while showing his teeth in rage, "But, it’s not a Magi Palace magic, neither is something created by those Qi cultivators…It’s like, like a…Like a bit of everything?"

The collapsed space fixed itself in no time. Wuzhi Qi clapped his hands and forcibly turned the surrounding half-frozen blue water into waving dark water, crushing towards Ji Hao along with a thunderous sound of wave. Controlled by Wuzhi Qi’s magic, tens of enormous water dragons emerged from the dark flood, widely opened their jaws while spouting rapid waves of frigid torrents at Ji Hao.

Ji Hao sneered. His Mantra Dan with nine secrets words was created based on all Daoist scriptures he read in his previous life, added with countless secret scriptures regarding human cultivations. It was started by the nine secret words from Buddhism, with the cultivation method of primordial spirit from the Taoist culture as the main body, then polished by all kinds of secret cultivation methods from other genres.

In Ji Hao’s previous life, the Mantra Dan with nine secret words was incomparably powerful. In his current life, it could be counted as special. Ji Hao combined it with what he learned about the great Dao of nature from Yu Yu and his brothers, upgraded it, and allowed it to hold even greater possibilities. Not to mention the effects, in mere terms of flexibility, the Mantra Dan of nine secret words was definitely a top-grade piece.

Seeing Wuzhi Qi raise dark waves and send out dark water dragons coming down at him, Ji Hao smiled, then suddenly transformed into a white tornado. At first, the tornado was only around fifteen meters tall, but soon, it reached nearly a thousand miles tall, with the diameter of over a mile.

The white tornado roared over, as the bone-piercing cold power spread out swiftly. Visibly, ice-cold white airstreams were flowing and twisting in the air like snakes. The dark wave Wuzhi Qi raised was frozen immediately into an iceberg the second it touched the white tornado, then was shredded into ice crystals.

A cracking noise could be heard without an end. Tens of enormous water dragons were frozen by the frigid tornado, then shredded into pieces by it. Wuzhi Qi widely popped out his eyes in shock, pointing at the tornado transformed from Ji Hao, without being able to say anything for a long while. Wuzhi Qi was a powerful spirit creature, born in the prehistorical era, and was one of the first generation of living creatures in this world. He was a master of water magics; he had reached to an extreme level of all kinds of water-related magic, and with a small step forward, he could be close to the great Dao and achieve a supreme result.

He gathered the essence water power and created those dark water dragons. The cold power released by those water dragons was terrifying, that even metal could be frozen into powder by it.

But what was that white tornado transformed from Ji Hao? Those white airstreams released from the tornado were tens, even hundreds of times scarier than the cold power released by Wuzhi Qi?

"Pre-world extremely negative power?" He was a powerful and knowledgeable prehistorical spirit creature after all. Back in the prehistorical era, Wuzhi Qi had seen tons of strange things. Finally, he figured out the source of Ji Hao’s power.

He was shocked even more badly as he figured out the truth. He stared at Ji Hao as if the latter was a true ghost, then said, "Ji Hao, you’re a Southern Wasteland man! You should play with fire! With fire! Didn’t Zhu Rong say that men should play with fire, because flooding enemies with the water is something women will do?"

Wuzhi Qi was shocked beyond his wits, that he didn’t even know what he was talking about, "You, you, why didn’t you listen to Zhu Rong? You’re a Southern Wasteland barbarian, why are you using the extremely negative power?"

Ji Hao gave no response, but a cold smile, before he sent out a white beam light and struck heavily on Wuzhi Qi’s body.

Crack! Wuzhi Qi was sealed in a three-hundred-meter-radius block of ice which was generated by the extremely negative power.

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