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Steel Bull Clan people screamed and cried out simultaneously. Almost all elderly ones, woman and children kneeled on the ground together, and started kowtowing to a hall in the middle of the village, which was the only stone building in the village.

From over a hundred miles away, Ji Hao could still hear these people tremblingly begging their so-called ‘saint’ for mercy and protection.

As for those warrior leaders, who were much stronger than their clansmen, and had acted so arrogantly and proudly in front of Ji Hao just now, were now like wild dogs which were scared to death. They kneeled to Water Lotus with pale faces, kowtowing to him without an end and begging to save their lives.

"Steel Bull Clan just doesn’t have backbones!" Man Man carried her pair of hammers, shaking her head hard as she said, "Eh, such a weak-kneed clan. If they were in Southern Wasteland, no clan would be willing to marry their girls to Steel Bull Clan men!"

Shaosi held her arms before her chest, with her eyes narrowed. She looked like a lazy and leisurely fox, quietly looking at those crying and screaming Steel Bull Clan people.

Quite a while later, she said slowly, "Although the choice was made by Steel Bull Clan people themselves, those Priests are indeed impressive... How long has it been since the flood started again? But they managed to soften all people in a ten-thousand people clan already!"

Standing behind Ji Hao, a Jia Clan warrior laughed with a muffled voice, "We like soft people! We conquered countless species, and we like soft kinds the most. We liked watching them cry under our feet, begging us for mercy."

Before Ji Hao said anything, this Jia Clan warrior laughed and continued, "Human beings are not soft at all, you have backbones. We’ve been fighting for so many years and we admire the humankind, in fact. Our ancestors conquered countless worlds, but not a single world managed to fight against us for such a long period."

Nodding heavily, this Jia Clan warrior said seriously, "Therefore, human beings in Pan Gu world are amazing…But, even among these amazing human beings, soft ones have emerged…Those emperors in power would be so happy if they got to know about this, wouldn’t they?"

Ji Hao, Man Man, Shaosi all had their faces badly darkened. All Yao Mountain warriors who followed Man Man and Shaosi to here squinted at this Jia Clan warrior, who was from Di Family.

See the situation from the point of view of the non-humankind, it was surely a great thing for so many cowards to emerge among the humankind. Facing the enemies, these Steel Bull Clan people didn’t pick up their weapons to fight with their greatest efforts. Instead, they kneeled on the ground, begging a fake saint for mercy, and asking a few priests, who were totally outsiders, for help. This was a humiliation for the entire humankind!

"Priest Hua…Priest Mu…" Ji Hao’s face was extremely dark, seeming about to burst with thunderbolts at any time. What their disciples had been doing was just like bloodletting to the humankind. Since always, human beings would rather die than submit. But now, these evil priests were trying to destroy that great spirit of the humankind!

Tens of thousands of water-kind spirit creatures roared loudly and released great power vibrations. They raised strong waves, slapping towards the village. The water level was around three-hundred meters lower than the mountaintop, where the village of the Steel Bull Clan located. But once those water-kind spirit creatures moved, the water level was raised immediately, and soon reached the height of the mountaintop.

The water flooded to the village, and wherever the flood reached, fruit trees and nursery-grown plants around the village were all uprooted. They were swirled away, disappearing without a trace.

A few large barns that belonged to Steel Bull Clan were set out of the village, in a small valley westward of the village, with twenty-thousand large-horn goats kept in there. Each large-horn goat was over three meters long, strong and muscular. These goats provided much of the meat that the Steel Bull Clan people ate.

Flood surged in through the narrowed entrance of that small valley. A few clansmen, who were responsible for guarding those goats, cried desperately while climbing up through the cliffs on both sides of the valley. However, before they could reach the safe points, a few water-kind spirit creatures trod on waves and swished across them. Those water-kind spirit creatures raised their long spears, that were made from fish bones, and fiercely pierced down, cutting those crying and begging Steel Bull Clan people into pieces.

An eel warrior excitedly grabbed half of a body that belonged to a Steel Bull Clan man, stabbed his spear into it and waved it as if it were a battle flag.

The other water-kind spirit creatures raised a giant wave. The water poured into the valley, and swept across it. Twenty-thousand ghosts were badly frightened by the strong power vibration released from those water-kind spirit creatures. They were all swept away by the flood without struggling.

Sitting in the armchair, that Henggong fish clenched his fingers in the air and created tens of enormous whirlpools immediately. Soon, nearly drowned, trembling goats flew out from those whirlpools one after another. That Henggong fish gave his orders, following which, those water-kind spirit creatures happily grabbed those goats and started gulping. In a short while, all large-horn goats were eaten by them, and even the furs and bones were swallowed.

Henggong fish swallowed whole three goats himself, then burped satisfyingly. He opened his jaws and spat out a large sphere of sticky wool. Then, he pointed at the village of Steel Bull Clan, smirked and yelled, "Eat and drink, and play with women…Hurry up, give us the prettiest girls of your clan. Otherwise, if you make me do the work myself…casualties might be caused!"

The Henggong fish chuckled and slightly twisted his body, releasing a dense puff of mist. Soon, he transformed into a naked muscular man, who was over six-meter tall.

Proudly standing from his armchair, Henggong fish moved his crotch towards the village and yelled out loud, "You bunch of men are crying like little girls! Hehe, you cowards, I don’t think you have the strength to play with girls anyway…Let go of those girls, let us do the work!"

The group of water-kind spirit creatures laughed out wildly. They had just stuffed their stomachs with fresh meat, and at the moment, they felt energetic and eager to vent some of their vigor.

Water Lotus remained silent all the time. He had been proudly looking at those Steel Bull Clan leaders kneeling in front of him, crying and begging. Only once the few elderly Maguspriest all fainted because of ceaseless kowtowing, Water Lotus finally nodded slowly.

"The world is a dangerous place. You human beings are weak… How can I protect all of you? You will be able to live a safe and happy life in this world, which is filled with endless pain, only if you worship our master Shifu." Water Lotus’s eyeballs rolled in his eye sockets, and abruptly laughed coldly, "Your village shouldn’t suffer this, but you listened to Earl Yao Ji Hao’s nonsense, because of which, these Water-kind monsters are attracted to come here…"

Steel Bull Clan leaders raised their heads and pointed their fingers at the air, cursing Ji Hao and his ancestors with twisted faces.

Ji Hao’s face turned even darker. Water Lotus was pretty good at buck-passing!

Water Lotus didn’t know that Ji Hao had been watching him from a short distance. He laughed proudly, then slightly clapped his hands. Instantly, countless lotuses bloomed from the water surface.

Flawless, snow-white lotuses bloomed everywhere, emitting a soft white light. Wherever these lotuses bloomed, the flood began receding speedily. Under the effect of the white light, many water-kind spirit creatures were paralyzed, floated on the water surface without being able to move anymore.

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