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Before the Sky Pillar collapsed, Ji Hao had been digesting the Pan Jia sun with the small cauldron in his lower abdomen.

According to the mysterious man, when Ji Hao absorbed the Pan Jia sun entirely, he would grow over a hundred thousand inner spirit stars. Then, Ji Hao would become incredibly powerful; he would reach an unimaginable level.

However, before he could absorb the sun entirely, Sky Pillar collapsed, the sky devils showed up, and a series of intense fights started. Ji Hao even fought with the power of the Pan Jia sun a couple of times. Apart from that, Ji Hao had absorbed a part of the essence of the sun before. By now, around seventy percent of the essence power of the Pan Jia sun still remained.

Pan Jia world was a world of water, rich in water power. But other natural powers in that world barely existed. The Pan Jia sun was dim and weak. However, despite its feebleness, the Pan Jia sun was still a sun. Even though only around seventy percent of the essence power remained in the sun, the core of the sun hadn’t been absorbed by Ji Hao, and this sun was still capable of nourishing living creatures, providing all living creatures with warmth and energy.

When rescuing the food transport troop from Tushan Family, Ji Hao already thought of the fact that allowing people to grow crops would be much better than giving them the food, which would eventually run out. No matter how much food Tushan Family had, one day, everything would be eaten up. The only way to solve the food crisis and maintain the food supply was to allow people grow crops in Pu Ban City.

The rain never stopped. Dark clouds covered the sky and blocked the sunshine. The world was overcast, and nothing could grow. Therefore, all farmlands were lying waste. But with the Pan Jia sun, Ji Hao believed that he could bring Pu Ban City back alive, beyond which, he could even heavily strike at those water-kind spirit creatures.

Ji Hao was pondering over this, but abruptly, the silence in the great hall was broken, as people in the hall began shouting.

Led by Gong Sun Sword and Suiren Flame, many clan leaders and elders stepped out from the crowd and pointed at Ji Hao, censuring Ji Hao loudly.

A sun? How could he have a sun?

Gong Sun Sword pointed at Ji Hao’s nose and yelled harshly, "We only have one sun in Pan Gu world. You said you have a sun. Did you seal the sun inside your body with the ninety-nine star-sealing magic formation?"

Suiren Flame popped up his eyes, growling at Ji Hao,almost hysterically, "How many legendary geniuses among human beings, how many powerful beings among us tried to gather the sun power in their bodies and grow internal spirit stars with the sun power. But all of them were burned to ashes by the essence sun fire!"

Suiren Yan even leaped up, cursing in rage, "Are you saying that you’re more powerful than countless legendary human beings?!"

Suiren Yan was truly losing his mind. The greatest contribution made by Suiren Family to the humankind was nothing else but teaching human beings to use fire, accelerating the development of human society with the power of fire. Therefore, most of Suiren Family people were mastered in fire magics, including all kinds of pre-world fires, divine fires, and spirit fires. Suiren Family people could manipulate almost all fires in the world.

Nevertheless, none of their family members had ever managed to occupy the power of the sun. When Suiren Yan was young, he daringly attempted to draw the power of the sun into his body and it into his own. However, as a result, all his meridians and Magus acupoints were nearly burned off. If the powerful ones from his family weren’t there to save him, he would have been burned into a puff of smoke long ago.

He was such a genius, but even a genius like him failed to do that. How could Ji Hao possibly accomplish it so easily?

The sun, it was the sun. Once the sun shone in the sky, all stars would hide. The sun was known as the leader of all stars in the world. Except for the king of the sun, who was supposed to be given birth by nature, no one could ever manipulate the power of the sun; no one could ever turn the sun into a spirit star!

Ji Hao said that he had a sun…

"Earl Yao Ji Hao, are you daydreaming?" A Cyan Luan Bird Clan elder pointed at Ji Hao and yelled, "You have a sun? Why don’t you say that you’re a king of sun from the heaven? Why don’t you say that you’re Taiyi, the ancient East Emperor?"

"Ji Hao, this is the Town Hall, and we’re talking about important things related to the future of the entire human-kind. How can you talk nonsense in here?!" Another elder stepped out of the crowd, shouting at Ji Hao, with saliva spouting from his mouth.

More and more people walked out of the crowd and accused Ji Hao for his reckless, irresponsible talking. Ji Hao knew some of these people, and he didn’t know the others. But at the moment, all of them had been blaming Ji Hao for his balderdash. These people said that Ji Hao had no concern about the well-being of the humankind at all.

Some people even angrily pointed out that the reason why Ji Hao acted so irresponsibly and unruly was that Si Wen Ming had been shielding him, and conniving him all the time! Under Si Wen Ming’s guidance, Ji Hao became such an unreliable man, which meant Si Wen Ming was not qualified to be in charge of the flood-control mission at all!

Within a blink of an eye, tens of human leaders had already suggested Emperor Shun to disqualify Si Wen Ming from the flood-control mission. No matter how much food Tushan old man could give, Si Wen Ming shouldn’t be in charge of the mission. Si Wen Ming allowed Ji Hao to talk irresponsibly like that under such a critical situation, which proved the fact that Si Wen Ming couldn’t even control his people. Then, how could he ever overcome the flood?

A storm of critique towards Ji Hao suddenly burst in the hall. The atmosphere became so tense that Si Wen Ming and Emperor Shun could barely breathe. Emperor Shun’s face turned pale, while Si Wen Ming was slightly shaking. They both wanted to say something for Ji Hao, but facing all these angry human leaders, even the human emperor didn’t know what to say.

Ji Hao took a deep breath, letting a clear stream of mist rose from his head. A glowing red sun emerged upon his head.

This sun was transformed from Ji Hao’s primordial spirit. The warm red glow illuminated the entire hall. Next, thin streams of fire puffed out from the sun and gathered into a golden-red, shining fiery cloud in the air.

The earth quaked and buzzed. Followed a thunderous sound, a dazzling light emerged upon the fiery light.

That thumb-sized light spot sparkled quickly, then began expanding speedily in towards all directions.

The air around Ji Hao was twisted strangely. Around ten meters in radius around him, the air started shaking intensely. The other people on the scene all saw Ji Hao right before their faces, but they also felt that Ji Hao was actually millions of miles away from them.

"Treasure, up!" Ji Hao gave a resonant growl. He raised both of his harms and carried the red sun and the dazzling golden sun, trod on the fiery cloud, and rose into the sky.

The Pan Jia sun was gloriously radiant. A great heat could be sensed in every corner of the hall. Momentarily, the ceiling of the Town Hall was turned into a strand of smoke.

Ji Hao rose from the Town Hall, rose higher and higher with the Pan Jia sun. At last, he stopped under the defensive magic screen created by the great defensive magic formation of Pu Ban City.

The sun shone in the sky eye-piercingly. The great heat dispelled the moisture in the air. In a couple of breaths, the humid and cold air in Pu Ban City became warm and dry. Countless Pu Ban people screamed in surprise. They raised their heads and popped out their eyes, looking at that great sun dazzling right above their heads.

"Ji Hao!!" Emperor Shun pointed at Ji Hao and shouted. He slapped hard on his own thigh and laughed out wildly. Soon, his tears gushed out of his eye sockets.

"Ji Hao!" Si Wen Ming spread his arms and laughed loud thunderously. His face was also covered in warm tears, and his laughter even vibrated the air.

"Ji Hao! Eh, I have to find a couple of more girls from my family to marry to him!" Tushan old man grinned happily, squeezing out hundreds of wrinkles, but with his pair of eyes sparkling brightly.

"Ji Hao!! Ji Hao!! Ji Hao!!!"

All over the city, countless people shouted his name.

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