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"Such a powerful treasure!" Stunned, Tao Sha looked at the Taiji Universe mirror that floated above Ji Hao’s head, glowing like a moon. "How much food can this treasure trade for?"

Besides Tao Sha, all the other elders who once tried to stop Ji Hao had their face twitch. They were shocked, and even had a lingering fear. Meanwhile, they felt so lucky that they didn’t start any life-risking fight against Ji Hao, who seemed to own countless supreme magic treasures!

The Taiji Universe mirror shone in the sky. White misty light descended like a drizzle. Under Gong Gong’s command, countless water-kind spirit creatures fearlessly marched towards Ji Hao. However, once they entered the area covered by the light of the mirror, they would pause immediately. In the following moment, a gray-white fire would burn from inside their bodies, soon igniting their entire bodies.

Water-kind spirit creatures who were still in their original shapes and looked barely like human beings could last for around a second in the fire. The ones who looked seventy to eighty percent like human beings and were as powerful as ordinary human warriors, could last for a breath. The ones as powerful as human Senior Magi, and looked quite like human beings, could last for three to five breaths. Only those Magus-King-level and Divine-Magus-level spirit creatures, who were mostly enormous in shapes, could last for around a quarter of an hour in the extremely negative power. Their great powers and strong life-forces allowed them to howl and scream in the fire without being killed. While fighting back the soul-deep, heartbreaking pain, they rushed towards Ji Hao for hundreds of miles. But still, before they could approach Ji Hao, they were all turned into puffs of white ash, dissipating in the air.

Differently sized streams of extremely negative power drifted in the air. The Taiji Creation cauldron floated in front of Ji Hao, released a strong suction force. Streams of extremely negative power flew towards Ji Hao, then be swallowed by the cauldron, started being purified in the cauldron.

Within a small half an hour, at least a million water-kind spirit creatures were burned up by the extremely negative power, without leaving a trace of their souls.

"Terrifying…" A Zhuwu Clan elder brushed the steel-needle-like beard on his chin with his fingers while murmuring with a deep voice, "Ji Hao, this boy hasn’t got married, has he?" Clicking his tongue, this elder continued, "Hmm, his territory is broad. I can raise many children, right?"

"If you have girls with big stomachs in your clan, just send them to Ji Hao! It will be nice!" Tao Sha smirked and said, "But, Zhu Rong, that kid likes Ji Hao. Ji Hao is now with Zhu Rong Man Man!"

The group of powerful yet slightly shameless elders glanced at each other, then had their looks turned weird. An elder with white hair, who seemed to be older than the others, clicked his tongue, lowered his voice, and said, "Hmm, he’s fast, but it’s not too late though! He hasn’t got married, which means we still have chance…Even if he is already married, we can still send him a few girls. Zhu Rong Man Man wouldn’t just kill them, would she?"

Ji Hao stood in the midair. His left eye had turned purely dark, while his right eye was pale like paper. Between his eyebrows, his erect eye released a bright light that shone from the sky. The extremely negative power had been surging into the Taiji Creation cauldron, while thin streams of purified extremely negative power flowed into his body, merging with his primordial spirit. Gradually and silently, a prehistorical, strange sense of power spread out from his body.

The group of elders had their looks changed again in shock. Tushan old man stood in the transport troop, staring at Ji Hao with passionately sparkling eyes.

"This sense of power…Hehe, hehe, my younger brother’s granddaughter is growing up, ah! I have to talk to Zhu Rong about this when I get back. My younger brother’s granddaughter and Zhu Rong Man Man, they can be sisters. It will be so nice!" Tushan old man grinned quite delightfully, but that grin of his had a trace of indescribable seriousness and sadness in it.

The power of sense spreading from Ji Hao’s body could only be sensed from those old powerful beings who had been living as true Supreme Magi for countless years. Ji Hao was obviously not as powerful as those mysterious beings. The only explanation of that sense of power was that in both terms of cultivation and potential, Ji Hao was swiftly reaching to the level of those mysterious powerful beings.

"Hmm, as long as Wen Ming can ascend to the throne, with Ji Hao helping him…It will be worth everything!" Tushan Old man grinned even wider, squeezing his eyes into a pair of lines. Countless water-kind spirt creatures screamed before they were burned into ash, but in Tushan old man’s ears, this was even more beautiful than any music.

"Kill him!" Under the power of the Taiji Universe mirror, ordinary water-kind spirit creatures couldn’t cause any threat to Ji Hao. Seeing this, human warriors mixed in the water-kind army were agitated. The leader of those Eastern Wasteland archers wielded his longbow, pointed at Ji Hao and burst with a growl.

The Eastern Wasteland sword formation was formed once again. Tihs time, all Eastern Wasteland archers bit their tongues broken. Each spat out a mouthful of spirit blood on their bows. A fierce power vibration drilled up into the sky, while dazzling beams of light merged into the leader’s bow. A bright arrow light had been compressing, and within a blink of an eye, the arrow light became a nine-feet long, almost tangible arrow.

"Earl Yao Ji Hao, die!"

Followed by a cracking noise, a thumb-thick black space crack appeared in the air. The arrow broke the space and reached to Ji Hao’s face instantaneously.

Ji Hao laughed. A beam of light flashed across the Taiji Universe mirror. Immediately, a misty light screen emerged before Ji Hao’s face, and in the very next moment, the arrow was teleported back to the leader of Eastern Wasteland archers, piercing into his forehead along with a puffing noise.

The head of that leader was blown up. The arrow gathered the powers of nearly a hundred thousand archers, flew into the formation from the front, and pierced through the entire formation within ten-thousandth of a second.

Thousands of archers had their bodies penetrated by the sharp light. The strong power tore their bodies into pieces, and created a six-feet wide path of blood in the sword formation.

Human bodies exploded one after another. Eastern Wasteland archers roared out, then turned around and fled straightaway.

Shrill horns came from the direction of Pu Ban City. Following that, muffled wing-flapping noises could be heard from the air. Heavily armored flying bears descended from dark clouds. Sitting straight on the backs of these flying bears were You Chong warriors, armed to the teeth and with serious, cold looks.

Flying bear knights pulled their bows open and aimed down, releasing waves of arrows towards those desperately running Eastern Wasteland archers.

Arrows swished down from the sky and punctured those Eastern Wasteland archers’ bodies, violently. Before these warriors pulled these arrows out from their bodies, the explosive spell symbols attached to the arrowheads were activated. Those archers’ bodies were sent into the sky, torn limb by limb, then fell back down light shooting stars.

"Kill every last one of them!" Si Wen Ming trod on the head of a winged dragon, pointing down with his long sword as he growled, "They colluded with the water-kind and attempted to destroy the life-saving food of our humankind. They all deserve to die!"

Those flying bear knights hung their strong bows on the hooks tied on their left legs, then pulled out their heavy long spears and roared like beasts, driving down their mounts from the air. Flying bears folded their wings and shot down like stones. Knights lunged their spears, fiercely piercing into those archers who didn’t manage to dodge. The shaking long spears tore those archers’ bodies into countless bits.

With one dive, almost all Eastern Wasteland archers were crushed. Only three to five hundred luckily survived.

Flying bear knights whistled brightly and rose again into the sky. Next, another troop dove down.

A rain of blood fell, with a strong blood scent brought down by the gales. The attacks launched by those flying bear knights made all human warriors mixed in the water-kind army scream.

"Zhu Rong! What are you waiting for?!" Hou Tu shouted out hysterically after suffering another heavy hack from Tushan Zun.

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