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"I like those who are willing to correct their mistakes. At least, this proves that your brain is not damaged completely." Ji Hao delightfully patted on Yi Di’s head, with a warm smile on his face. Ji Hao looked much younger than Yi Di, but he was stroking Yi Di’s head. Added with the embarrassed smile on Yi Di’s face, an extremely weird atmosphere was created.

Among those onlookers, commanders from Eastern Wasteland clans, especially Ten Sun Country, had their faces turned darker.

Ji Hao was stroking Yi Di’s head, just like a man stroking the head of his dog. This was like heavy slaps landing on the faces of those Eastern Wasteland commanders. They even sensed a fierce pain from their faces now.

Yi Ren, who had been competing against Yi Di the whole time, was too enraged at first, but soon, he was thrilled with joy.

Yi Di had lost his face; he had lost the faces of all Eastern Wasteland clans. Facing Ji Hao’s silent threat, he was softened, he was frightened like a girl!

Yi Ren even wanted to growl out towards the sky, ‘All elders of Ten Sun Country, all powerful people with the future of Ten Sun Country held in your hands, you shall come over and take a look now! This is Yi Di! He has humiliated all our ancestors! How can such a soft man be the leader of all Eastern Wasteland clans?’

"I like obedient kids, and obedient kids get sugar!"

Ji Hao didn’t stop stroking Yi Di’s head as he continued, "Come, try these arrows I made for you!"

Conveniently clenching his fingers towards those hovering arrows in the air, Ji Hao grasped a few arrows from each type, then put them heavily in Yi Di’s hands.

Yi Di and the two commanders who rushed out to help him were immediately attracted by the few arrows.

"This…This…so beautiful…it’s…"

They were masters of archery. Even before they could walk, they had already started shooting things with specially crafted arrows. They clearly knew what high-quality bows and arrows looked like. At first glance, they knew that these arrows Ji Hao provided were extraordinary.

The arrowheads were thickly covered in spell symbols, and each spell symbol was too beautiful. Every single spell symbol had been sparkling brightly. Thin strands of glow had been drifting up, coiling, and flowing between spell symbols, connecting these tiny spell symbols and raising a glowing mist. It made these arrowheads look especially mysterious.

These arrowheads were perfectly crafted to an unimaginable degree. Every detail was flawless, literally flawless. What was even more surprising was that those spell symbols carved on the arrowheads were smooth and natural. Besides, spell symbols on different arrowheads were exactly the same, and no difference could be found in any detail.

Looking closer, in these three types of arrows with three types of arrowheads, every single detail of the same type of arrow was just the same; every line, every angle, without even the slightest difference.

The arrow shafts were slim and straight.

The quality of an arrow didn’t only reflect in the arrowhead. The quality of the arrowhead decided the power of the arrow, but to a great extent, the quality of the arrow shaft decided if the arrow could have a long range and be accurate and strong.

"It’s impossible!"

Yi Di picked up the few arrows and slowly stroked his finger from the arrowheads to the arrow tails. Wherever his finger reached, he sensed nothing but a smooth surface, without any roughness, nor any bumpiness; all these arrows were perfectly straight!

No craftsman could ever make a perfectly straight arrow! Even the most skillful master craftsman from the Magi Palace couldn’t make a perfectly straight, flawless arrow. An arrow shaft could never be flawless; a tiny roughness, a thin scratch, or a slight bump would be caused during the casting process. A craftsman could never, ever avoid all these.

Nevertheless, right before Yi Di’s eyes, these arrows were indeed perfectly straight, with exactly the same size and same spell symbols. Every detail of these arrows was the same. These arrow shafts were carved with feather-shaped patterns, which formed a perfect accelerating magic formation that could largely improve the arrow’s shot range, flying speed and penetrating power.

The feather patterns on each arrow shaft were the same; the thickness, length of each line of each pattern, were all the same.

These arrows looked like the works of an inconceivable magic. It was like a perfect arrow was made with magic, then duplicated billions of times by a mysterious power of creation.

"I’m gonna try these arrows!" Yi Di’s mouth corners twitched intensely. Confusedly, passionately, he stared at Ji Hao and yelled, "I’m gonna try these arrows. How can arrows be so perfect? How can such perfect arrows exist in the world?"

"Try them!" Ji Hao slapped on Yi Di’s shoulder, put his mouth near Yi Di’s ear, and chuckled with a deep voice, "Think about it. If I can provide you with this kind of arrows unlimitedly, will you be able to become the king of the Eastern Wasteland?"

As easily as that, Ji Hao planted a seed in Yi Di’s heart, straightly, and violently.

If Ji Hao could provide these kinds of arrows unlimitedly…Yi Di’s heart started beating furiously. Not to mention becoming the king of the Eastern Wasteland, he could even unite all Eastern Wasteland clans and seize the greatest power of Ten Sun Country, becoming the true dominator of the east!

"I, I, I’m gonna try them!" Yi Di had almost lost his mind. He grasped a ‘hurricane’ and flew into the sky.

Pulling open his longbow, Yi Di had a cold glimpse of light flash across his eye. Momentarily, he aimed at an enormous spirit octopus, who had been waving its tentacles on the water surface and heading south. Yi Di loosened his fingers. Swish! Gusts of cyan-colored wind spurted out from the shaft of the ‘hurricane’ arrow, wrapped it up, and disappeared.

Three miles away, the head of the enormous spirit octopus was suddenly blown up.

"The speed is three times higher than regular top-grade ‘hurricanes’. The shot range…at least twice longer!"

Yi Di was shaking in shock. How could this be? He had a whole hundred ‘hurricanes’ with him right now. Those ‘hurricanes’ were made by the top-ranked Eastern Wasteland arrow crafters, but Ji Hao’s arrows were way greater than these masterpieces. The flying speed of Ji Hao’s arrows was three times higher than these masterpieces, and the shot range was at least twice longer.

Yi Di abruptly raised his head and stared at those arrows hovering above Ji Hao’s head in the sky.

If these arrows all had such a high quality…Yi Di would even dare to challenge all archers from a half of Ten Sun Country with the two-hundred-thousand archers under his direct command!

"This is impossible!" Yi Di growled out. He then carefully took out a ‘volcano collapse’, and with a thunderous roar, he released the arrow with all his strength!

Bang! A golden-red sphere of fire burst in the air, momentarily instantly burning all water-kind spirit creatures within a ten miles wide area into strands of smoke!

The attack range of Ji Hao’s ‘volcano collapse’ was five-times greater than regular ones! And the fire released from Ji Hao’s arrow was stronger than the regular ones by more than ten times!

Yi Shen stood in the midair, stunned, looking at Yi Hao with a complicated facial expression.

"Try ‘wolf tooth’!" Ji Hao grinningly looked at Yi Di and said, "Try ‘wolf tooth’! See if it can penetrate a super strong steel shield!"

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