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"Shameless!" Heng Xing lied in a hand-shaped deep pit, with all his bones broken. He could now only curse weakly.

That enormous hand didn’t only break his bones, it had also sealed all his spirit creature power, and the few most important meridians of his. He was disabled from casting any magic, neither could he boost up his spirit blood to heal himself. Therefore, at the moment, Heng Xing was able to do nothing but lie on the ground, cursing out loud.

Heavy footsteps could be heard. Just now, Heng Xing had smashed seventy to eighty Vajra warriors.The rest Vajra warriors rushed over with big steps and stood around the three-hundred meters wide, hand-shaped pit, expressionlessly and silently.

Water Lotus reverently kowtowed a few times towards the stone building, then he stood up, proudly and slightly waved his hand. A new grey long robe appeared, automatically wearing itself on his body.

From the bag tied around his waist, Water Lotus carefully took out a spirit talisman, which was made from a linden leaf. The spirit talisman was vivid green, shaped like a leaf, but with golden veins. Water Lotus reluctantly measured the spirit talisman in his hand, then gnashed his teeth and tore it apart, releasing a human-head-sized, dense green mist from it.

The green mist quickly coiled around Water Lotus’s right hand. He shouted deeply in pain while the four smashed fingers of his quickly grew back out. A part of that green mist drilled into Water Lotus’s body and generated a series of bone creaking noise. His pale face soon turned pink again. Obviously, all his inner injuries were healed.

The remaining baby-head-sized sphere of green mist flew out and evenly divided itself into four parts, each part merging with the body of a wounded young priest. The four young priests shouted in pain, then black blood was squeezed out of their mouths. Soon, they all recovered and stood up with rosy cheeks.

The priests glanced at each other, then angrily trod on clouds and flew towards Heng Xing.

Reaching to Heng Xing, Water Lotus pressed his cloud down and threw a heavy kick on Heng Xing’s temple while cursing loudly. Following a muffled thud, Water Lotus’s face turned pale again.

Heng Xing chuckled louder and louder, and at last, he laughed out wildly, even having tears gushing out of his eye sockets.

White Lotus’s big toe let out a cracking noise. He kicked Heng Xing with all his strength. However, not even a hair of Heng Xing was harmed, while Water Lotus’s big toe suffered a comminuted fracture because of the strong counterforce. He almost screamed out because of the pain.

Gasping quickly in pain, Water Lotus staggered a few steps back. He dared not to put his right foot on the ground. Instead, he could only stand with one foot, supporting his body with a single leg in a strange posture.

Seeing Water Lotus get hurt again, the other priests glanced at each other, immediately and simultaneously pulled out their flying swords, gripped the hilts and fiercely hacked at Heng Xing. A series of clangs was generated, with fire sparkles flying all over the sky. However, despite the fact that these five priests had tried their bests, they didn’t manage to even break Heng Xing’s skin.

Heng Xing sneered proudly. Looking at Water Lotus, he said in a cold voice, "Without whatever in that stone house, not even five-thousand more idiots like you can defeat me, your master Heng Xing!"

Letting out a cold stream of air from his nostrils, Heng Xing yelled out aggressively, "Come, your master Heng Xing has one life only, and he is lying right here. Take his life if you’re decent men! Haha, you bunch of ball-less little girls, how can you possible harm a hair of mine?!"

Water Lotus’s eye corners twitched in anger. "Brothers, let’s join hands and get this evil thing with a thunder magic!"

The six priests shouted out together. They stood in a circle, locked their fingers together, and incanted the secret spell taught by Priest Hua and Priest Mu. Instantly, strong gales rose from the ground while a dark golden thundercloud emerged silently in the air. As thunders rumbled in the sky, a water-tank-sized bolt of lightning slightly flashed in the thundercloud, then descended overwhelmingly, as if the sky had collapsed.

Heng Xing stared directly at this bolt of lightning, without even blinking his eyes.

Thunder and lightning served the natural laws of this world, and could largely suppress and harm evils and spirit creatures. Nevertheless, Heng Xing’s father was the first Henggong fish in the world, the one with an incomparably strong defensive power, the one who was able to rival powerful beings like Po and Gui Ling. Without a doubt, Heng Xing’s defensive power was also unimaginably strong. His skin was as strong as an iron wall. Water Lotus and his five brothers combined their powers and cast a thunder magic to make destructive thunderbolts descend from the sky and strike on Heng Xing’s body without a pause. They created a hundreds of meters deep hole in the ground, but still failed to harm even a hair of his.

Countless electric bolts sizzled on Heng Xing’s skin, but he did nothing but laugh loudly, "Ahyaya, good, it feels really good. Are you tickling your master Heng Xing? Come on, make it harder, eh…I told you that you’re a bunch of girls, you wouldn’t believe it. With these weak powers of yours, who can you possibly hurt?"

In the distance, Ji Hao looked at Water Lotus and his brothers, whose faces were blushed, and couldn’t help but shake his head.

Water Lotus and his brothers were not weak. If Ji Hao hadn’t been cultivated by Priest Dachi in Dachi Sky, he would be weaker than Water Lotus and his brothers. But the one these poor things encountered was Heng Xing, who was basically invincible. Without especially powerful supreme magic treasures, how could these priests possible break Heng Xing’s defense and harm him?

"This thing is interesting though. He’s quite powerful, but how come he only had tens of thousands of weak water-kind spirit creatures under his command?" From the distance, Ji Hao looked at Heng Xing yelling and shouting, and slightly frowned. Then he laughed out abruptly, "We have quite a lot of rivers in our Yao Mountain territory. It will be nice if we can get a Henggong fish to guard our water areas!"

Giving a long resonant shout, Ji Hao sent the Taiji Universe mirror back into his body, then swung his arms. Held in his hand, the Taiji divine sword transformed into a three-hundred meters long, coiling black and white mist stream, and spurted out. The distance of a hundred miles only took a blink of an eye. The black and white Taiji sword mist flashed swiftly across the air and took a circle around that hand-shaped pit instantaneously.

A sizzling noise was started, following which, over two-hundred Vajra warriors were suddenly turned into bits and pieces, flying in the air. Ji Hao used the sword move learned from Yu Yu, and within the past moment, every Vajra warrior suffered over ten-thousand sword hacks, and were cut into bean-sized pieces.

The pieces of these man-made battle puppets scattered all over the ground. Next, Ji Hao wielded his arm and sent the black and white sword mist straight to Water Lotus, as fast as a bolt of thunder.

Water Lotus screamed, then hurriedly took out a bronze-colored three-story tower and threw into the sky. A three-feet-thick, bronze-colored defensive magic screen appeared immediately, that shielded his five brothers and himself.

Ji Hao gave a faint smile. The black and white sword mist suddenly expanded to thousands of meters long and circled around the defensive magic screen. Followed by a long puffing sound, the defensive magic screen was torn into pieces. The bronze-colored small tower was swept across by the tail of the sword mist and whipped into two along with a loud metallic clang.

Blood sprayed out from Water Lotus’s mouth, then he thudded to the ground on his butt, unable to move anymore.

Ji Hao changed his hand motions once again. Under his control, the black and white sword mist transformed into a giant hand and reached downwards. It grabbed Heng Xing, who had been shouting in shock, and brought him to Ji Hao.

Thud! The Taiji Creation cauldron rose from Ji Hao’s head and released a wave of mist. Those water-kind spirit creatures that were still paralyzed, lying among countless lotuses without being able to move were rolled up and sent into the cauldron.

"Water Lotus, behave yourself…When this disaster is overcome, I will make you pay for what you’ve done!" Ji Hao sneered, then turned around and walked right away with Shaosi and Man Man. He pointed at the fiery cloud treading under their feet, and instantly flew hundreds of miles away, soon disappearing without a trace.

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