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Mr. Crow spread his wings as he floated in the sky. His feathers had turned golden, with dazzling Gold Crow fire swooshing out from ever single feather of his, warming the earth like a smaller sun.

Mr. Crow proudly rolled his beady eyeballs. From time to time, he threw side glances at a few winged dragons lying on the ground, hundreds of meters away. Those blood-red eyes of Mr. Crow were filled with unfriendliness. His Gold Crow bloodline was activated, and the memories that belonged to his ancestors were activated along with the bloodline. Gold Crows never had a good relationship with the dragon-kind.

The few winged dragons smartly raised their heads, turned around, and stared at Mr. Crow, letting out heavy breaths from their nostrils.

If Ji Hao weren’t standing on Mr. Crow’s head, these few winged dragons would certainly rush up together and teach this Gold Crow a lesson.

Ji Hao coiled his arms before his chest, calmly looking at elite human beings gathering from all directions. You Xiong Family, Lie Mountain Family, Huaxu Family, Suiren Family, Shennong Family, Shaohao Clan, Taihao Clan…

These were all super-scale human clans and families. Each of these families and clans had a human emperor emerged from it. The most elite warriors from these families and clans were wearing glowing armors, holding sharp weapons, mounting on flood dragons or Qilin, or other strong creatures, and gathering towards Ji Hao in formidable arrays.

Even the weakest warriors among them were peak-level Senior Magi. The leaders of hundred-warrior troops were all Magus Kings, and higher level warriors commanders were all powerful Divine Magi.

These were the strongest forces of these super clans and families, just like those flying bear knights from You Chong Clan. Each one of these warriors was an experienced, top-grade elite.

Ji Hao was the commander of this great elite army. Emperor Shun gave him the greatest power in this army, along with the right to take the life of any warrior, any mount in this army.

The few winged dragons disappointedly snorted…Mr. Crow wasn’t scary; the truly scary one was Ji Hao, the man standing on Mr. Crow’s head. If they rushed up and assaulted Mr. Crow, it would cost Ji Hao nothing but a word to behead them and grill them as food! These winged dragons were even smarter than ordinary human beings; they would never do such stupid things.

"Marquis Yao!" A Master Maguspriest from Candle Dragon Clan mounted on a deer-like netherworld creature called Ji Hao’s name. The creature was entirely wrapped in coiling dark smoke. It walked slowly to Ji Hao, while the Maguspriest continued, "We’re ready to go!"

Ji Hao nodded, then waved his hand strongly. He gave a deep yet resonant shout to the north, then growled, "Brothers, let’s go!"

Raising his head, Ji Hao looked at the sky and smiled coldly. Mr. Crow flapped his wings, carrying Ji Hao and flying north. The great army began moving, following closely behind Mr. Crow with thunderous footsteps.

This time, the alliance of human clans didn’t hold a ceremony to pray to the heaven before the march!

Gong Gong had now been sitting straight on a divine throne in the heaven. He was the one who started this great disaster. And those divine gods emerging from the heaven, they attempted to destroy the humankind as well. For a heaven like this, divine Gods like these, why should human beings pray to them?

Human beings respected the heaven and worshiped divine Gods. Every year, human beings would offer incalculable tributes to the heaven and those divine Gods. They prayed to the heaven for good weather for the crops, for the thrivingness of the humankind.

However, this didn’t mean that human beings were going to be servile to divine Gods!

Human beings living in this era had a simple point of view, ‘If divine Gods help our humankind to live a peaceful, happy life, we will offer you the best foods and wines we have, offer you the most beautiful things we own. If divine Gods make us destitute and homeless, we will straighten our waists, pick up our weapons, and beat you up!’

Hundreds of winged dragons surpassed Ji Hao, swishing to the north.

Senior Magi from the Magi Palace sat on the backs of these winged dragons. They incanted spells that vibrated the sky slightly. Broad and thick flagstones rose from underground one after another, higher and higher, and gradually topped the flood.

Dazzling spell symbols emerged from those flagstones, releasing a strong force in every direction. The flood was pushed away, and made a straight and broad way, leading to the north.

Countless water-kind spirit creatures raised great waves and roared over through this straight road. Troops of human warriors mounted on flood dragons, rushed up. Following them, were Magus Kings and Divine Magi, treading on clouds and flying up. Thousands of water-kind spirit creatures were crushed, and their blood dyed the water on both sides of the straight road red.

Ji Hao stood on Mr. Crow’s head. The Taiji Universe mirror floated above his head, releasing a misty light. Showering under the light, human warriors felt that they had never been so energetic, that no matter how hard they fought, they wouldn’t even shed a drop of sweat.

Nevertheless, water-kind spirit creatures touched by the misty light screamed out in pain, because the trace of pre-world extremely negative power contained in their bodies were ignited. Speedily, their bodies began burning with a gray-white negative fire. Along with their shrill screams, these water-kind spirit creatures were all burned into ashes.

Strands of extremely negative power flew to Ji Hao, merging with his body.

"All weak!" Ji Hao sneered and scornfully curved his mouth corners down.

It was true; all these water-kind spirit creatures were weak, and not even a giant one had emerged by now. Gong Gong seemed to be happy to see the humankind send away their forces, because in this way, the defense of Pu Ban City would be weakened.

Only Ji Hao clearly knew about the true purpose of him leading such a strong army to the north. The main purpose was not to prevent the invasion of the non-humankind, who were trapped by the flood as well.

All this was because of Si Wen Ming’s great plan for flood-control.

All Streams to The Final Land... Dredging the rivers in Midland and creating a great magic formation to draw the flood into the Final Land. Not only the moisture in Midland would be drawn into the Final Land, all the unnecessary water power from the four wastelands would be sent there as well.

Si Wen Ming was planning to turn Midland into a giant whirlpool, then pull the four wastelands together with the strong attraction forces of the water power. Eventually, the four wastelands would merge into one with Midland.

Long ago, Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao mentioned about building a united force for the entire humankind. As a foundation for this great plan, the five main lands of Pan Gu world needed to merge into one. The five lands were separated by vast void, and a round-trip between any two lands would cost years. Therefore, human clans scattered in the five lands could never become a real unity.

This flood was a tremendous disaster to the humankind, but meanwhile, Si Wen Ming discovered an opportunity from it.

Once the goal was accomplished, and the Northern Wasteland merged with Midland, Ji Hao would lead this elite army, march straight into Northern Wasteland, destroy Gong Gong’s base and uproot Gong Gong’s force!

All Northern Wasteland clans that followed Gong Gong’s lead and helped to create this flood had to be wiped out completely. All water-kind spirit creatures living in the North Sea had to go through a great purge.

‘The evils we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear’; with iron and blood, Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao would let those Northern Wasteland people, who chose to betray the humankind, understand this truth. With the blood of those Northern Wasteland traitors, they would awe all the other human clans.

"We need to do a lot!" Ji Hao squared, patted Mr. Crow’s head, then said, "But Mr. Crow, we have plenty of time!"

"Controlling the flood, this won’t be easy!"

Raising his head, Ji Hao smiled and continued, "Now, we need to find a chicken, then a monkey!"

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