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"Oi, uncle, we mean well!"

Man Man carried her pair of hammers and walked to that man. She was a lot shorter than the man. Therefore, she could only stand on her tiptoes and try her best to raise her head to look at the man’s face.

Man Man had a serious look, truly serious.

Man Man had always been a simple-minded, careless little girl. She hardly took anything to her heart. But what happened to the humankind recently brought her a great change. The sky-devouring flood, those people struggling and crying in the water, heartbreakingly torn apart by death…

Especially Si Xi!

Si Xi was a close friend of Zhu Rong Family. Therefore, Man Man loved and admired Si Xi, he was an elder to her. But, Si Xi had gone to the sky. Although his soul was still there, Man Man couldn’t see him anymore. How was this different from death?

For the very first time, Man Man sensed the terror and sadness delivered by the difference between life and death, that made her much calmer and more serious than before.

She was serious as she looked at that man’s face and said, "You only have around ten-thousand people in your village. You won’t be able to protect yourselves from those water-kind monsters. Besides, although your village is on a tall mountain, the water is rising all the time, and will continue rising. Your village will be drowned before we figure out a way to deal with the flood."

The man crossed his arms over his chest, lowered his head while looking at Man Man, and said rudely, "Little girl, you don’t need to worry about our Steel Bull Clan! The flood can never drown our village."

Man Man frowned and continued seriously, "Do you have enough food? We have much food stored in Pu Ban City, and you…"

The man impolitely interrupted Man Man, "Little girl, our Steel Bull Clan will have enough food, even after all people in Pu Ban City are starved to death! We are protected by saints, and powerful people under his guidance. How can we ever suffer a food shortage?"

Man Man still wanted to say something, but the man had already pushed her on the shoulder while yelling, "Don’t try to frighten us with water-kind monsters. Our Steel Bull Clan warriors are never afraid of any monster. They will only become our food!"

The man was quite strong, but Man Man was now as powerful as a high-level Divine Magus. She had completely absorbed all power contained in the linden seed which was given by Ji Hao. Not to mention the fact that Man Man was a possessor of the Fire God bloodline, no ordinary human being could ever compare with her in terms of physical strength.

The man pushed on Man Man’s shoulder, but she remained perfectly unmoved. She took a deep breath and attempted to try for the last time, to persuade these few warriors leaders of Steel Bull Clan.

Shaosi took a step forward and pressed her hand on Man Man’s shoulder, looking at that man who seemed to be shocked a little bit as she said blandly, "Your strength is even worse than Man Man. What qualification do you have to brag that you’re able to protect your clansmen?"

Shaosi sounded less emotional than Man Man, but she was calm, and her face looked like a frozen pool of water, cold and clear.

Slightly tilting her head, Shaosi looked at that man, who seemed to be quite embarrassed, and continued blandly, "Don’t believe any ridiculous lies, because that may cost your clansmen’ lives. Think about it, Pu Ban City is much safer than here. If you don’t want to go to Pu Ban City, a city of Hua Xu Family is nearby. You can also go live in there temporarily."

Another man abruptly stepped up and yelled at Shaosi, even having saliva sprayed out from his mouth, "Women! This is our own business, we don’t need your help, you outsiders! Women should stay indoors, be quiet, make babies… Since when is it your turn to show your face in public?"

"Oi!" Man Man shouted out in anger. She glared at that man and said, "What are you talking about?! What about women? Are women no better than any man? I am the leader of the Yao Mountain City cavalry!"

A deep cough could be heard, followed by which, a scrawny and short old man, who was wearing a leather cloak and a helmet made from a bull skull, slowly walked out of the village. He supported his body with a wooden stick, gasped quickly while walking to Man Man and Shaosi, and said coldly, "What Yao Mountain City? Never heard of it…Anyway, it’s our own business. There is no need for you to step in."

Gasped for air, the old man curved his lip corners downwards and continued, "Did the human emperor send you? Good, on behalf of our Steel Bull Clan, I am now telling you… From now on, our clan will not send one single warrior, or one grain of rice to Pu Ban City! Not anymore!"

Man Man and Shaosi were both shocked. Without knowing what to do, they turned around and looked at Ji Hao.

In Midland, all clans had an obligation to send certain numbers of warriors to Pu Ban City, when there was a need. During harvest season, these clans would also send a part of their harvests to Pu Ban City.

If Steel Bull Clan refused to carry out these two obligations, they would be betraying the entire alliance of human clans!

"You, are you sure?" The power vibration released from Ji Hao was cold, just like his voice, as if that voice of his was frozen by ice, "Are you sure that you are going to betray the alliance of human clans? Are you sure that when our humankind is facing a disaster, you will not join hands with the others to conquer the difficulties, and will betray the humankind?"

The old man had his face twitched. He glanced at Ji Hao, and seemed to be a bit afraid.

He didn’t know Ji Hao, but the latter looked like an especially powerful and fearless one. The fierce, mountain-like power vibration released from him clearly told the old man that Ji Hao was definitely an important man in the alliance of human clans. Steel Bull Clan was only a ten-thousand people small clan. Normally, people in this clan would never have anything to do with people like Ji Hao.

For people like Ji Hao, they must be from super clans, with populations of tens of millions, even billions, such as You Xiong Family, Huaxu Family, Lie Mountain Family. Normally, people like Ji Hao could destroy a small clan like Steel Bull Clan with a single word.

The old man was afraid of Ji Hao without a doubt.

However, he turned around and took a glance at his village, then abruptly laughed. His wrinkled face was even looking like a blooming flower.

Raising his head, puffed out his chest, the old man pointed at Ji Hao, sneered and said, "You’re right. From this moment on, we have nothing to do with the alliance of human clans."

Ji Hao’s look changed. As he was about to burst into rage, a few people walked out from a large stone house in the middle of the village. They waved their hands, raised a cloud that carried them up, and flew to Ji Hao.

One of these people sent puffs of golden light spots out of his sleeves that drifted all over the sky and landed on the ground. Each golden light spot immediately transformed into a three meters tall, muscular warrior, with a shining golden skin. These warriors trod on gales and rose into the sky.

Within a few breaths, six Daoist Priests with long robes and three-hundred golden muscular warriors came to Ji Hao.

A middle-aged Daoist Priest, who had a long shining beard and two buns on the head, held a lotus and smilingly nodded to Ji Hao as he said, "Ji Hao, my friend, I’ve heard so much about you. Finally, I see you in person now. You’re as handsome as I heard!"

This middle-aged man continued mildly while smiling, "I am Water Lotus. People in this Steep Bull Clan, and the other eighteen villages nearby, are all my disciples now. Therefore, Ji Hao, my friend, you shall not worry about these people now."

Wielding his broad sleeves, Water Lotus suddenly changed his look and tone, pointed at Ji Hao, and yelled harshly, "Go back to where you came from! Ji Hao, my friend, you don’t want to stay for dinner, do you?"

Ji Hao paused in shock, while Man Man and Shaosi had their looks changed simultaneously as well.

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