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Clang! Kun Peng swiftly raised a four-edged sword and blocked the Taiji divine sword. Large clouds of frigid mist spurted out from the four-edged sword, transforming to layers of mushroom-shaped cloud that shielded Kun Peng.

Ji Hao combined the moves of sky-opening, earth-splitting, everything-grow and everything-perish, and launched this attack. An immeasurable power of Dao was contained in this move. Dark frigid clouds shattered layer by layer, until the Taiji divine sword hacked on the purely dark four-edged sword, which was divided into twenty-four sections.

This pair of four-edged swords was also a naturally crafted supreme treasure generated by the world itself when it was created. This pair of weapons was called Great Cold sword, named after one of the twenty-four solar term, called Great Cold. The nature of this pair of weapons was nothing but coldness, perfectly matching Kun Peng’s power.

Nevertheless, clanging against the Taiji divine sword, this world-companying spirit treasure let out a shrill scream, then was cut into two by Ji Hao’s sword. A loud sizzling noise could be heard, while this broken four-edged sword and the other one in Kun Peng’s sleeve, transformed into a dense, dark mist, spreading out. Following a series of resonant howls, two dark flood dragons wriggled away in the dense mist.

Ji Hao harmed the true body of a Great Cold sword, and also crushed the true spirit seal left in it by Kun Peng. That Great Cold sword was damaged severely, but fortunately, this treasure was created in pair. One was cut broken, but the other one remained undamaged. Therefore, this pair of supreme treasure was only damaged, and not destroyed directly.

Kun Peng’s true spirit seal was broken, so he could no longer control this pair of Great Cold sword. Therefore, this pair of sword, which were badly wounded by Ji Hao, fled away at their highest speed. Their fear towards the Taiji divine sword had reached an extreme point. How could they stay any longer to protect Kun Peng?

Being blocked by the Great Cold sword for a moment, the Taiji divine sword was slowed down slightly. Blood surged out from Kun Peng’s mouth, ears, eyes and nose. He screamed in pain while whirlwinds rose from around his body, wrapped his scrawny body, and dragged him away quickly.

Poor Kun Peng, no one knew where this misfortune of his come from. He Tu and Luo Shu were a pair of legendary pre-world magic treasure, known as the most mysterious pre-world magic treasures in the entire Pan Gu world. This pair fell into Kun Peng’s hands, but after countless years of severe cultivation, he only managed to merge a slight trace of true spirit seal in this pair of treasure. With some solid difficulties, he finally created the He Tu and Luo Shu great magic formation to trap his enemies.

In order to cultivate He Tu and Luo Shu and gain a full control of this pair, the true spirit seal he put in these two treasures was created with thirty percent of his own primordial spirit. With Kun Peng’s great power, even though that was only thirty percent of his primordial spirit, Ji Hao couldn’t possibly harm it without any external force. Sadly, He Tu and Luo Shu exposed Kun Peng’s true spirit seal entirely to Ji Hao without any hesitation. Coincidentally, Ji Hao had so many magic talismans and thunder bombs made by Priest Dachi,

Kun Peng’s true spirit seal was turned into nothingness by those magic talismans and thunder bombs made by Priest Dachi, which meant thirty percent of Kun Peng’s primordial spirit collapsed directly. The piercing pain coming from the deepest area of his soul made Kun Peng want to die, making his tears gush out of his eye sockets in streams.

Before he could pull himself out of that pain, the true spirit seal in that Great Cold sword was destroyed by Ji Hao. One disaster struck after another. Kun Peng even lost his eyesight temporarily, and almost fainted.

However, Kun Peng was indeed among the first batch of living creatures in Pan Gu world, one of the most powerful living beings in this world, and the original ancestor of his kind in Northern Sea. Suffering such a severe primordial spirit injury and facing the lethal move launched by Ji Hao, he still managed to instinctively start a massive whirlwind and send himself to seven to eight miles away, then finally thud on the ground.

Burying his head in his arms, Kun Peng screamed. His body twitched like a leech covered in salt.

Ji Hao pull back the sword, laughed out loud to Kun Peng and said, "Kun Peng, you’ve been quite confident just now, haven’t you? How’re you feeling now?"

Si Xi took a deep breath. Just now, he was assaulted violently by a large group of Chaos monster, and was almost out of shape. As he took a deep breath, the ground began shaking intensely, while pure earth power surged through his body through his mouth. Within a blink of an eye, his broken body recovered completely, and all his wounds were healed.

Surrounded by a heavy and great star power, Si Xi slowly stood up and clenched his left fingers. Along with a shrill swishing noise, the thousand-mountain shield flew back into his hand. Shaking his head hard, Si Xi laughed out loud to Ji Hao and said, "Ji Hao! Great job! Kun Peng! Ha, I’ve been wanting to taste a half-fish and half-bird b*stard like you since long ago!"

In the Northern Sea, there lived a group of fish, named ‘Kun’. They could transform into enormous birds, named ‘Peng’.

Si Xi called Kun Peng ‘a half-fish and half-bird b*stard’, which sounded awful, but true. Not to mention Si Xi, even Ji Hao suddenly had a great amount of saliva flowing out from his salivary gland at the moment. He also wanted to know what would it taste like if he beat Kun Peng back to his original shape, sliced a giant piece of meat off from his body and carefully cooked.

Would Kun Peng taste like both fish and bird?

Shaking his head, Ji Hao threw these ideas out of his head. Kun Peng was the head of the eight senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command. How could he be eaten so easily?

Si Xi carried the Valley Thorn and rushed to Kun Peng with big steps. He raised it and smashed down fiercely towards Kun Peng’s head.

Kun Peng howled ear-piercingly. A black streak of light dazzled out of his sleeve, which was the meteor hammer that he earlier attacked Si Xi with. The meteor hammer screamed out and smashed violently on Si Xi’s chest. Followed a cracking noise, Si Xi’s chest dented, and the meteor hammer stuck in SI Xi’s chest like an inlaid bead. However, Si Xi’s didn’t pause, he wasn’t even slowed down. He seemed to feel no pain from his chest, as he still smashed the Valley Thorn at Kun Peng with all his strength.

The piercing pain from his soul was still lingering. Kun Peng couldn’t see, and could only scream heartbreakingly. Fierce black gales roared around his body and rose straight into the sky. His body twitched intensively and within a twinkling of an eye, that body of his expanded to over ten-miles long.

Si Xi’s Valley Thorn landed on Kun Peng’s expanding body, sending up splashes of blood, smashing Kun Peng tens of miles away. Kun Peng’s body was still expanding quickly, and the wound created by Si Xi recovered within a second, without leaving a mark.

In a few breaths, Kun Peng’s body expanded to tens of thousands of miles wide. He was surrounded by dense dark clouds, with a pair of enormous wing reaching down from the sky. With one breath of his, a storm was created.

Abruptly, fiery light shone in the sky and turned the dark clouds that covered Kun Peng’s body. Scorching airwaves descended from the sky, along with deep and rumbling sound of a war drum. The sound of drum was slow, extremely slow. The drum was beaten with a steady rhythm, and every single drumbeat seemed to explode right on the hearts, making Ji Hao and Si Xi uncomfortable.

Fiery clouds descended from the sky one after another. Each fiery cloud was around ten-miles wide, with over a thousand strong warriors wearing flame armors standing on it, in perfectly ordered lines. These warriors were holding all kinds of divine weapons wrapped in flames, looking at Si Xi and Ji Hao expressionlessly.

In front of these fiery clouds was a thousand miles wide fireball.

Following a swooshing noise, the fireball fell straight down from the sky and smashed on Si Xi and Ji Hao’s head.

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