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The thousand-miles wide fireball shrunk to three-thousand meters by the time it reached Si Xi’s head.

From the almost tangible fireball, a glowing red slim silhouette sparkled, then a long spear swished out of the fireball, fiercely piercing towards Si Xi along with raging purple flames.

Si Xi raised the thousand-mountain shield, which clanged with the spear and sent up dazzling fire sparkles. The impact caused a thunderous bang that even vibrated the earth and the sky. The earth under Si Xi’s feet cracked rumblingly. The ground quaked intensely, until the entire area with a radius of around a thousand miles dented all of a sudden.

Ji Hao’s body had been shaking slightly. The man who came from inside the fireball was too powerful. Si Xi was over three-hundred-meters tall now, but a big half of his body had sunken into the ground under the effect of the fierce attack launched by that fire man. The earth was broken and dented, as dense clouds of yellow mist surged out, while scorching hot air streams poured down from the sky. The ground under Ji Hao’s feet even melted into bubbling lava.

"Up!" Ji Hao roared resonantly while clenching his left fingers, sending out a refreshing gust of wind that rolled up Man Man and the others, who were still in sleep, and dragged them under the Chaos power released by the Pan Gu bell. Next, Ji Hao flicked his fingers and cast an evil-dispelling spell. The bodies of Man Man and the others quivered instantly, then faintly visible, seven-colored mist drifted out from their ears, mouth, nose and eyes.

Shaosi slightly moved her body, then woke up the first. Before she could ask any question, that fireball exploded in the sky and a slim man darted out, treading on fire clouds and wielding a long spear wrapped in coiling purple flames. He pounced on Si Xi while leaving countless arc-shaped purple lights in the air.

Si Xi roared like a beast while fending with the thousand-mountain shield and swinging the Valley Thorn, launching violent attacks. An intense fight quickly started between Si Xi and that fire man.

That fire man was only tens of meters tall, and the fiery cloud under his feet seemed to be a powerful magic treasure, strangely fast and amazingly nimble. Ji Hao couldn’t even clearly see the moves of that fiery cloud. Despite his great eye power, he could only see shreds of glowing red afterimages and raging flames hovering around Si Xi.

Si Xi was over three-hundred-meters tall. This enormous body had a great advantage in close combat against those Chaos monsters, but facing a tens of meters tall enemy, Si Xi now looked like an elephant who was wielding his foot, trying to kill a hummer. He had been trying his best, but every time, the valley thorn brushed against the fire man, and failed to touch even a hair of the enemy.

Puffing noise could be heard without an end. Within a second, hundreds of bone-deep wounds appeared on Si Xi’s enormous body. Strong purple flame lingered on these hundreds of meters long wounds, burning ragingly, breaking Si Xi’s skin. Gradually, a thick aroma of grilling meat started spreading in the air.

"Ah!" Si Xi growled thunderously. His body shrunk speedily, and within a few breaths, he turned as tall as that fire man, and his moves became more than a hundred times nimbler than before. Si Xi wielded the Valley Thorn and clashed fiercely against the long spear swung towards him.

The ear-piercing series of clangs lasted forever. Yellow mist and fiery purple-red light dazzled everywhere, while terrifying power streams bumped into each other in the air. Si Xi was shaking intensely, and abruptly, he howled in pain. He failed to grip the thousand-mountain shield, which was sent flying away by the enemy. Then, the long spear wrapped in purple flames swished down and cut Si Xi’s hand off.

Purple streaks of flame spurted out from Si Xi’s broken hand, burning it into a strand of drifting ash within a second. Si Xi immediately leaped backward and flew over a hundred miles away along with a strong gale. He landed heavily on a towering mountain, then wielded his left arm and popped out his eyes. Crack! A new hand grew out from his broken wrist in an instant.

"Who are you?" Si Xi shouted harshly at that man surrounded by flame and fiery clouds.

Floating in the air, Kun Peng laughed with a hissing sound and said, "Who is him? Don’t you have eyes? This is the Fire God, Si Xi, this is the true Fire God, the owner of all fires in the world!"

Taking a long gasp, Kun Peng roared with his teeth gnashed, then continued, "You have indeed merged your body with a real star with the ninety-nine star-sealing magic formation inside you, and become a Supreme Magus. But so what? Hundreds of millions of ancient star kings existed, and you’re now just like one of them. How can you ever compare with the true Fire God? With your power? Position? Or magic?"

Inside the coiling streams of Chaos power released by the Pan Gu bell, Ji Hao had his teeth gnashed tight, as he stared at that young man, who was treading on a fiery wind. He was holding a long spear and wearing a glowing red long robe. The man was handsome, bland, and expressionless, with a pair of lifeless eyes that seemed to be without much of self-awareness.

As Kun Peng said, countless stars existed in the starry void, and back in the era of the ancient heaven, every star had a star king living on it. These stars kings were connected with their stars. With the powers of their stars, they could turn oceans upside down. If one compared the ancient heaven to a government, in either terms of power or position, those star kings only equaled to army commanders, each ruling a certain area.

Nevertheless, the Fire God was an important senior minister, his position higher than any star king.

The number of ancient star kings had reached hundreds of millions, while top-grade beings like the Fire God only existed in the Department of Fire, Gold, Earth, Water, Thunder, Lightning and other few departments, numbering no more than a hundred.

At the moment, Si Xi had merged with a real star with the nature of earth. If he were in the ancient heaven, he would be a star king belonging to the department of earth. Reasonably, he would be under the command and supervision of the Earth God, the leader of the Earth department.

Right now, the one standing in front of Si Xi was the true Fire God, the highest leader of the department of fire in the heaven. Among all divine gods in the heaven, every single one with a nature of fire should be under his command. In terms of power and position, Si Xi couldn’t possibly compare with him.

"The heaven has fallen, so where did this so-called true Fire God come from?" Ji Hao said in a deep and calm voice, while forcibly restraining the unease in his heart, "He is not another so-called ‘true god’ that Gong Gong made up himself, is he? Just like the White Dragon River God? Is this thing a spirit creature with the nature of fire? Did you push him out to fool us?"

Hearing Ji Hao, Kun Peng laughed out wildly, as if he had just heard the most laughable joke in the world, that his body even began twitching.

His true spirit seals were damaged, that brought him a severe injury, and he hadn’t recovered from that yet. While laughing, blood was surging out of his mouth and nose and ears. He was now enormous. Therefore, his blood turned into a heavy blood rain, descending to the earth.

"Earl Yao Ji Hao, I know that you’re…frightened! But, this one here is not a spirit creature. He is the true Fire God, given birth by the world itself! With his identity and his power, he might become the Red Divine Emperor in the future, who knows?"

The young man surrounded by coiling flames slowly turned around and stared at Ji Hao with a pair of glowing red eyes. He said word by word with an emotionless tone, "I am Zhu Rong, the Fire God. I rule all gods of fire in the world. I am here to govern the divine world, the mortal world and the netherworld… I am here to straighten the great Dao of nature…Ignorant little kid, how dare you talk like that?"

Swoosh! The man who called himself Zhu Rong lunged his spear and fiercely clanged against the Pan Gu bell.

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