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Priest Water Lotus waved his sleeves and released a strong stream of power that was like a gale blowing above a vast ocean, silently striking on Ji Hao’s chest. Priest Water Lotus shared the same style as his brothers and sisters; they were all quiet and calm when launching lethal attacks.

The Taiji cloak emitted a clear and warm light. Visibly, two streams of clear light coiled around each other, hovering around Ji Hao and spinning like a diagram of Taiji. The strong power released from Water Lotus’s sleeves slightly bumped against these two clear light streams and generated a long-lasting series of buzzing noise. Then, three invisible magic bombs detonated.

Soft, lingering explosive force spread out wave by wave. Water Lotus and the five of his brothers behind him shouted in deep voices while faint golden light emitted from their bodies. It transformed into a strong light wall and shielded all Steel Bull Clan people behind.

The power of those magic bombs failed to break the defensive light of the Taiji cloak. Therefore, the explosive force could only spread downwards.

The edge of the tall mountain that the village of Steel Bull Clan located on, was affected by the aftermath of the explosion. A large part of the mountain was blown into ashes, and within a blink of an eye, right beside the village, a tens of thousands of meters tall cliff appeared. The surface of the cliff was as smooth as a mirror.

"Priest Water Lotus, my friend, impressive!" Ji Hao narrowed his eyes, as the fire of anger rose from his heart, "Do you want to die?"

Priest Water Lotus had his look changed a little bit. He seriously glanced at that Taiji cloak worn by Ji Hao, which was glowing with a clear and warm light and had been releasing a prehistorical, mysterious sense of power. Abruptly, Water Lotus smiled, bowed to Ji Hao and said, "Ji Hao, my friend, forgive me. I have no evil intent. I wanted nothing but to measure your power…Earl Yao Ji Hao, you deserve the reputation of yours, no wonder so many of my brothers and sisters died in your hands!"

Ji Hao expressionlessly looked at Water Lotus and said coldly, "Water Lotus, I am asking you one question, do you want to die? I am Earl Yao, a senior minister conferred by the human emperor himself! Human Beings are facing a terrible disaster, but you attacked me… Are you on Gong Gong’s side?"

Water Lotus’s face was darkened as well. He stared at Ji Hao coldly, sneered and said with an especially unfriendly tone, "You can easily find an excuse when you want to frame someone. But Ji Hao my friend, how can you frame me so easily?"

Man Man and Shaosi had brought at least five-hundred Yao Mountain warriors to Steel Bull Clan. Among those warriors, even the weakest ones were peak-level Magus Kings.

Seeing a conflict burst between Ji Hao and Water Lotus, these heavily armored warriors growled out towards the sky. Following their voices, raging roars came out from the beast bags tied around their waists. Meanwhile, fierce-looking, strong battle beasts flew out from those beast bags while releasing strong power vibrations.

Within a blink of an eye, warriors under Ji Hao’s commands mounted on beasts, and were all ready to attack.

Water Lotus’s face turned extremely dark. Behind him, the faces of Steel Bull Clan people turned deathly pale, many even had their legs shaking.

Steel Bull Clan warrior leaders dared to act rudely in front of Ji Hao only because they thought they were under Water Lotus’s protection. Speaking of true powers, any Magus King under Ji Hao’s command could flatten the entire Steel Bull Clan!

Even the strongest warrior leader of Steel Bull Clan was merely a high-level Senior Magus!

Man Man angrily wielded her fists and yelled at Water Lotus angrily, "You again! You have never done anything good! You know nothing but hurting people! What do you want this time?!"

Growling resonantly, Man Man raised her pair of hammers, prepared to order her warriors to attack Water Lotus and his people.

Water Lotus narrowed his eyes, coldly glanced at Man Man, then murmured something in a low voice.

Hearing him, three-hundred three meters tall muscular warriors, who were shining with a golden light, silently stepped up and raised their arms. Instantly, a golden light dazzled in their left hands, as a chain with a dragon head appeared in the left hand of each of them. They clenched their right fingers in the air and released steaks of fire that transformed into red lotuses in the air. In the following moment, a sword with a lotus embossment on the hilt was gripped in the right hand of each of these golden warriors.

"Ji Hao, do you really want to do this?" Water Lotus smilingly looked at Ji Hao, "Think about it carefully. Your humankind is facing a destructive disaster right now. If you enrage our two master Shifu under such a situation…I’m afraid that things might get too difficult for you, am I wrong?"

Ji Hao remained silent for a while, then raised his right hand and slightly waved.

The five-hundred elite Yao Mountain warriors burst with a thunderous roar. They shouted at their mounts. Those fierce beasts were all wrapped in strong airstreams or dense mist, as they carried their owners and stepped backward slowly.

Ji Hao then pointed at the fiery cloud treading under his feet. Following his moves, the fiery cloud rolled and carried Man Man, Shaosi and the others, moving backward as well.

He looked at Water Lotus and said coldly, "I see, you take this disaster as an opportunity, you frighten people with the terror of death, then turn them into your followers… Impressive, smart…This isn’t finished. I will surely talk to you about this, after our humankind gets over this disaster!"

Water Lotus smiled, but didn’t say a word. Seeing Ji Hao and his people drawing back in front of Water Lotus, those Steel Bull Clan people standing in behind waved their hands in excitement and cheered out together, as if some great thing had just happened, despite the fact that their legs were softened just now because of the fierce power vibrations released from those Yao Mountain warriors.

Ji Hao and his people slowly stepped back for over a hundred miles. Looking at those excited Steel Bull Clan people, Ji Hao slightly shook his head.

"Priest Hua and Priest Mu, they want nothing but your power of faith, your fortune…Do you really think that they’re your saviors?" Ji Hao gave a bitter smile and continued murmuring, "You’re just tools for providing fortune, tools that can be thrown away anytime."

Water Lotus and his people stood on the mountaintop. They had been looking at Ji Hao and his warriors as well.

They smiled carelessly, their smiles filled with scorn towards Ji Hao, his friends, and his warriors. Obviously, they believed that they have already found a way to deal with Ji Hao and the other leaders of the alliance of human clans.

They already had the lifeblood of Ji Hao and the other human leaders holding in their hands!

Facing the disaster, whatever they did, Ji Hao, or in other words, the leadership of the alliance of human clans represented by Ji Hao, would never dare to start a war against them.

A black torrent roared over from the northeast against the flood, raising giant waves that struck over violently like an evil dragon.

Above this black torrent was an angular large dark ice armchair. A tens of meters long Henggong fish sat in the armchair with his tail coiled. A pair of muscular arms reached out from his fish belly. This fish carried a lion with his right hand and a buffalo with his left hand, and had been happily wolfing the meat.

Tens of thousands of scaled, smaller-sized water-kind spirit creatures guarded around the armchair. These spirit creatures were mainly in their original shapes, only looking twenty to thirty percent like human beings. They had been casting their spirit creature magics and pushing the black torrent forward.

Looking at these rampant water-kind creatures, Ji Hao immediately activated the Taiji Universe mirror, released a misty glow, and covered everyone around him and himself.

These water-kind spirit creatures didn’t saw Ji Hao and his people. They shouted and yelled, marching towards the village of Steel Bull Clan.

From tens of meters away, that Henggong fish sitting in the armchair growled out loudly.

"Human beings…Kneel. Men should fight for us, we’re going to attack Pu Ban City. We need you to take out the arrows, swords and blades of your own kind for us!"

"Human beings, hand out your women, and let us have some fun… Also, take out all your food and livestock!"

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