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A calming power spread out in all directions, making the people feel warm and safe from the deepest parts of their souls. Steel Bull Clan people showed peaceful smiles. Their tightened faces were loosened, as they pressed their foreheads against the ground devotedly, calling the names of Priest Hua and Priest Mu loudly.

Ji Hao opened his erect eyes, and sensed some strong and magical power spreading out from these people faintly, like streams flowing towards the stone building in the center of the village. He carefully reached his spirit power into the stone building, and saw an incense burner table at the center of the building. A large, exquisitely softened piece of leather was hanging on the wall, with full-length portraits of Priest Hua and Priest Mu painted on it.

On the painting, Priest Mu sat on a large rock with crossed legs, his right hand naturally put on his knee, and left hand gently holding a faintly golden flower. He was smiling, mysteriously and unfathomably.

Priest Hua stood beside Priest Mu with a serious face. He was holding a wooden staff with his left hand, his right hand holding a blooming seven-colored lotus. Unlike Priest Mu, whose eyes were closed, Priest Hua’s eyes were widely open, glowing like a real person.

Once Ji Hao took a quick glance at the painting through his spirit power, a sharp beam of light flashed across Priest Hua’s eyes. Ji Hao felt his spirit power struck by destructive thunderbolts. The spirit power he sent into the stone building was crushed instantly. He lost his vision momentarily, while two streams of blood spurted to meters away from his nostrils.

"Old b*stard!" Ji Hao hurriedly withdrew his spirit power and cursed in anger.

"B*stard!" The muscular man transformed from that Henggong fish leaped up and yelled in rage. After all, at the moment, all water-kind spirit creatures under his command were paralyzed, softly floating on the water surface, as if their bones had been pulled out of their bodies.

Countless lotuses bloomed around these water-kind spirit creatures, spreading a nice aroma. The white light shone, and forced those water-kind spirit creatures to show their real shapes. Soon, large turtles, lobsters, fishes and other aquatic creatures showed up on the water surface.

Occasionally, those lotuses touched the bodies of some water-kind spirit creatures. Light streams had been flowing around each lotus, burning those poor water-kind spirit creatures. It broke their skins, and some even had a big half of their bodies burned off.

"Who are you? What're your names?" Henggong fish vigilantly looked at Water Lotus and his people while pulling out a large black iron hammer from behind his armchair. He swung it above his own head and started a dark gust of wind.

A strong sense of spirit creature power was released from Henggong fish’s body, and transformed into a dark cloud, drifting above his head. The dark cloud rolled, then bumped into the white light emitted by those lotuses, causing muffled bombs.

"I am Water Lotus!" Water Lotus simply introduced himself. He looked at Henggong fish from head to toe curiously, and said, "I heard that Gong Gong had a senior minister under his command, who is the ancestor of all Henggong fishes in Northern Wasteland, and the first Henggong fish in the world…Apparently, you’re not him!"

Henggong fish proudly raised his head and said, "The one you talked about is my dear father…I am Heng Xing, and my father is that famous Henggong fish. My mother is a devil bone fish who lived in the bottomless cave beneath the North Sea!"

Slapping his own chest hard, Heng Xing continued proudly, "Therefore, I, your master Heng Xing, got an invincible skin from my father, and unbreakable bones from my mother!"

Taking a deep gasp, Heng Xing showed his teeth and howled fiercely.

A series of creaking noise came from his body, along with which, three-foot-long thorns drilled out from his body. Every bone joint of his had sharp thorns like this growing out, and within a couple of breaths, Heng Xing started looking like a black hedgehog.

Laughing loudly, Heng Xing grabbed a paralyzed water-kind spirit creature near his feet, "See, these are devil bone thorns, gifted by my dear mother’s bloodline. No matter how many armors you wear, you will be penetrated by me!"

The paralyzed water-kind spirit creature Heng Xing grabbed was a nine-meters long grass tortoise. The tortoise’s shell was three feet thick, purely dark and having a metallic luster. Obviously, that shell had quite a strong defensive power.

Heng Xing grabbed the tortoise and smashed it on his black thorns.

Puff! The tortoise weakly howled in pain as those black thorns penetrated its entire body!

Heng Xing proudly raised his head, stared at Water Lotus, and sneered, "How about this? You’re afraid, aren’t you?"

Water Lotus and the five people behind him remained silent, looking at the tortoise vomit blood and die. None of them said anything for quite a while.

A while later, a young priest behind Water Lotus began talking with a deep voice, "He seems to be quite powerful, but I don’t think those thorns can even penetrate that soft-shelled turtle!"

That young priest viciously pointed at a soft-shelled turtle beside Heng Xing. A strong power vibration had been releasing from the body of that soft-shelled turtle.

Heng Xing’s look changed immediately. He grabbed that soft-shelled turtle, and without saying anything, he launched a mad series of stabs to that soft-shelled turtle with thorns on his elbow. Loud puffing noises could be heard without an end. The soft-shelled turtle popped out his eyes and stared at Heng Xing, while blood surged out from his eyes, ears, mouth and nose.

"Lord Heng Xing…You have been fooled!" howled that soft-shelled turtle.

Water Lotus and the five people laughed out loud together, and even the few Steel Bull Clan leaders, who kneeled on the ground, began laughing. They laughed so hard that they gasped quickly for air, even though their faces were covered in snot and tears.

Ji Hao had just wiped up the blood on his face with the handkerchief given by Shaosi. Abruptly seeing Heng Xing’s stupid behavior, he couldn’t help but show the whites of his eyes in speechlessness. He had seen stupid creatures, but seriously, he had never seen anyone so stupid!

Speaking of that famous Henggong fish under Gong Gong’s command, the one known as the first Henggong fish in the world, it was forcibly recruited by Gui Ling earlier. By now, he was probably guarding Gui Ling’s place…Yet, Heng Xing was still acting so wildly. Didn’t he know that his father had already become Gui Ling’s doorkeeper?

The laughter of Water Lotus and his people stimulated Heng Xing. He popped out his eyes and blinked hard for a while. Finally, he seemed to realize something.

Heng Xing burst in rage. He roared out, wielded his large hammer, and smashed to Water Lotus and his people.

Water Lotus smiled, carelessly picked a lotus from under his feet, and swung towards that large black iron hammer.

"Today, I will let you witness the supreme magic created by our Master Shifu. You’re nothing but a spirit creature, how can you…Ah!"

Water Lotus was carelessly and confidently smiling towards those Steel Bull Clan leaders. He planned to easily defeat Heng Xing with a figure of a magically powerful cultivator. Nevertheless, he didn’t think that the silly Heng Xing was also incredibly strengthful.

The iron hammer landed like a towering mountain. The glowing white lotus in Water Lotus’s hand was shattered. Water Lotus didn’t manage to take his hand back timely. As a result, his right hand was scratched by the hammer, that led to a loud popping sound. Followed by that sound, except for his right thumb, all the other four fingers were smashed by the hammer.

Water Lotus was a typical Qi cultivator, not someone like Ji Hao who cultivated both his body and spirit.

The heart-breaking pain made Water Lotus scream. He opened his mouth, let out a white misty stream of sword power, and struck on Heng Xing’s chest.

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