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Ji Hao gave two orders in a row.

Firstly, he immediately sent two-hundred-thousand elite Yao Mountain warriors to Pu Ban City as reinforcement. Among them, around a hundred were Divine Magi. This batch of elite warriors wouldn’t go to the battlefield. Instead, they would be maintaining the order among all those refugees living in his place.

Secondly, he sent Ji Tian, Ji Di, Ji Xuan, Ji Huan, with a batch of disciples from his Yao Mountain Palace of Dao under their command, to set a simple twenty-eight-star spirit-turning magic formation in his palace and garden. Ji Hao had ready-made magic formation tools with him, and once the magic formation was set up, the entire area would be under an overall protection. Anyone who dared to cause any trouble would be caught and killed by the magic formation immediately.

Next, Man Man and Shaosi left with their warriors, each having their respective tasks. Ji Hao sat in the house, pondering for a while. He looked at the dark sky outside, then flicked his wrist and threw Heng Xing out of his sleeve. Heng Xing’s bones were broken, and his power was still sealed.

Heng Xing’s broken body heavily landed on the ground. Showing his teeth, he raised his head, glanced at Ji Hao, then gnashed his teeth and growled deeply, "Wanna peel my skin off? Or pull out my tendons? Break my bones and eat my marrow? Come, do whatever you want! Your master Heng Xing won’t even frown slightly! Otherwise, count me a loser!"

Ji Hao sat straight in a large armchair, hands put on the arms of the chair. He lowered his head, looked at Heng Xing’s furious face, and gave a faint smile.

"Good, you are indeed a tough one… I like tough ones." Ji Hao said blandly, "I hope you can last longer…Hehe, your father is now under my Sister’s control. Do you think that I can’t bring you under control?"

Heng Xing paused, popped out his eyes in shock, and shouted, "What did you say? My father…"

Following hissing sounds, the two fire snakes coiled on Ji Hao’s shoulders received the message delivered through Ji Hao’s spirit power. They abruptly raised their upper bodies and hissed happily. Then, their two feet long bodies began expanding speedily. Within a blink of an eye, they turned as thick as human arms.

This pair of fire snakes wriggled down from Ji Hao’s body and circled around Heng Xing. Heng Xing widely opened his eyes and howled out loud while a fire snake slowly wriggled to his mouth, with streaks of flame puffing out from its jaws. The snake seemed to drill into Heng Xing’s mouth. Heng Xing hurriedly shut his mouth and gnashed his teeth tight, fixing his eyes on the fire snake which was getting closer and closer.

"Ah, you shut your mouth, didn’t you? Pretty tight, but you still have nostrils, don’t you?" Ji Hao put his elbows on the chair arms and supported his chin with his hands, looking at Heng Xing with that faint smile on his face as he said, "Hmm, turn longer and thinner… Be slower."

Hearing him, the two fire snakes let out their fork tongues and quickly shrunk their bodies to the size of little fingers, but weirdly maintaining the length of around six meters. They wriggled their bodies and slowly crawled to Heng Xing’s nostrils like two long and thin streams of fire.

Slowly reaching to Heng Xing’s face, the two fire snakes naughtily let out their tongues and heavily licked the few nasal hair that reached out from Heng Xing’s nostrils. Along with a sizzling noise, the few nasal hair were burned into a strand of smoke, and soon, a smell of burning hair spread out in the room.

"No, no…No…" Heng Xing couldn't hold it anymore. He widely opened his mouth and yelled, "Earl Yao, Ji Hao, you, you, you… I have heard your name. You’re a famous elite among all young human beings…You, I’m hundreds of years older than you… You can’t do this to me!"

"Then what should I do to you?" Ji Hao grinningly looked at Heng Xing and asked. All of a sudden, he flashed across the air, clenched his right fist and launched the combined move of sky-opening and earth-splitting. His right fist created a dazzling golden beam of light along a straight and short track, punching on Heng Xing’s right knee violently and wildly.

A thunderous boom was generated, as Heng Xing’s right knee was blown up. His lower leg was almost smashed by this punch of Ji Hao!

Facing this unspeakably strong punch launched by Ji Hao, his invincible body gifted from his Henggong fish bloodline, and his unbreakable bone thorns gifted from his devil bone fish bloodline, all turned to be a joke. His knee was blasted, and the kneecap smashed to thousands of bits, darting meters away.

Heng Xing opened his mouth and howled out heartbreakingly. His eyeballs bulged out from his eye sockets and almost popped out.

He stared at Ji Hao in terror, as if the latter were a devil from hell. His eyes were filled with fear, and he couldn’t even believe his own eyes. Despite the fact that he had just been severely wounded by the power sealed in the painting of Priest Hua and Priest Mu, which was worshipped by Steel Bull Clan people, he didn’t see Priest Hua and Priest Mu in person. Therefore, he still didn’t want to admit defeat.

However, right before his face, Ji Hao easily broke his skin, crushed his bones, and seriously injured this almost invincible body of his, with nothing else but his own physical strength. Not even a slight vibration of magic power or any other type of power was released from Ji Hao when he launched this punch. This punch was generated purely by Ji Hao’s very own physical strength.

Heng Xing howled for a short while, then stared at Ji Hao’s right fist. He couldn’t believe it. Ji Hao’s hand was perfectly clean, without a single stain of blood. More importantly, Ji Hao wounded Heng Xing with a punch, yet his own skin remained unharmed at all!

This proved that Ji Hao’s body was way stronger than Heng Xing’s body. Nevertheless, Heng Xing possessed the bloodlines of both Henggong fish and devil bone fish, and had also reached a high level of cultivation. Not even the bodies of peak-level Divine Magi could be stronger than his body! This meant…Ji Hao was even stronger than peak-level Divine Magi?! In terms of physical strength, Ji Hao couldn’t be as strong as Supreme Magi, could he?

Spirit creatures had always been willing to respect and admire powerful beings. One could be the ruler and be the law as long as he or she was stronger than them.

Not to mention the fact that the pair of fire snakes had already drilled into Heng Xing’s nostrils. Their long snake bodies wriggled, and had still been drilling deeper into his body. While Heng Xing was hesitating, the two snakes had reached half a foot deep into his body.

Heng Xing finally screamed out with a muffled voice, "I submit, I submit…Get them away! Get them away! Ji Hao, I submit, I submit… I’ll do whatever you want me to do! But you have to make sure that I can have enough meat to eat, enough booze to drink…And you also have to kill all those brothers of mine!"

Ji Hao pinched the tails of the two fire snakes and dragged them out of Heng Xing’s nostrils. Then, he slapped on Heng Xing’s forehead and said coldly, "Let out your soul. Don’t resist, or you’ll be the only one to suffer!"

Biting his finger broken, Ji Hao draw a spell symbol that he learned from Gui Ling, and was created especially for controlling spirit creatures. Next, he activated the Taiji Universe mirror and released a clear stream of light that struck on the blood spell symbols, sending it into Heng Xing’s soul.

Heng Xing quivered instantly, then opened his eyes again. He showed the obedience and respect, that came straight from his soul, with those eyes.

"Master!" Heng Xing tremblingly nodded to Ji Hao.

"Good!" Ji Hao took out a magic pill made by Priest Dachi, put into Heng Xing’s mouth, and said coldly, "From now on, you will follow me everywhere, serving me as my mount."

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