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The two fire snakes coiled around Ji Hao’s arms, weakly letting out their red fork-tongues. Occasionally, thin streams of fire would puff out from their bodies, evaporate the rainwater landing on them, turning it into steam. But the white steam could reach only three feet high at most, before it condensed into water again and fell back down under the effect of the bone-piercingly cold rainwater falling from the sky.

Same as those baby snakes, Mr. Crow was also weakly standing on Ji Hao’s shoulder, with his head buried under his left wing, looking like an ostrich.

The water was everywhere, in the sky, on the ground, surging in streams and roaring waves. To Mr. Crow, this place was now undoubtedly hell. Out of sight and out of mind, Mr. Crow simply hid his head. He didn’t have the heart to see this world, which was ruled by water now.

Ji Hao stood on a small drifting cloud, wielding his wide sleeves and generating a strong gale, pushing the cloud forwards, right above the water surface.

Ji Tian, Ji Di, Ji Xuan, Ji Huang, the four most outstanding disciples of Ji Hao, stood behind him, each holding a long streamer that sparkled with starlight. From time to time, they slightly waved those streamers, and followed by their moves, thunderous booms could be heard from the flood in the front. Those rocks and large tree trunks that were brought towards them by the water were blown up by an invisible power.

Occasionally, ear-piercing swishing noises came from the sky. Along with them, differently sized hailstones, glowing with a faint watery light, descended from the sky. With a size ranging from that of a human head to mountains, they were disorderedly smashing on Ji Hao and his four disciples.

Ji Tian and the others waved their long streamers and sent up strands of starlight that condensed into a fierce sword light and shattered those hailstones.

This was the ‘small four stars sword killing formation’ created by Ji Hao with the power of the Taiji Creation cauldron, and was modeled on Yu Yu’s sword formation. This sword killing formation absorbed star powers from the four star regions called Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger and Black Tortoise, and turned the star powers into fierce and destructive Yu Yu’s Qi of sword to kill the enemies.

This star sword killing formation had merged with a part of Dao of sword created by Yu Yu. Therefore, despite the fact that this star sword killing formation created by Ji Hao wasn’t too ingenious, it was indeed fierce and powerful. Ji Hao had done an experiment on himself. As long as the power of this star sword killing formation was fully activated, he could take no more than ten streams of sword Qi released from it before he was injured severely.

"Be careful, Man Man and Shao Si would never seek help for no reason." said Ji Hao worryingly, "Things have changed thoroughly. With a slight carelessness, we might be crushed, both our bodies and our souls. You have to be extra careful!"

Ji Hao and the other three disciples responded with a loud growl. They released their spirit powers, which were not yet so strong, and carefully covered the surrounding area with a radius of tens of miles like four dense nets, preventing any danger.

Ji Hao wielded his sleeves and made the cloud fly faster.

He was in the Town Hall, discussing about those water-kind armies that had surrounded Pu Ban City with some human leaders who stayed behind to guard Pu Ban City. But unexpectedly, Man Man and Shaosi, who were out there saving people, sent a message and asked for help. Therefore, Ji Hao immediately came out with his four disciples.

Ji Hao was curious about what happened. Man Man and Shaosi were with quite a lot powerful Magi. If anything dangerous happened, they both were strong enough to protect themselves. According to their message, they didn't seem to come across any enemy. Instead, they encountered with something troublesome that they couldn’t solve. From their message, Ji Hao discovered a negative mood, which was the reason why he came out himself to find them.

In front of him was an enormous whirlpool. On the edge of the whirlpool, a raft was going to be swallowed in.

Tens of people with coarse clothes were huddled on the raft. They desperately waved their hands to Ji Hao, hoarsely crying and screaming, begging him to save them.

Ji Hao waved his sleeve and released a cyan-colored stream of light that rolled those people up and sent back into his sleeve. An angry growl burst from that whirlpool, along with which, a giant catfish with sharp teeth rushed out of the whirlpool, staring at Ji Hao, giving vent with a torrent of abuse.

This catfish was around a hundred meters long at least, and was at the level of Senior Magi level. Those human beings on the raft could have become such a delicious meal to him, but Ji Hao showed up and snatched away his food. This catfish wasn’t so smart, so without a second thought, he recklessly pointed at Ji Hao and abused him.

Ji Hao remained silent and pushed the cloud forward. He had already saved tens of thousands of people like this who struggled in the flood. He kept all those people in his sleeves.

Ji Tian and his brothers had their faces darkened on hearing that catfish. After all, in their hearts, Ji Hao was like a divine God. They waved their long streamers and released over a hundred sharp streams of sword power. The catfish screamed in despair before he was blown into pieces, and even that giant whirlpool behind him was torn apart.

The cloud moved swiftly, right above the water surface, going against the water currents.

After saving hundreds of more people desperately struggling in the flood, a mountain area abruptly showed up in the front.

A fiery cloud drifted above the mountains, from which, Man Man’s silvery and bright voice could be heard, "Why can’t you tell right and wrong? We came to help you! We’re good people! There is still space in Pu Ban City, all ten-thousand people in your clan can move there!"

Man Man yelled, "Don’t think that you’re safe because the water hasn’t drowned your village. Look at the water, it’s still rising. In two days tops, the water will come to your village. You better not regret then!"

Ji Hao gave a deep growl, sped the cloud up and reached to the fiery cloud, followed by a clear stream of light.

Man Man was wearing an armor, with the pair of hammers hovering around her body, while she was yelling at a few muscular men in leather armors.

The few men had their arms crossed before their chests, looking at Man Man arrogantly. They seemed to listen to no one, no matter what Man Man said.

Behind those men were cottages build in ordered lines. Around those cottages were around ten-thousand people, men, women, old people and children, curiously yet blandly looking at Man man, Shaosi and over a hundred elite warriors they brought over on the fiery cloud.

For Man Man and Shaosi’ safety, Ji Hao had sent ten Jia Clan warriors, who were as powerful as peak-level Divine Magi, to be in company with them.

People in this clan paid more attention to these ten Jia Clan warriors. From time to time, some people exclaimed with low voices — ‘I finally saw living Jia Clan monsters’, or something like ’They truly have four eyes’, ‘They’re all huge’.

Ji Hao came to Man Man and Shaosi, cupped his hands to the few men and slightly bowed. But before he said anything, one of those men said proudly, "I know you come with good intent…But our Steel Bull Clan people are not like those poor things! We are protected by saints, powerful people are in my village. The flood, the rain, those water-kind monsters, nothing can possibly do any harm to us!"

Wielding his hand, the man showed a slight dislike as he laughed loud, "Did the human emperor send you to help us? Hmm, earlier, I heard people say that the flood has been controlled by someone under the human emperor’s command, but why is the water flooding again? It’s obvious that…the human emperor is not so reliable, I think our saint is more dependable."

Puffed out his chest, this man said determinedly, "From now on, our Steel Bull Clan will no longer follow the human emperor’s orders."

Ji Hao was confused. Protected by saints? Which saint would especially come to protect a small village?

‘Steel Bull Clan will no longer follow the human emperor’s orders?’ How dare he just say something like that? Where did these Steel Bull clan people get this great confidence?

What was more serious was, how many human beings had been holding the same thought at the moment?

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