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Jade Earthworm roared towards the sky, sounding like billions of buffalos roaring together. The strong sound wave even vibrated the sky.

In the sky, dark and purple clouds moved swiftly like running horses, transforming into a tremendous swirl above Jade Earthworm’s head. After the prehistorical ended, the natural laws changed, and human beings became the owners of the fortune of the world. Chaos monsters were not allowed to show up in the world anymore!

Jade Earthworm released a strong spirit creature power, seeming ready to challenge the world. The natural will of Pan Gu world was triggered, generating a thunder trial, sending billions of bolts of divine thunder down to destroy this Chaos monster, both his body and his soul!

Lightning dazzled in the swirl of dark cloud in the sky. As the first divine thunderbolt was about to descend, a golden-purple beam of divine light rose from between Jade Earthworm’s eyebrows.

A divine talisman emerged from the beam of light, releasing a strong divine power that suffused the whole space. The purple-golden light reached into the gigantic swirl cloud, turned the dark and purple cloud into a splendid rosy glow. The swiftly spinning cloud swirl stopped suddenly, then the dragon-like dazzling thunderbolts in it were all gone, without a single trace. Within a single second, the cloud swirl dissipated.

"True God?" Cheers came from Jade Earthworm’s enormous body, "I never thought that I’d be a true God one day! I’ve been hiding for so many years. But finally, I can walk out and stand under the bright sky of this world!"

Jade Earthworm let out a jade-white dense mist from his mouth, then flew up into the sky, transforming into a massive cloud and drifting in the air. He shouted at the sky thrillingly, "Heaven, why don’t you hit me? Why don’t you kill me? Why aren’t you suppressing me? I, Jade Earthworm, have finally brought myself to light once again!"

Roaring again towards the sky, Jade Earthworm curved his gigantic body and slowly turned his head, fixing those, over a thousand eyes of his on Si Xi. On the middle of his head was a hole that had been constantly opening and closing, filled with countless sharp teeth spinning like tops, causing loud swishing noises.

Around this tens of miles radius hole were meters-wide, dark-green eyes. These eyes looked like the eyes of snakes, cold, fierce, and emotionless.

"Marquis Chong Si XI, just now, you hurt that clone of mine very much!" Jade Earthworm laughed and said slowly to Si Xi, "Now, it’s my turn!"

Large streams of saliva gushed out from Jade Earthworm’s mouth. He moved abruptly, as that giant body of his stirred up a strong gust of wind, shattered the air and smashed down to Si Xi. Jade Earthworm used its enormous body as a weapon and threw it down at his enemy. The noise he generated sounded like the sky collapsing.

Si Xi looked at Jade Earthworm seriously. He had no chance to dodge, so he could only take it on.

Behind him, Man Man, Shaosi and the others were still asleep. Boy Chen was already killed by the mysterious man, but the illusions he created still lingered in their heads. At the moment, Man Man and the others had been fighting hard against those illusions, but none of them could struggle out within a short span of time.

Ji Hao could not dodge, because if he did that, Jade Earthworm’s enormous body would fall on Man Man and the others.

Si Xi raised the thousand-mountain shield. The silhouettes of countless mountains rose from the shield, along with a dense yellow mist that covered the air and transformed into a ten-thousand-mile wide, thick mist shield, reaching up to the sky. Dark-yellow divine light dazzled from every pore of Si Xi. He absorbed the pure earth power coming from surrounding earth meridians, and his body began expanding, quickly reaching thousands of meters tall.

The thousands of meters tall Si Xi was now a frightening giant. Nevertheless, in comparison with Jade Earthworm’s gigantic body, Si Xi still looked quite tiny.

The ground quaked intensely, gales in the air vibrated while countless bolts of thunder-flame descended from the sky. A half of Jade Earthworm’s body landed heavily on the yellow-colored mist shield. Shocking waves roared in all directions visibly, swept across the surrounding area and flattened all mountains. Even hundreds of floating mountains in the sky were silently shattered.

The water-sealing formation built with breathing earth in Feather Mountain had also been struck by the strong waves of force. The tremendous water-tank-shaped water-sealing magic formation emitted a bright yellow light, yet remained perfectly motionless, no matter how hard the shocking waves struck.

"Si Xi!" Jade Earthworm straightened his body once again, facing Si Xi and called his name hoarsely, "Follow my voice…Si Xi!"

Si Xi trembled intensely. From his body, a faintly visible man-shaped mist spread out.

Jade Earthworm was high-pitched and extremely unpleasant to hear. However, that voice contained a dreadful soul-sealing power. If Si Xi were an ordinary human being, hearing Jade Earthworm’s voice, his soul would definitely be dragged out of his body. Then, he would do anything the Jade Earthworm wanted.

Nevertheless, Si Xi was a Supreme Magus now, and his soul had merged with the core of the star inside his body. Hearing Jade Earthworm’s voice, the star quaked inside his body, and the dark-yellow light emitted from his body was boosted up. But inside the star core, Si Xi’s soul wasn’t affected at all.

"Jade Earthworm…I am a Supreme Magus now. I share a body with a real star, and I am as powerful as an ancient star king! This little soul-sealing magic of yours, what can it possibly do to me?" Si Xi growled thunderously while swinging the Valley Thorn, that had also expanded to thousands of meters long, fiercely down towards Jade Earthworm’s body.

Bang! A long and bleeding slash appeared on Jade Earthworm’s gigantic body. Glowing snow-white blood splashed out and landed on the ground. Plants, rocks, and anything else touched this snow-white blood turned into milky white jade immediately.

Jade Earthworm roared ragingly at the sky, widely opened his mouthpart, and took a deep breath towards Si Xi, "If you refuse to give me your soul, then give me your blood, flesh and life-force!"

A strong whirlwind rose from around Si Xi, screaming towards Jade Earthworm’s large mouth.

Other than taking souls, Jade Earthworm had another brutal ability, which was devouring living beings. Back in the prehistorical era, Jade Earthworm had a great appetite. He had swallowed countless living creatures and destroyed many species. At last, he gained incalculable enemies, which gathered together and beat him up, wounding him seriously. Since then, he disappeared completely, till this day!

Si Xi paused, his spirit blood was agitated, seeming about to gush out through his pores. He hurriedly wielded the thousand-mountain shield and covered his body with a dense yellow cloud. Meanwhile, the star inside his body also released a strong power that stabilized his spirit blood. Not even a slight little bit life-force was dragged out of Si Xi’s body.

"Jade Earthworm, is that all you can do?" Si Xi looked at Jade Earthworm and shouted.

"What about me then?" Deep roars could be heard, while a scaled monster with a wolf body and a dragon head tore the earth apart and leaped up into the sky. "I am Dragon Wolf King. Si Xi, killing you is the mission that Gong Gong gave us!"

Dragon Wolf King opened his wide mouth and let out a sharp, crescent-shaped stream of power, fiercely hacking on the yellow mist shield created by the thousand-mountain shield.

Puff! A big half of the yellow mist shield was cut open, and Si Xi was almost injured.

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