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The Pan Gu bell buzzed resonantly. The Chaos power released by the bell quacked intensively, that disabled Ji Hao from standing still. Ji Hao was pushed flying back for tens of miles by a strong force, then bumped into a great mountain.

The Chao power spread out and bloomed like a giant, grey, misty lotus, turning the mountain that Ji Hao bumped in, into a puff of smoke. Kun Peng raised a hurricane that roared across and dispelled the smoke. Before Ji Hao could steady his own body, Zhu Hong’s long spear released tens of thousands of flame that dazzled to Ji Hao like bolts of lightning.

Incredibly fast, unreasonably fast... Ji Hao didn’t even manage to see Zhu Rong’s move clearly before he was forced back. Although he and his friends were all protected by the Pan Gu bell and weren’t harmed, he was forced backward for hundreds of miles within a couple of breaths.

"Good treasure!" Zhu Rong threw a cold glance at Ji Hao, pointed his finger at the bell, and said, "Present this bell to me, and you can earn a position in the department of fire in the heaven when all Gods of fire are reborn."

Ji Hao shook his head as he took a heavy gasp. His brain was now in a mess, and he had been trying his best to calm himself down.

If he didn’t misremember it, according to the legend he read in his previous life, Si Xi was killed by the Fire God in Feather Mountain, under the order of a divine God.

This place was Feather Mountain, and this Zhu Rong, who suddenly showed up, was so powerful. Even with supreme treasures, Ji Hao couldn’t rival this Zhu Rong, not to mention kill him. Si Xi could really be killed right on the spot by this Zhu Rong.

If the enemy couldn’t be defeated, escape was another choice.

As a frigid beam of light flashed across Ji Hao’s eyes, Ji Hao wielded his left hand and let a cyan-colored beam of light out of the broad sleeve of his Taiji cloak that wrapped Man Man, Shaosi and all the others up and sent them back into the sleeve. Next, the golden bridge darted out from between his eyebrows and allowed Ji Hao to transform into a stream of light, flying to Si Xi.

The golden bridge could move across the world in no time; its flying speed was definitely incomparable. Ji Hao flashed across the air, reached to Si Xi, grabbed his shoulder and prepared to escape with the power of the golden bridge.

Even Zhu Rong didn’t manage to stop Ji Hao. The golden bridge moved way too fast, that even when the afterimage of Ji Hao hadn’t yet faded, his true body had already darted to Si Xi. Zhu Rong was a greatly powerful one, yet, he saw nothing but a stream of light dazzle across the air, leaving him no chance to do anything at all.

However, Kun Peng laughed coldly and viciously as he said, "Earl Yao Si Xi, if you run, this water-sealing formation of yours will be destroyed!"

Ji Hao dragged Si Xi, but he sensed a strong force coming from Si Xi’s body. Si Xi stood perfectly still on the ground, as if he was rooted in the ground like a tree. No matter how hard Ji Hao tried, he could only slightly sway Si Xi’s body, but never move him.

"Minister Si Xi!" shouted Ji Hao, "It’s only one sub-formation…No one lived in this area, and nothing too bad would happen even if it collapsed!"

Before Si Xi responded, Kun Peng yelled in his high-pitched voice, "One sub-formation doesn’t matter, of course. But, we will destroy all sub formations one after another. Si Xi, you can not stop us today. The so-called ten-thousand dragons water-sealing formation of yours is nothing but a joke!"

While vomiting blood, Kun Peng laughed in a malicious way and continued,"Pan Gu world will become a vast water. Our water-kind will become the owners of this world. As for human beings, they’re protected by the natural fortune. Therefore, Lord Gong Gong is happy to let them live, serving us generation after generation!"

Si Xi let out a long breath. A heavy stream of dark-yellow mist puffed out of his mouth, creating a giant hole in the ground.

"Ji Hao, go back to Pu Ban City and ask for help. Tell Emperor Shun to call out all those old dudes who have been hiding!" said Si Xi with a gloomy lord, "This time, our human beings have to fight with our lives. This time, the enemies are probably even harder to deal with than those intruding non-humankind monsters."

Rushing out in big steps, Si Xi left the protection of the Pan Gu bell, raised his left hand and let the thousand-mountain shield fly back into his hand. It transformed into thick layers of yellow mist and wrapped him up. Si Xi looked at Zhu Rong, who was wrapped in flakes of flame and fiery cloud, and said coldly, "Since you’re the Fire God, why are you helping Gong Gong? Fire and water can never tolerate each other. This has been an old tradition since the era of the ancient heaven!"

Zhu Rong expressionlessly raised the long spear. The fiery cloud under his feet moved as he transformed into a stream of light and dazzled over.

In the dense dark clouds, Kun Peng’s voice was as loud as thunders as he growled, "Fire and water can never tolerate each other, that happened in the ancient heaven. Back then, indeed the Gods of fire and Gods of water never had a good relationship with each other…But now, Lord Gong Gong is the dominator of the heaven, and these new divine Gods see Lord Gong Gong as their parent. Naturally, they will help Lord Gong Gong."

Clang! The yellow mist transformed from the thousand-mountain shield was cut open. The long spear pierced into Si Xi’s chest and sent up large streams of blood. Purple flame swooshed up, evaporating the blood speedily.

Si Xi stepped quickly backward, attempting to stay away from that long spear. Nevertheless, Zhu Rong moved much faster than him. Every time Si Xi took a step back, Zhu Rong would immediately make a step forward; the long spear sank deeper into Si Xi’s chest inch by inch, seeming even to penetrate his body.

"Ji Hao, go seek help!" said Si Xi coldly, "What happened in here…"

Ji Hao flashed across the air and dashed to Si Xi along with a stream of light. He swung the Taiji divine sword horizontally towards Zhu Rong’s waist, then grabbed Si Xi’s shoulder, boosted up his power and generated a massive strength, carrying Si Xi up and throwing him far away.

"Minister Si Xi, you go seek for help." said Ji Hao with a strong voice, "I will stay here to stall them. I don’t believe that they can ever break my Pan Gu bell!"

A thunderous series of clanga was then started. The long spear held in Zhu Rong’s hands landed on the Pan Gu bell over and over again like a storm. The Pan Gu bell had an amazing defensive power, that allowed it to stay perfectly unmoved. However, Ji Hao couldn’t cope with that strong impact force, and was being forced continuously back further and further away.

Si Xi was thrown to hundreds of miles away by Ji Hao. Seeing Ji Hao suffer a crazy wave of attacks, he paused slightly, then stomped his foot against the ground, turned around and rushed right away. Meanwhile, he shouted at Ji Hao, "Ji Hao, remember, stall them! No matter what, don’t let them break the water-sealing formation! If this Feather Mountain sub-formation is destroyed, the other sub-formations will start to break one after another. Our humankind had just gained some strength back…"

A pure yellow stream of divine light descended from the sky. Before Si Xi could finish his speech, a hand thrust out of the yellow light and struck on his chest violently. Si Xi’s chest was nearly blown up. Blood spurted out from his ears, mouth, eyes, and nose, while he was sent flying backward like a shooting star and thudded on the ground under Ji Hao’s feet. He couldn’t struggle back up for quite a while.

From the divine yellow light, a strange-looking silhouette silently emerged.

"None of you is going to anywhere. Black Emperor wants you dead, so you have to die!"

It was a muscular middle-aged man with a serious and majestic face. His upper body was human-like, but with six strong arms, and his lower body was a snake tail. This man slowly showed his face from the divine yellow light and said, "The divine emperor wants you to die. Therefore, you cannot live!"

Kun Peng’s vicious laughter could be heard once again as he said, "That one is the true Fire God, Zhu Rong, and this one is…the true Earth God, Hou Tu!"

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