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"You ignorant kid! This is a great matter! But you, you’re just Earl Yao, a boy from the small Gold Crow Clan. You’re not qualified to talk in here!" shouted Gong Sun Sword harshly. He pressured Ji Hao by mentioning Ji Hao’s experiences and the general power of Gold Crow Clan.

Gong Sun Sword had quite a bad attitude. He talked rudely, and while talking, a strong sword power was released from his body, piercing straight towards Ji Hao like countless invisible sharp swords. If Emperor Shun wasn’t in here, and if all those human leaders hadn’t been looking at him, the sword power released by Gong Sun Sword might have struck on Ji Hao’s body already.

"Earl Yao, your Yao Mountain territory is a new territory. It has only been a few years since you built Yao Mountain City. How much food can you possibly store?" Unlike Gong Sun Sword, Suiren Flame gave a mild grin, looking like an eldership from the neighborhood. He criticized Ji Hao based on the short history of his territory, "Even if you take out every grain you have in Yao Mountain territory, do you think you can bring enough for all people in Pu Ban City, even for just today?"

Sighing slightly, Suiren Flame turned around and smiled to the other human leaders in the hall as he said, "Earl Yao is just too young, and lacks patience. If he takes out all he has, his own people would be left to die, wouldn’t they?"

Yi Di was selected out by Ten Sun Country for the flood-control mission. Standing behind Si Wen Ming, he sneered and said, "Hard to say. If someone wants to be a social climber and to lick the other people’ boots as soon as possible…To this someone, those people are nothing but lowly beings. What’s the big deal even if they died? Can those people ever be more important than his own future?"

Yi Di sounded rather mean. He meant that in order to lick Si Wen Ming’s boots, Ji Hao would rather leave his people to die. Even worse, he also implied that Si Wen Ming would rather leave Ji Hao’s people to die too in order to be in charge of the flood-control mission, because he acquiesced Ji Hao to take out all stored food in his territory!

If all the others believed what Yi Di said, not only Ji Hao, even Si Wen Ming’s reputation would be ruined as well. A leader who would rather give up the lives of his people in order to reach to a higher position would have no future in the alliance of human clans.

Yi Ren was also selected by Ten Sun Country for the flood-control mission. Standing side by side with Yi Di, Yi Ren smiled faintly, threw an unfriendly side glance at Yi Di, and said, "My words might be not pleasant to hear, but I have to say this. Earl Yao Ji Hao, this isn’t right!"

Yi Ren and Yi Di gave each other a threatening glance. Invisible yet especially strong arrow power clashed against each other and made the air buzz in the hall. Both of them quivered slightly, then the tight feather armors worn by them shattered. Feathers flew all over the great hall.

Ji Hao laughed. The other large clans each selected only one person for the flood-control mission because those clans planned to use all resources on that only person to increase the chance of success. However, Ten Sun Country was a great powerful country, and seemed to be the dominator of the entire east. A big half of Eastern Wasteland clans obediently followed the lead of Ten Sun Country. Therefore, Ten Sun Country confidently recommended two young men to join the competition.

From this, it was not hard to tell that the internal disputes of Ten Sun Country were also intense.

Smiling faintly, Ji Hao said slowly, "You two shall solve your own problems before questioning me."

Yi Di and Yi Ren both had their looks changed. Again, they threateningly glanced at each other and showed fierce intents of killing in their eyes. With the great power of Ten Sun Country, if they supported either of them with all available resources of the whole country, it could be fifty percent sure that they would crush all the other competitors and eventually seize power. In the future, with the credit earned through the flood-control mission, this person would definitely become the new human emperor. But now, Ten Sun Country recommended both of them, which meant the available resources had to be split evenly. As a consequence, the chance of success had been reduced by half. At the moment, they saw each other as the biggest enemy ever. Because of each other, their chance of becoming the human emperor was ruined!

Ji Hao’s words triggered the anger in their hearts, and they even wanted to kill each other right now.

Suiren Flame smiled faintly, waved his hand, and said, "Eh? Earl Yao, you sound quite confident. Do you have any good idea to solve the food crisis in Pu Ban City? If you truly do, Earl Yao, your contribution to the humankind will be indescribably great."

Ji Hao smiled faintly as well, turned around, and looked at Suiren Fame as he said blandly, "You’re right, I do know how to solve the food crisis in Pu Ban City. If it goes well, people living in other areas will be able to get food aid from Pu Ban City…Probably, our people don’t have to starve anymore, and we can stay focused on the flood-control!"

Gong Sun Sword, Suiren Flame and the other clan leaders and elders paused on hearing Ji Hao, then shook their heads simultaneously.

What a joke? Pu Ban City giving food aid to other areas? Before the flood, Pu Ban City could reach self-sufficiency. But now, this city was filled with refugees. Even if the other large clans kept sending food over to the city, the demand would still be insatiable!

But Ji Hao said that Pu Ban City would be able to give food aid to the other areas. This was such a joke!

Even Emperor Shun shook his head. Looking at Ji Hao, he silently sighed, but didn’t say anything. In Emperor Shun’s eyes, Ji Hao might be too impatient to help Si Wen Ming, so he spoke without thinking.

Si Wen Ming was the only one who had confidence in Ji Hao. All these years, the way Ji Hao improved himself, and all amazing abilities Ji Hao had shown, shocked Si Wen Ming deeply. This time, Si Wen Ming believed that Ji Hao wasn't just talking nonsense, and he must have figured something out.

"Ji Hao, tell us about it!" Si Wen Ming unsuspectingly looked at Ji Hao and said warmly and mildly, "Tell us how will you solve this big issue. If you can truly find a way to solve it, the greatest credit of this flood-control mission will go to you!"

Ji Hao smiled and said in a deep and calm voice, "Uncle Wen Ming, my plan is simple. Countless refugees have fled to Pu Ban City, but many mountain areas are still empty…With the powers of our human Magi, we can turn those mountain areas into fertile farmlands, and easily grow crops!"

Si Wen Ming paused. He laughed hollowly, and didn’t say a word.

The other human leaders in the hall paused shortly as well, then many of them shouted out.

"How ridiculous!" People said.

Suiren Yan stepped out the first, pointed at Ji Hao, and yelled, "Ji Hao, how have you been managing your Yao Mountain territory? Do you even have any agricultural knowledge? You have the soil, you create the farmlands, you plant the crops, but you need abundant sunlight for the crops to grow!"

Conveniently pointing at the ceiling of the great hall, Suiren Yan continued yelling, "The sky is covered by dark clouds now, with all those water-kind things messing around out there. The world is dark, and there is no sunlight, no sunlight at all! Grow crops? It’s easy for you to say!" Suiren Yan looked very angry, yet he also had a twisted, faint smile on his face.

Standing aside, Gong Sun Sword taunted blandly, "I assume Earl Yao has never managed these things. He probably doesn’t even know what grain seedlings look like, does he?"

Countless human leaders angrily looked at Ji Hao, all with unfriendly facial expressions. Even those princes, earls and marquises who were friends with Ji Hao, now looked at him with disappointment.

An earl with no basic agricultural knowledge…Ji Hao wasn’t even qualified as an earl.

Emperor Shun shook his head again disappointedly. Grow crops? Anyone can do that. But without the sun, nothing could possibly grow!

Sighed slightly, Emperor Shun prepared to say something. But Ji Hao began talking the first. He said something world-shaking.

"Well, I have a sun. It’s much smaller than the sun in our Pan Gu world, but it will be more than enough to warm the entire Pu Ban City, even the surrounding area!"

Once he said this out, the entire great hall fell into deathly stillness.

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